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Sunday, November 05, 2006
Vlad's Beginning

Vlad Tepes body lies in the bottom of a well, atop the decaying body of the landlady he used, abused and finally dispatched by draining her of her blood and life. A karmic ending; for a man or monster who fed on others for nearly 600 years. He was drained of his own blood by the daughters of a woman executed for witchcraft in Salem MA; women who were to be his wives, but their appetites were greater than he could control. So, the man known as Vlad the Impaler since 1447; who had been Dracula (son of Dracul) even before that, died the way he lived.

Vlad Tepes was born in November 1431, in the town of Sighisoara, in Romania. His father, Vlad Dracul, was at that time appointed military governor of Transylvania by the emperor Sigismund and had been inducted into the Order of the Dragon about one year before. The order which could be compared to the Knights of the Hospital of St. John or even to the Teutonic Order of Knights was a semi-military and religious society, originally created in 1387 by the Holy Roman Emperor and his second wife, Barbara Cilli. The main goals of such a secret fraternal order of knights, was mainly to protect the interests of Catholicism, and to crusade against the Turks.

In the winter of 1437, Dracul became prince of Wallachia (one of the three Romanian provinces) and took up residence at the palace of Tirgoviste, the princely capital. Vlad Tepes followed his father and lived six years at the princely court. In 1442, for political reasons, Vlad and his younger brother Radu were taken hostage by an Ottoman Sultan and held in Turkey until 1448, while his brother Radu decided to stay there until 1462.

His Turkish captivity and education affected his upbringing in many ways. He was exposed to ideas that flew in the face of the Catholic Church and intrigued him. He witnessed torturing and was taught by a female mystic how to use herbs and potions. It was under her tutelage that he first tasted human blood. He was taught that drinking the blood of your enemy gave you his strength. The Turks set him free after informing him of his father's assassination in 1447; a murder organized by Vladislav II. He also learned about his older brother's death (Mircea was the eldest legitimate son of Dracul) and how he had been tortured and buried alive by the boyars of Tirgoviste.

After coming to power Vlad began his reign of terror. He invited many of the noblemen and their families to a huge feast. Confronting them about the death of his father and brother, he captured and impaled most of them. The younger and healthier ones were marched north from Tirgoviste to the ruins of his castle in the mountains above the Arges River, where they were forced to labor for months rebuilding the old castle. According to the reports, they labored until the clothes fell off their bodies, with few surviving the ordeal.
Impalement was Vlad’s preferred method of torture and execution. It was one of the most gruesome ways of dying imaginable; slow and painful it gave him time to watch as life was drained from their bodies. Victims included warring enemies, unfaithful noblemen, dishonest merchants and unchaste women; he fed on the blood and sometimes the flesh of those poor soles while his army and survivors looked on in terror. It was for this reason that he was known as Vlad the Impaler throughout Europe and the Middle East.

His anger and hunger led him back into battle with the Turks, only this time he was not the hostage, but rather the conqueror. He spared the Sultan, but only so that he could watch his wives, children and advisors impaled on pikes; among those advisors was the mystic that had encouraged his hunger. While the women screamed and children cried, the mystic remained silent, but for the curse she wished on him; “Your thirst will know no satisfaction, your life no end and you will never see the light of day without experiencing the flames of your own hell” Vlad grinned and ordered her skewered upright so that she might watch the others suffer. She was stripped and the pike placed between her legs while she was lowered down. He placed a cup under her bleeding cunt and captured her blood; the blood of an old virgin witch.

He raised the cup, smiled and said, “I accept your curse, and pity the world I live in for you have made mankind like cattle whose only purpose is to satisfy my hunger.” He then drank the warm rich blood and insured his own fate.

From that day forward, no one was allowed to bother Prince Vlad until after sunset. Those who had witnessed the mystic’s curse believed that was the reason and spread the word. His generals and army prepared for battles at night and their attacks caught their foes sleeping. The screeching of bats filled the air, as they were awakened along with the villagers; many thought the bats were part of his legions and that he had the ability to transform himself into a bat, which only created a greater fear in his enemies. The carnage was indescribable; towns and villages were burned after the men, women and children were brought before Vlad. The men and male children were either executed or enslaved based on their age and health, while the women met a different fate. Older women that were healthy enough to cook and serve his army were spared, younger women who had children were raped by his army and then dispatched, but the virgins were held apart for Vlad’s pleasure.

