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~The more defects a man may have, the older he is, the less lovable, the more resounding his success.~
Marquis de Sade

"Allow me to be frank at the commencement. You will not like me. The gentlemen will be envious and the ladies will be repelled. You will not like me now and you will like me a good deal less as we go on. Ladies, an announcement: I am up for it, all the time. That is not a boast or an opinion, it is bone hard medical fact. I put it round you know. And you will watch me putting it round and sigh for it. Don't. It is a deal of trouble for you and you are better off watching and drawing your conclusions from a distance than you would be if I got my tarse up your petticoats. Gentlemen. Do not despair, I am up for that as well. And the same warning applies. Still your cheesy erections till I have had my say. But later when you shag - and later you will shag, I shall expect it of you and I will know if you have let me down - I wish you to shag with my homuncular image rattling in your gonads. Feel how it was for me, how it is for me and ponder. 'Was that shudder the same shudder he sensed? Did he know something more profound? Or is there some wall of wretchedness that we all batter with our heads at that shining, livelong moment. That is it. That is my prologue, nothing in rhyme, no protestations of modesty, you were not expecting that I hope. " from The Libertine and the bottom of Nic's dark soul.

There is in every madman a misunderstood genius whose idea, shining in his head, frightened people, and for whom delirium was the only solution to the strangulation that life had prepared for him.
~Antonin Artaud

I hurt myself see if i still feel......I focus on the pain......the only thing thats real......The needle tears a hole.....the old familiar sting........try to kill it all away..........but I remember everything........what have I become, my sweetest friend .........everyone i know, goes away in the end.......and you could have it all, my empire of dirt........I will let you down..........I will make you hurt..........I wear this crown of thorns.....upon my liars chair......full of broken thoughts.........I cannot repair..........beneath the stains of time........the feelings are someone else..........I am still right here.........What have I become, my sweetest friend..........everyone I know, goes away in the end...........and you could have it all, my empire of dirt..........I will let you down............I will make you hurt...........if I could start again, a million miles away..........I will keep myself..........I would find a way.......NINE INCH NAILS

Sunday, October 22, 2006
The Libertine of Libby Part 10

In less than two years Lincoln County Montana’s county seat in Libby had seen the loss of the Under Sheriff, the Sheriff, the acting Sheriff as well as the disappearance of the Seattle Police Chief. It was 1911 and concerns for the county had reached the Governor’s ear who asked the U.S. Marshal in Helena, to investigate. The Marshal was Arthur William Merrifield who had been appointed by Teddy Roosevelt. Merrifield was Canadian by birth and a self made man, whose personal life was above reproach. He enjoyed his position and when the Governor asked that he the situation in Libby be investigated, he was all too happy to comply.

He deputized his nephew Bill Merrifield and sent him to Libby by train. Bill was 35, 6’2” and had been living in the Red River Valley of North Dakota for most of his life. His only time away was spent in Minnesota, where he had attended law school. He was barely surviving as a lawyer in North Dakota, when he got the call from his uncle and moved to Helena. Bill’s experience in life had not prepared him for what he would encounter in Libby.

Another notable was also traveling through the Northwest and had heard about the shows at the Lost Paradise. He took the train from Seattle to Libby, a showman by the name of Florence Ziegfeld and his follies were becoming the hit of New York society. Both men found their way to the Libby Hotel, where the owner introduced herself as Lillian Lorraine (Lil had used her middle name as a last name, since finding out about the arrest warrant in Seattle and very few people in Libby were even aware that she had one). Lil had been expecting Ziegfeld, but the visit by the U.S. Marshal had only come to her attention three days before his arrival.

The past week had been a nightmare and had taken its toll on the ladies at the House of the Soiled Doves. Tommy Two-Tongues had been a friend, confidant and partner in everything they had done since arriving in Libby. His indiscretion with Nell had been his undoing and the cause of his death; both Nell and Lic Mee were morning his loss. Nell, though 17 and living in a brothel had a lack of worldly knowledge and Tommy’s desires were misconstrued as love. She knew that the men who came there for sex could have any whore they wanted including Lic Mee; she couldn’t understand why Tommy would want her if it wasn’t for something more involved. She had given herself to him and he had made her hungry for his body and his heart. Poor Nell had no idea that she had only been part of Tommy’s fantasy and that she was being used to satisfy his ego, more than his lust. She had announced her pregnancy only to start bleeding shortly after his death; just one more illusion shattered.