The virgin captives that survived the trip (those that he did not feed on immediately) were put in a wing of his castle. They were bathed and made to wear white gowns. When those gowns were stained with menstrual blood, they were brought to Vlad. The youngest were saved for last as theirs was the purest blood and even their thoughts were said to be pure. The older teens had and occasional 20 something had begun experiencing hormonal changes which triggered impure thoughts and lust. There were some who believed they had been spared to become part of Vlad’s harem, and so when their time came they saw it as an opportunity not an end. They were wrong.

Vlad had a bed prepared in a room lit by many candles. The white sheets were tucked tightly over what appeared to be a mattress on a copper bed. In reality the straw mattress was a prop. It was firm to the center, where a hole one foot in diameter existed; the hole in the mattress was centered over what appeared to be a funnel in the center of the copper bed. A clean basin was placed beneath the funnel.

The virgin was brought to the room by two women who had been made mute. They removed the gown and bathed the girl after giving her a chamber pot to relieve herself in. Her pussy was then shaved to remove any hair that might have grown there (many of these girls were so young that little or no shaving was required. The girl was then led to the bed; there she was laid out with her arms out stretched and tied at the headboard and her legs spread with ankles bound to the foot board. A gag was placed in her mouth and tied in the back. When they were done, they exited the room pulling on a cord which sounded a bell in Vlad’s quarters. He would take a torch and use a passage that connected the two rooms. Dressed only in linen pants tied at the waist he would enter the room and view the outstretched virgin.

The girls would watch and struggle to free themselves; it was almost ritualistic the way they responded, but never to any avail. Vlad would untie the string and let his pants fall to the floor. His cock was greater than nine inches and thick while still flaccid. The virgin’s eyes widened; most of these women, though virgin had knowledge of how that virginity was lost and to think of his cock swollen, being pressed against and into their tight holes only heightened their fear. Vlad could almost taste the fear as he approached a table that had a single double edged dagger resting on it.

He returned to the bed and sat beside the girl. He ran his free hand over her trembling body as the girl tried to cry out. He cupped her breasts in his hand and kissed then suckled at each nipple. Generally the girls would resolve themselves to the fact that their virginity was about to be lost and begin to accept that fate. He could feel their muscles begin to relax as his hand continued to explore their bodies. Slowly, methodically he brought his flat hand over their rounded abdomens with his outstretched fingers pointed towards the freshly shaved cunt. He pressed down on the mons with his palm as his fingers wrapped themselves over her pussy. He could feel her excitement and almost hear her heart begin to beat faster as she anticipated his next move. That move was the parting of her vaginal lips which had become wet with her anticipation. Slowly his outstretched middle finger pressed between the lips, curling itself inside her warm wet cunt; their engorged clits became so sensitive that an orgasm was often achieved while their hymen still remained in tact.

Their sexual arousal was nothing compared to the arousal he felt when he withdrew his blood covered finger. Her virgin blood and virgin ejaculate triggered his hunger. He would get up and move to the foot of the bed, then crawl up onto the bed between her legs until his head was at her cunt. As his finger penetrated her and brought more blood to her lips he opened his mouth and began to lick, but each drop only increased his hunger until he sank his teeth into the flesh surrounding her clit while he sucked it and her blood into his mouth. The girl’s scream was muffled by the gag and soon she was silent as she drifted off. She felt as if she was floating; there was no pain, but there was still that orgasmic pleasure that seemed to carry her through the darkness.

Vlad always knew when he had put them in that place and it was then that he would take his now stiffened cock and press it into their tight little cunts, made wet with their blood.
More often than not, the girl’s dream would end as his cock pushed past her hymen and he began to fuck her in earnest. Weakened and confused, they responded by trying to part thier legs even wider to accept his cock, but they never could. They would feel his rhythm becoming faster and think of the stallion that had bred with a mare or some other animal’s sexual frenzy just before it released its cum. They knew the moment of that release was at hand and responded in kind, trying to capture it as their own climax occurred.

It was at that exact moment when he released himself into the girl and felt her climax that the dagger severed her jugular and he drained her of any remaining life. As her body shook under his, he would withdraw his cock and let the blood and cum drain from her cunt. The sheet acted like a sieve as the fluid flowed through it down through the funnel and into the basin. Once done, he would untie the lifeless limbs and wrap the body in the bloody sheet then throw it from the window of the room into the river below.

The King of Hungary became aware of Vlad’s behavior as did the Pope. Both believed that this noble had become possessed by the devil and decided to take action. Vlad was as aware of their concern as they were of him. He had begun removing his treasures and had them sent to an estate he acquired in Germany under an assumed name and title. No one had seen him for almost a year except his servant, Stephen. Stephen was loyal because his master had spared his life and had allowed him to have those women his master felt to be unfit. Stephen was his ears in the castle and reported back any treachery he became aware of.

In 1476, Vlad was made aware of a plot to assassinate him. He had a captive of similar appearance brought to his room. The man was dressed in Vlad’s clothing, beaten and killed. His disfigured head was put on a pike and the report of his assassination released.
Vlad left the castle with Stephen through an underground passage that led to a waiting carriage. Stephen had hired the carriage, so the driver was not aware of who his passenger was and had been paid enough not to care. The carriage carried the two men, several trunks and a crate containing jars of virgin blood to sustain him.

Though 45, Vlad appeared much younger; he had not aged since the day he took the mystic’s blood into his body and the virgin’s blood fired his desire and lust. On the journey to the estate in Germany they rested during the day and traveled at night. The coachman began to ask questions on the third night and was invited to Vlad’s room at the maison to hear an explanation; he was struck down by Vlad’s broadsword upon entering the room. The inn keeper was told that the coachman had entered the room and had threatened the noble and that in the ensuing fight had been killed. Vlad paid to have the man’s body removed and buried, while Stephen prepared the carriage. The inn keeper had her sons carry the body out to the woods and instructed them to bury it, but instead it was left out for the wolves to devour.

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Their trip from Transylvania to the estate Cologne Germany would take much longer than they had supplies for, so in many villages Stephen had to make other arrangements. He would find convents, clusters of nuns or churches and wait for a single female to leave. A young novice was always a prize, or a teenage girl having just confessed her sins. Stephen would render them helpless and take them to his master, where they would be prepared for him. Vlad’s appetite was an increasing problem and he soon realized that leaving bodies everywhere he went would lead to his undoing.

When they arrived in Austria, it was Spring and a festival was taking place. The Bishop of the region was going to bless the farmers and encourage their daughters to enter the local convent. The farmers saw this as a blessing as well, because it would relieve them of one more mouth to feed. Stephen watched as the people from the town and surrounding villages approached. He saw a man with two older daughters approach; the girls appeared to be in their late teens with black hair and full breasts. “Pardon me sir, but are these your daughters?”

“Yes, but what matter is it to you?”

“My Master is looking for servants, strong able bodied girls to keep his estate in order. He is willing to pay a good deal.”

The farmer looked at Stephen, then carriage and then said, “How much?”

“That depends on the girls. Are they still pure or are they pregnant with some swine herds child” The farmer heard this and became angry.

“My girls are good girls; that is why I would have them enter the convent and serve God. Are your master’s requirements greater than God’s?”

Stephen smiled, “Sir no offense intended, but your daughters are very attractive and we have had problems in the past with girls becoming pregnant. My master will give you 200 in gold for them, is that fair?

The farmer weighed his options and accepted Stephen’s offer. The girls were driven back to their father’s farm and allowed to gather a few personal affects and then were taken to the inn where Vlad was resting. A room was prepared for the girls and they were told to bathe. Stephen peered through a crack in the door as the girls disrobed and entered the tubs. Their bodies were beautiful; his master would be very happy. After they bathed, they were given clean white linen dresses to wear with grey robes. They were fed and as they ate Stephen told them of his master. He told them that he was unable to be out in the light of day due to an illness so they would not meet him until later that night. After their meal they were taken back to their room and told to rest as they would be leaving that night after meeting his master.