Lic Mee’s grief was more intense and was affecting her sanity. She had a rough life, from the time she was smuggled into the country to the time that Lil freed her from Sal. When they reached Libby she was a changed woman who evolved even more as her relationship with Tommy grew. Now she was his assassin and complicit in the murders of two other men. Her mind began think as if she were still a young Chinese immigrant, with all of the demons she had been taught about as a child. She would go down to the dungeon and light one hundred candles around the open trap door. There would be incense burning and she would chant an old Buddhist prayer while calling on the spirits, ghosts, and demons to release Tommy back to her. Lil didn’t pay too much attention to her until word of the Marshal’s coming; then her concern was that he would ask the wrong question and Lic Mee would give the wrong answer or confess.

Many of the men in Libby experienced the change too. Lic Mee had an ageless beauty, and they had paid dearly to see it, touch it and even more to taste it. Her body smelled of Jasmine blossoms and her pussy tasted of ginger. She had been Tommy’s prize and to share her they paid 4 times what Mountain Marge asked. Since his death though, it seemed that she had aged. Her black hair, showed streaks of grey and lines began to crease her smooth face. The scent of Jasmine faded and the spice they found in her pussy was gone. She had lost the fire inside as well; once no man (except Tommy) could satisfy her desire and any who tried found themselves exhausted by the experience, but now she would just lay there and pray that the fire would be ignited again.

Lil and Rita watched her as best they could, but they would leave her alone during her sojourns into the dungeons. There was a presence there and they felt it. They didn’t know whether it was Geiger, Tommy or one of the poor souls Geiger had dispatched, but it loomed in every corner and neither Lil nor Rita wanted to encounter it. Lic Mee began to sleep with her dead lover’s spirit in the dark of that dungeon and there was nothing her friends could do.
Lil was trying to keep it all together, while everything seemed to be breaking down. The day of Tommy’s death was spent going through files and drawers in the Sheriff’s office. Tommy had taken care of everything when Geiger died; now it was up to her. She searched through every drawer, shelf and ledger and found nothing that would incriminate her, but did find the wanted poster that Geiger had held Tommy prisoner with. It was as if he wanted a souvenir of his past and in keeping it had given Lil and her girls the break they needed. She left the wanted poster on the sheriff’s desk where it could be seen. She packed up some of Tommy’s clothes to make it appear that he had run off, then saddled his horse and rode off with Rita following close behind in a buggy. Once they were far enough away, they cut the horse free and returned to town. It made no difference whether the horse was found; the assumption would be that Tommy was thrown and the search would be away from them.

“Men, why the fuck can’t they be satisfied with one woman.” Lil muttered as Rita drove the buggy back.

“If they could be, then we would be out of work” Rita replied.

“Or worse; married” Lil quipped.

Lil was looking forward to meeting Ziegfeld; she had been reading copies of reviews about the Follies and the man. It was no secret that he was a womanizer; he surrounded himself with beautiful flowers, so what if every now and then he plucked one. She knew exactly what kind of man he was, because it was her experience with “that” kind of man that had left her penniless in Seattle and prepared her for the whoredom that followed. Mr. Ziegfeld acquired his wealth at the expense of the women who worked for him; women who would do anything (or anyone) to dance or sing in a chorus line. Lil wanted more than to be a number and had learned how to use what she had to get what she wanted.

There were things she had to do in preparation for his visit and normally much of it would have been done by Tommy. She realized that running the House was going to have to be the least of her concerns, besides Ziegfeld probably wouldn’t be impressed by a Madame. Now she needed to create some distance between herself and the Soiled Doves. “Rita, I want you to run the House. You’re the only one I would trust, could trust to keep everyone in line. I will wire Denver and have some new blood sent here to stimulate business. Lic Mee can’t be counted on; I love her like a sister, but she is lost to us and the men who once desired her. Mattie Silk can find us what we need; she knows every Madame and whore in the Northwest.”

Rita looked at Lil and tried to turn down the offer. “I’m not sure I can do it. I always counted on you to make the decisions, while all I had to do was sell the best piece of ass this side of the Rockies. You took care of the books and such. "

You were the one who watched out for us all though. I would never have survived at Sal’s without you and you have always been the rock I could depend on, besides being the best piece of ass this side of the Rockies.” Lil snickered and then went on, “I’ll still be involved and work with you on the books, but it will be more like a silent partnership. I am going to remove Nell from the house too; I wish I had done that when we got the Hotel, maybe everything would have been different. Now I have one sister going mad, while another grieves a lost love that never was; Tommy may be gone, but his legacy lingers on. I want to get out, before I join Lic Mee trying to placate the ghosts in my life.”

Rita finally accepted what was happening. She had always known that Lil wasn’t a common whore. She was educated and had mind that allowed her to see past what she was doing physically. Lil was destined to do more than make her living on her back; at least professionally. “OK, I guess I got the job whether I wanted it or not. There are going to be some disappointed gentlemen in town though.”

“You can make time for your regulars; hell you can probably get them to pay more now that you are La Madame Rita.” Lil said smiling. “Speaking of your regulars, we need to stop by the Mayor’s office and talk to him about the investigation and Mr. Ziegfeld’s visit. Then we can talk to the editor at the paper and see what he’ll do to help, maybe we can entice him with Marge and Dolly; hell a night with them should get us a full page ad if he survives. I want Ziegfeld to know my name, before he ever meets me and the Marshall to be satisfied that Libby is not a bottomless pit that swallows up lawmen.” Rita pulled the buggy into the livery and paid.

The two women cleaned themselves up and then started making the changes they had discussed. They notified all the women except Lic Mee, that Rita was the new Madame. Lil and Nell packed up their belongings and Lil had a couple of men move them to the hotel, where two of the larger rooms had been prepared. “Nell, from now on you are my secretary and will stay by my side. You were a foolish girl to let that man have you” Lil said.
“I know, but he was the first man that I ever wanted to have touch me. He would open me so gently with his fingers, kiss my lips and run his tongue between them; it was as if he had the key to my soul. It wasn’t like that with Sheriff Geiger, he didn’t care if he hurt me and swore he would if I didn’t please him.” As Nell recounted her life, her pussy responded. She began to feel Tommy’s fingers in her cunt and could feel her juices flow down her thighs. He was dead in reality, but alive inside of her.

Lil bought Nell some dresses that were more appropriate for a spinster than a 19 y/o girl and had her wear her hair in a French roll. She tried to hide the girl’s beauty until she felt sure that no man would have second thoughts about her, but Nell’s beauty came from inside and nothing could dim it. She had been used and abused most of her life and yet she was every bit the innocent and that innocence was in and of itself arousing to the men who encountered her. This was her appearance the day Marshall Merrifield met her.

He had arrived only the night before, was checked in and went straight to bed. The next morning he came down the stairs and went to the desk in the lobby, where Nell was putting mail and notices in the mailboxes. Bill hit the bell on the desk and Nell turned; suddenly he had forgotten his purpose for ringing and just stood and stared. Nell’s head had been lowered and when she began to raise it her eye caught the Marshall’s badge on Bill’s lapel; for one brief second she expected to see Tommy. There was at once a look of anticipation and then disappointment. Bill was focused on her eyes and suddenly realized he was staring in a most ungentlemanly way. “May I help you sir?” The girl’s voice penetrated the quiet and brought him back to reality.

“I’m sorry, my mind was wandering. Is there a place to get breakfast around here and could you give me directions to the Sheriff’s office?”

Nell bit her lip as she thought of Tommy’s empty office. “You can get your breakfast at the Libby Café and if you continue down the street you’ll see the Sheriff’s Office, but no one has seen him in a while” She couldn’t help but sigh and as she did Bill watched her breast rise and fall.

“Thank you miss?” He wanted to know her name and tried to seem nonchalant in the way he would get it.