The sun set on the village and Vlad rose from his sleep. Stephen told him of his success in the village and that he would find these girls to be to his liking. Vlad had wine brought to the room and four goblets. He put a powder made of Belladonna and other herbs which would sedate the two girls into two of the goblets and had Stephen bring them to his room.

They followed the man servant to his master’s room and curtsied as they were taught. Vlad looked at them and smiled. “You have been chosen to serve me and to take care of my estate. Stephen believes you will do quite well, do you believe as he does?” The girls looked at each other and nodded. “Good, then I propose a toast to your new positions and to a long future.” He poured the wine into the affected goblets and Stephen gave them to the girls, then he filled the additional goblets and they toasted. The potion took only a minute to render the two girls helpless. They were then stripped and placed on Vlad’s bed.

Vlad put the tray that the wine had been on beneath the first girl’s ass; her legs were spread and her ankles bound. He did not follow the same ritual as he had at home; there was no need. As the girls mind swam in a drugged stupor; Vlad pressed his finger into her pussy until he felt the resistance that her hymen offered. He pressed harder and felt the tissue tear, releasing a stream of virgin blood. He put his mouth to her cunt and began sucking the blood from its vessel. He took as much as he could this way and then bit into the artery that pulsated near her groin. He watched as her chest heaved and felt her warm blood flow into his mouth. Under normal circumstances he would have finished draining her, but these two were not to be killed, but used to sustain him. He took the second girl in the same way and had Stephen bind their wounds.

The girls had slept through their ordeal, but in that sleep had experienced visions which aroused them. As Vlad had sucked at their pussies, they responded and experience their first climax, while technically remaining virgin. As they slept Stephen dressed them and then carried them down to the coach, seating them across from Vlad. The carriage left the maison and traveled through the sleeping village and into the moonlit night.

When the girls began to stir Vlad explained that they had become tired from the wine and had been allowed to sleep. They felt weak from the loss of blood and fell back asleep. Each night they were put into his bed and brought to near death until they reached the estate in Cologne Germany. They had as promised served him well and he decided that he would keep them on in a different way. He had them one more time and then took each in turn with his cock, stripping them of their virginity, but he did not use the dagger to finish them. Instead he used it to cut his wrist and then had each drink from his wound. His blood was hot and spicy and they felt a new found energy pulsating through their veins. This ritual occurred two more times and on the third night their transformation was complete. Together they rested by day; at night they would satisfy one lust and then search for a virgin to satisfy yet another.

It was while in Cologne that Vlad was given his first taste of a non virgin, she was a prostitute who had satisfied many men, before meeting him. He was at first sickened by her blood, but then felt the sexual energy that had pulsated through her veins and became intoxicated. From that time forward he knew that there would be no end to the nectar that sustained his life. He purchased estates in countries throughout Europe and moved frequently with his entourage to avoid answering questions about not aging.

In the 1890’s that he encountered an author named Bram Stoker at gala in Austria. Stoker was fascinated by the Transylvanian and began researching his lineage. He assumed that Vlad Tepes was a descendant of the infamous Impaler, though there were no records of a marriage or children. Vlad allowed him to believe what he would and found his story to be amusing.

Posted at 02:12 pm by BondageMaster

November 7, 2006   01:06 AM PST
a fascinating tale... will there be more to this one?


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I spend my days knowing that the energy and thought he puts into our relationship is as much for my benefit as for his, and look forward to each lovingly crafted scene that we do together.

His part is much harder than mine, and I know this and am grateful that he cares enough about me to spend his time and energy so freely on me. I have the easier job: to feel, to experience, to let myself go and abandon everything to him. I am his pleasure and his responsibility, and he takes both seriously. I am a submissive woman. I am proud to call myself that. My submission is a gift that I do not give lightly, and can only be given to one who can appreciate that gift and return it tenfold.

Only to he who has that strength will I give myself fully, because I am strong and proud.

I am a submissive woman.

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