“My name is Nell Geiger, my father was the Under Sheriff, but he’s dead now”

“I’m sorry; I heard about him and how he died, it must have been horrible to lose him”

“I don’t want to talk about it, he wasn’t my real father anyway” Nell’s voice became hard and Bill knew there was something bothering the girl behind the hotel desk.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to pry. I’ll get my breakfast and quit bothering you” He tipped the brim of his hat and walked through the door onto the dusty Libby street and found his way to the café. He sat there for an hour; had a decent breakfast and read the Western News while finishing his coffee. There was story about the arrival of the famous showman Flo Ziegfeld and a half page ad all about the show at the Lost Paradise presented by Lillian Loraine. “Maybe I’ll relax tonight.” He thought “but now I must attend to the task at hand” He paid his check and walked down the dust street until he came to a door that read “Sheriff” in gold letters. He opened the door and entered the dark office. He raised the shade to let light in and began looking around. The office appeared lived in, there was a coffee pot on the parlor stove in the corner, but it hadn’t been cleaned or used in some time. On the desk he found the wanted poster just where Lil had left it. He was looking at it when the door opened and Lil walked in.

“Are you the new Sheriff?” She asked, knowing all along who and what he was.

“No Mam, I’m here to try and find the Deputy who was acting as Sheriff and to investigate the disappearance of the Seattle Police Chief who was a candidate for Sheriff. It seems Libby has a problem holding on to lawmen. And may I ask who you are and why you are here?”
“My name is Lil Loraine, I own the Lost Paradise and the Libby Hotel; I saw the blind up and thought maybe the sheriff had returned” She had become adept at lying.

“I read about your show and am staying at your hotel. My name is Bill Merrifield and I’m a U.S. Deputy Marshal. It would appear your deputy was a wanted man.”

Lil feigned surprise, “Oh my! But he seemed like such a good man, he was always there when we needed him. My charge was quite taken with him”

“Your charge?”

“Yes, Nell Geiger; when her father died, I took her in. She is like a daughter to me and she had a crush on her father’s deputy; you know how impressionable young girls can be.”
“I met her this morning; a very pretty girl, with very sad eyes. I wonder what they look like when she smiles”

Lil looked at the Marshall and realized there was more than a passing interest. “Are you married Marshall?”

“No Mam, I guess I never took the time to find the right girl back home and haven’t been in Montana long enough to find the right one here.”

“Well, why don’t you come to the Lost Paradise tonight; we are having a special show for Mr. Ziegfeld and you can be my guest. I will have Nell with me and maybe you can see that smile you were curious about. Right now I’ll leave you to your investigation” She left, but the Marshall’s thoughts were no longer on seeking missing persons; he remembered Nell’s face and tried to imagine her smile.

When Lil got back to the hotel she found Nell behind the desk trying to look busy. “That Marshall is a lot of man, isn’t he?” She remarked to Nell, but there was barely a nod for a response. “He seems to be interested in you and he’s not married or involved.” Nell looked at Lil and shrugged. “Nell, you have got to get over Tommy; he was never really yours. The man just couldn’t keep his cock in his pants and was warned by me and Lic Mee. You were a toy and should be some man’s one and only” Nell began to sob. “Hon do me a favor come to the show with me tonight. You can get out of those widows weeds and put on one of my dresses; I’ll make you up and you can tease every man in Libby except Ziegfeld; he’s mine” Nell shook her head and fought the idea, but Lil kept at her until she consented. “Good, let’s go see Rita and the girls and invite them too”

Rita was in the Dungeon with Lic Mee. The poor addled woman kept talking about a date with Tommy. She wanted her best corset, stockings, a comb for her hair and her make-up. Rita convinced her to leave the dungeon for a bath and a meal. “You want to be clean and healthy for him don’t you?” She nodded and followed Rita up the stairs to the Lost Paradise. The saloon was empty except for the workers preparing the stage and lights. Rita spirited her out the back door and down the alley to the House of the Soiled Doves. The girls of the house were both shocked and happy to see Lic Mee above ground. As they surrounded her asking how she was, she only responded “Tommy’s coming tonight” They washed her and combed out her hair. Marge brought her a hot meal, while the others helped clothe her and make her up. When they were done, she looked very much like her former self, except for the shock of grey in her hair and the wild look in her eye.

Lil and Nell arrived just as she was being completed. “Hon, you look beautiful; what’s the occasion?”

“Tommy’s coming tonight” She smiled at Nell and Lil. “I’m sorry if I caused you concern, but I thought I had lost him, but he told me he was coming back for me tonight.”
“Sure he is Hon, and you two can hang out in the dungeon to have fun’ She just wanted her out of site. Rita had one of the new girls escort her back to the saloon. Nell watched as the once beautiful Chinese girl left.

“Lil, I don’t want to go crazy like Lic Mee; I want a man who wants only me. Help me please” Nell’s plea was pitiful, but sincere.

“Hon you are going to be fine and I’ll wager could have the Marshall in a heartbeat if you wanted him”. The girl smiled for the first time since Tommy’s death. “Ladies we’re all going to the show tonight, so you will all need to get ready and don’t look too slutty, but first help me get Nell ready. Lil had two objectives; the first was to have the Marshall preoccupied until his purpose here was a vague memory, the second was to see Nell taken care of. Lil wanted to be able to leave Libby, but knew Nell would only be an anchor as she made plans for herself. Lil turned to Nell, “The Marshall is big, strong, smart and I am afraid to say a bit innocent. You must use restraint if he starts courting you; he probably is a virgin and thinks you are one too, so be coy” Lil hoped Nell could pull it off, but had seen her at the House as she greeted guest and pandered to their request for a glimpse of her breasts. Then there was the whole thing with Tommy; like the “forbidden fruit” he was to be left alone, but Nell just couldn’t wait to have his cock in her wet pussy.

The ladies of the “House” cleaned her up and dressed her in a way that was part “Sunday come to meeting” and part “come hither.” She was both the virgin and the temptress and was bait no man could resist. Lil helped the girls select their wardrobes for the night, most had at least one new dress that was worn on special occasions, but Mountain Marge was a bit harder to fit. Two of the girls got her into a corset that was laced so tight she could barely breathe. By the time they were done, even she was a thing of beauty.

Rita guided Lic Mee down to the dungeon which she had lit with over a hundred candles. “How do I look?” Lic Mee asked.

“You are gorgeous, Tommy is a lucky man” Rita had to stop herself. Visions of Tommy’s last moments before he slipped under the dark water flooded her mind. “I have to go, I’ll check back later to see how you are” Rita was on her way to the stairs when the candles all began to flicker. She thought it might be the draft from the stairwell door, but that door had closed when they entered the dungeon. The room seemed colder too and she asked if Lic Mee needed some extra blankets of a robe, but Lic Mee declined saying Tommy would keep her warm “now that he” was there. Rita did not turn around or say another word, she just left and climbed the stairs as fast as she could. When she reached the House Lil gave her a box, in it was a new dress ordered from a catalog out of Chicago.

“I thought it was about time you dressed up for me” Lil said. “Now I must get back to the hotel and change. I want to be even more breathtaking than Nell and that will take some doing. We are going to make Mr. Ziegfeld think he is in Paris France, not Libby Montana. She took Nell out the back door so as not to be seen and they returned to the Hotel. Lil took another box from the closet and removed a white gown with a neckline that came up and then was finished off with pearls. At the nape of the neck the gown had a diamond shaped opening that exposed Lil’s cleavage. The gown molded itself over every curve and contour of her body and then draped to the floor. Her hair was done and she wore very little make-up. She was the picture of propriety, but her eyes reflected desire. Just as Nell had been prepared to catch the Marshall; Lil had become the bait that would catch the Great Flo Ziegfeld.

She went to the Lost Paradise and made sure that everything was ready including the cases of Champaign she had ordered. The tables all had fresh linen table cloths on them and a candle lit lamp in the middle. The table she had set aside for Ziegfeld and her other guests was larger than most and set up front to the right of the stage, away from the door and bar. Behind the stage curtain, props and sets were ready. This was not an impromptu presentation; this was her show of shows. Lil had dragged herself out of the gutter, a victim who decided to take control and this was to be her coming out party; not as the most infamous madam in the Northwest, but as a showman and business woman. The show would begin at nine the doors would open at eight; there would be no drunkards allowed, and no unwashed or unkempt persons would be allowed through the door. She had hired two well built loggers to act as doormen and had dressed them up in new suits to add respectability to their characters.

The Marshall returned to the hotel, bathed shaved and dressed for the occasion. He was what women would describe as “dashing”; 6’2” and muscular, a chiseled jaw and steel blue eyes. At 35 his hair was black with grey just beginning to show at the temples. He put on his Stetson and shut the door to his room. He could see Nell’s back as he descended the stairs and when she turned and looked up at him, he felt his heart leap into his throat; she was a vision that made him week in the knees. He approached the desk, “Hello Miss Geiger, you look lovely”

Nell looked up into those blue eyes and noticed that the Marshall’s face was flushed, that he was blushing. “You look lovely too” she said and then giggled and smiled. It was at that moment when he saw her smile that he knew, she was the only woman he would ever want. She was beautiful, intelligent and innocent; she would be welcomed by his family and be the mother of his children. He imagined them growing old together within minutes of greeting her. “Marshall Merrifield, are you alright?...Marshall?” Nell’s voice brought him back to the here and now.

“I’m sorry, I guess I was daydreaming. You look so different than you did this morning and I was so happy to see you smile that I got lost in the moment” Now it was Nell’s turn to blush.
Lil joined the two in the Lobby just as Ziegfeld and his entourage reached the stairs. He was traveling with his secretary and the woman he called his wife (Anna Held) who starred in his shows. Lil knew the truth about their marriage; that it was forbidden by both his (Jewish) and her (Catholic) religions. There was also rumor that there was trouble in their relationship which Lil planned to take advantage of. She greeted them and introduced herself, the Marshall and Nell. Ziegfeld was taken with Nell, but was captured by Lil; so much so that his wife commented on it, “It would seem my husband may have found a rising star” Lil could feel the chill in the woman’s voice and suggested that they go to the theatre.

As the music started and the lights dimmed, the curtain raised. In the dungeon below, Lic Mee took her hand and put it on her lover’s chest, while bringing her lips to his. “I have missed you my love. I thought I lost you and prayed to the ancient gods to bring you back. I will never be without you again.” Her lover held her face in his hands as they kissed and slowly backed her towards the bed. He put his hands on the corset and the laces parted as it was pushed down over her hips. He sat her on the bed and then laid her back and parted her legs. His fingers guided their way down her wet cunt and then slid past her lips effortlessly. Every sexual feeling she had ever had was dwarfed by what she was feeling at that moment. His hands were magic and his lips intoxicating as he made her feel alive again. The light reflected on his body as he let his cock into her and the candle’s flames reflected the rhythm of their love making. Her climaxes were greater than they had ever been before forcing the warm wet of her cum past his cock, down her thighs to the bed. Her cries were muted by the music and applauds above, as he rolled her on to her stomach and effortlessly entered her ass. He held her body down with the weight of his own as he caused her to cum over and over again. She reached a level of arousal that she had never known before and was lost to the here and now. There was no end to his love making or the flow of his hot cum in or on her body. She could taste it on his lips as he brought them to hers after having licked her raw cunt. Those kisses went on until it was time for him to leave.

He rose from her body and the bed. “Where are you going?’ she asked as he stepped away. He looked at her and pointed towards the hole in the floor. “No, I don’t want you to go” she argued. “I have been without you too long.” But he continued towards the trap door, then turned and outstretched his arm. She took his hand and held it as they entered into the dark water and faded from sight. In the saloon above, the Finale was coming to an end and just as the lights dimmed above, the candles flickered below and went out.

That night the Marshall and Nell went for a walk and found a bench in the park at the town center. They sat and talked under the full moon. As the glow of the moon reflected on her face; the Marshall brought his lips to hers. He had his arms outstretched to bring her closer and as he did, she reached over to his thigh and slowly brought her hand over to the bulge in his pants and squeezed. The Marshall abruptly stopped kissing her and moved away. “What’s wrong Bill, why did you stop?”

“I thought I embarrassed you because…..well you know. I couldn’t help it you excite me, but I know I shouldn’t let it show like that.”

“It’s OK, I am not embarrassed. Lil has told me the facts of life and I would be hard too, if I had one of those.” She said that and the Marshall admitted he was glad she didn’t have one. “I will admit though that just as your bulge was a sign of your excitement that the wetness between my thighs is a sign of mine”


“You know down there” she said pointing to her lap, trying to maintain an appropriate naivety so as not to scare the Marshall. He followed her finger with his gaze and then blushed.

“Maybe I should go, I don’t want to, but maybe it would be best”

“Why, because you like me and I like you? That seems silly, I would rather know I excited you and that you liked kissing me”

“You do and I do….I mean you do excite me and I do like kissing you, but it’s more than that. I think I love you. I felt something the first time I saw you this morning, and felt it even more when I saw you tonight. When I kissed your lips my heart raced and I got hard; this is new to me.” Nell took his head in her cupped hand and kissed his mouth. He became aroused yet again and said, “What am I going to do, I want you, I want you always in all ways.”

“Is that a proposal”

“Well, yes I guess it is” The Marshall felt brazen in his admission

“Would you really take me to be your wife?”

“Yes I want you to be my wife”

“Then take me as if I already am” she said as she parted her legs under her dress. She took the Marshall’s reluctant hand and ran it up her leg, between her thighs until he reached her underwear. Her breathing was heavy as she anticipated his touch and felt his heart beating inside his chest.

“Not here, not like this” he said as he pulled his hand back. I want to marry you and do this right."

Nell rose and took him by the hand and led him to the Pastors entrance behind the church. She pounded on the door until a light came on. Soon the Pastor opened the door and said “What in the world do you want and can’t it wait”, He made the statement and then realized who he was talking to.

“We want to get married” Nell told him "and it can’t wait"

“That true?” The Pastor said to the Marshall

“I guess it is; I mean yes I want to marry Nell right now!” The Pastor told them to come back in a half hour and bring witnesses. Nell led the Marshall back to the Lost Paradise where they found Lil, and Ziegfeld drinking with a few of the girls from the show. His wife had gotten tired of the after hours party and had gone to bed. “Nell and I are getting married; we’d like you there” the Marshall told Lil.

“You move pretty fast Marshall, are you sure?” The Marshall explained that it was fast, but it was what he wanted. He told her he had loved Nell from the moment they met. “And you Nell, is this what you want? Nell held on to Bill’s hand with both of hers and nodded while looking up at him. “What do you say Mr. Ziegfeld, would you like to give away a bride?” Ziegfeld thought about his sleeping wife and knew he’d like to give that one away.

“Why not, we can have the wedding and then keep the celebration going.” So it was that the Lost Paradise emptied and the church pews filled. Word was sent to Rita and she came with a couple of the girls. The Pastor was a bit upset, first for being awakened (especially by Nell) and then for seeing his church filled with drunks and near-do-wells. The last time he had talked to Lil was when he helped her blackmail the Sheriff’s wife into giving up the Lost Paradise and the Hotel.

“Let’s get this over” The Pastor said, “please sit down and be quiet” He opened his Bible and began to read “Dear friends and family, we have gathered here today in the presence of God to celebrate His activity in the uniting of Bill Merrifield and Nell Geiger in Holy Matrimony.” He rambled on about their obligations to one another and then asked for the ring. A silence fell over the church as the realization that there was no ring filled the room. Suddenly Ziegfeld stud and took off the diamond clad horseshoe ring he wore on his little finger.

“Try this one, I don’t think God would be upset, if you included a little luck in your wedding” Ziegfeld said. Nell kissed his cheek and Bill shook his hand like he was pumping water from a well. The Pastor repeated his request for the ring and then pronounced them man and wife and told them they could kiss.

Nell looked at the Pastor and said, “We kissed before we got married, now we can make love” Bill blushed, the Pastor through his hands up and walk off shaking his head while the rest of the people in the room broke out in laughter. Lil invited everyone back to the Lost Paradise for an impromptu reception, and the parade from the church to the saloon commenced. When they reached the church, Champaign corks were popped and glasses filled.

Ziegfeld raised his glass and said “To the bride and groom” A cheer went up and glasses clinked and the room buzzed with laughter.

It was only after the toast that someone said “Where, are the bride and groom?”

After more laughter, Ziegfeld said, “It appears that horseshoe worked and the groom is getting lucky.” The room rocked with laughter and song and the party went on all night. Back at the hotel Nell and Bill had gone to Bill’s room. Nell removed Bill’s boots and socks and then undid his belt and slid his pants off. Bill realized he hadn’t removed his hat, coat or shirt and rushed to get them off; tearing the buttons on his shirt and throwing the garments on the floor he stood there with that familiar bulge in his long johns.

Nell wanted him; her pussy throbbed as her wetness increased. She sat on the bed as Bill untied and removed her shoes then stood so he could unbutton and remove her dress. She stepped out of her bloomers and was left wearing a garter belt, stockings and a bustier. Her firm breast rose and fell faster over the top of the bustier as her excitement grew and her excitement grew as she watched the bulge in his long johns grow. There was an unbridled passion as the two newly weds tore off their remaining garments and fell into the bed. They kissed and explored each others bodies with hands and mouths.

He was intoxicated by her scent and found it changing as he explored her body. His mouth sucked at her nipples as his hand worked its way down her waist, over her stomach to the soft pelt that protected her pussy. It was as if he pushed some magic button; his finger found her pussy and it opened wide like a hungry mouth. He slid his finger into her hot wet cunt and felt her tighten around it. He withdrew it and brought it to his lips; her taste was like honey. His cock hurt because it had grown so large and could no longer be kept away. He rolled onto his back and told her to mount him. “I will not hurt you by forcing it on you, but if you lower yourself down slowly; there should be little pain.” He still believed his bride was a virgin and was afraid he would damage her fresh pussy.

She decided to do as told, and slowly, very slowly lowered herself down on the massive head. She bobbed on it several times and then pushed herself down, taking the thick, long shaft without difficulty. She could feel it throb and get even larger as he neared his climax, but she didn’t want it to end. She kept him on the edge as she massaged her clit with her free hand and brought herself to that same point in time; then she began to ride him in earnest. Her strokes were deep and hard; as she went down for the third time she felt him explode inside her and seconds later allowed herself to wash over him. She felt little trembles run through her body with his every move and he felt her squeeze tighter around him. There were soft moans and she began to cry. “Thank you my love you have made me very happy” he told her as his cock began to withdraw from its warm wet shelter. At last she was with a man who knew only love for her; a man whose cock could satisfy her in ways she had never known. In the morning it was decided that Bill would stay on as the new Sheriff as Lincoln County, which served Lil’s plan perfectly.

Ziegfeld was taken with Lil in more than one way. She did not hold his marriage in very high regard so as the revelers partied on; she took him to her apartment and did things to him he had only read about. She was beautiful, intelligent and a sexual beast. He told her that if she left Libby, that he would help her get into show business in New York. Lil told Bill and Nell that she would make them partners in the Hotel and Lost Paradise if they would run them in her absence. They agreed.

She went to see Rita and then the two women went to check on Lic Mee, but she was gone. The dungeons seemed colder and they knew there was no way she could have just left. The trap door to the well revealed water but nothing else, so it was closed. The candles were extinguished leaving the room completely dark. Once they were out Lil had a carpenter seal the two doors that led down the stairs.

Rita remained in Libby as a Madame and then began to nurse the miners who began to fall ill as they removed and processed the vermiculite in the mine. There wasn’t a man in Libby who didn’t think of her as a saint, but the women always referred to her as “That Libertine”. Eventually the House of the Soiled Doves became Libby’s first hospital and Rita its first administrator. She married the Mayor, who later became a U.S. Senator.

Bill and Nell had two girls and a boy. They named them Lil, Rita and Tommy.


Posted at 09:03 pm by BondageMaster

October 24, 2006   01:47 AM PDT
I like the ending but it just seemed to come so soon! A bit rushed but fine all the same. I'm not surprised at Lic Mee's end though my eyes did bug out at the 30 minute courtship of Nell and Bill. Usually people who marry just to ditch virginity end up bitter and angry. Hmm.

Lil was great from beginning to end.
October 23, 2006   03:29 AM PDT
aw man, as usual - just as I'm really getting into it & want more, it ends. I must say though, a great ending to a great tale! I loved Lic Mee's ending especially, but all in all a very satisfying way to wrap it all up. really excellent pictures, too.

well done, the story could be actual history, the way it's written... it'd be interesting to see how the people of Libby 'today' would react to this story if they were able to purchase it in the bookstores there (still think you should publish someday, hehe).

looking forward to whatever you come up with next.


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