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~The more defects a man may have, the older he is, the less lovable, the more resounding his success.~
Marquis de Sade

"Allow me to be frank at the commencement. You will not like me. The gentlemen will be envious and the ladies will be repelled. You will not like me now and you will like me a good deal less as we go on. Ladies, an announcement: I am up for it, all the time. That is not a boast or an opinion, it is bone hard medical fact. I put it round you know. And you will watch me putting it round and sigh for it. Don't. It is a deal of trouble for you and you are better off watching and drawing your conclusions from a distance than you would be if I got my tarse up your petticoats. Gentlemen. Do not despair, I am up for that as well. And the same warning applies. Still your cheesy erections till I have had my say. But later when you shag - and later you will shag, I shall expect it of you and I will know if you have let me down - I wish you to shag with my homuncular image rattling in your gonads. Feel how it was for me, how it is for me and ponder. 'Was that shudder the same shudder he sensed? Did he know something more profound? Or is there some wall of wretchedness that we all batter with our heads at that shining, livelong moment. That is it. That is my prologue, nothing in rhyme, no protestations of modesty, you were not expecting that I hope. " from The Libertine and the bottom of Nic's dark soul.

There is in every madman a misunderstood genius whose idea, shining in his head, frightened people, and for whom delirium was the only solution to the strangulation that life had prepared for him.
~Antonin Artaud

I hurt myself see if i still feel......I focus on the pain......the only thing thats real......The needle tears a hole.....the old familiar sting........try to kill it all away..........but I remember everything........what have I become, my sweetest friend .........everyone i know, goes away in the end.......and you could have it all, my empire of dirt........I will let you down..........I will make you hurt..........I wear this crown of thorns.....upon my liars chair......full of broken thoughts.........I cannot repair..........beneath the stains of time........the feelings are someone else..........I am still right here.........What have I become, my sweetest friend..........everyone I know, goes away in the end...........and you could have it all, my empire of dirt..........I will let you down............I will make you hurt...........if I could start again, a million miles away..........I will keep myself..........I would find a way.......NINE INCH NAILS

Saturday, February 14, 2009
Skaking the Family Tree-The Music Lover

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If you are a more frequent visitor to my blog; you may have also read the stories on the right about my family tree (aptly named “Shaking the Family Tree”). The last story found here, brings my notorious linage to the country; though it wasn't a country then. It was colonized and the property of British and French interests and my distant relative (the Marquis de Santos) benefitted from a relationship with one of those royal French interests.

I am not going to retell that story here (if you want to find out more, then go read that account); instead I will shed a bit more light on Dominic the Marquis de Santos. He was the illegitimate son of a notorious French nobleman who had an affair with the illegitimate daughter (Louise-Françoise de Bourbon) of Louis XIV and was born in Paris France in 1700. Louis XIV’s own son and first born grandson died before he did so five year old Louis became king of France (if only in name), while 10 year old Dominic was busy absorbing the culture and opulence of the aristocracy as well as the seedier lessons to be learned from other noble bastards.

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By the time he was 19 he stood 6 feet tall, had long wavy dark brown hair (kept under a powdered wig) and was adored by many of the women at court. One of these women was Élisabeth-Alexandrine de Bourbon; a cousin in a manner of speaking, a few years younger than himself.

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Among Dominic’s talents (other than sexual) was his ability to play the harpsichord. As a result he found himself at Mademoiselle de Sens (who was known as Alexandrine) home entertaining her mother and siblings. Dominic watched her as he played and saw the adoration in her eyes. After his recital she took her mother aside and a short while later they approached him. Her mother (Louise-Francoise de Bourbon/ Duchess of Bourbon) complimented him on his musical ability and asked if his training included any other instruments, to which he replied, “I was first taught the violin”

“And do you still play the violin as well?” she asked.

“I play as often as I do the harpsichord and take it with me when I go on trips. Would you like me to bring it on my next visit?”

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“Actually I would like you to teach my daughter; she has been trained in voice, but has a desire to learn the violin.” Dominic was amused; this coy virgin had found a way to make herself available to him and even solicited her mother’s help.

“I would be delighted to train Mademoiselle de Sens.” He announced, and made a slight bow to the ladies. “I would assume that you would want the lessons to be given here daily; how soon shall I start?” Her mother realized that he would have to spend a considerable amount of time traveling to and from his own quarters; so decided to have a guest room prepared in her home.

“I will have your room prepared, so I believe you may return in a week and begin.” Once the invitation was given he had his carriage brought around and was taken back to Paris. On the trip back to Paris he fantasized about teaching or rather training the young Mademoiselle de Sens, but it was not only to play the violin. She was five years younger than he was so still a rather naive child, but considered to be of marrying age. Her mother (the Marquise) had been betrothed to her father (Louis, Duke of Bourbon) at the age of eleven. “Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed” Dominic thought and if possible he intended to do just that with the young Mademoiselle. It was in part due to those fantasies and the bumpy carriage ride that he found himself uncomfortable in his britches. His cock had swollen with thoughts of sexually taking his young student, so he unlaced his pants in the back, then lowered them and exposed his swollen member and then proceeded to vigorously massage it until his cum could be held back no longer. When he came it was to a vision of his young protégé naked on her back legs spread; when he released his seed it erupted from his cock and landed on the vacant velvet seat across from him. His appetite now quenched, he re-buttoned his pants and slept for the remainder of the trip.

He spent the next five days packing clothing and music, preparing to stay at the Bourbon’s Château de Fontainebleau at least a month. On the sixth day he had his carriage packed and returned to Fontainebleau to take his prize. He arrived in time for the noon meal and was then allowed to unpack and refresh himself, before going to the music room to prepare his lesson and student. Élisabeth-Alexandrine came to the music room as the hall clock chimed 3 pm. “Mademoiselle, are you ready to learn all that I can teach you?” he asked.

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“Please call me Alexandrine” she pleaded “I would like for you to address me by my name “

“Very well Alexandrine, are you ready?” Though only separated by five years, she still saw him as a man and showed him the respect she had been taught to show men of his stature.

“Yes sir, I believe I am ready, but I have one more request. May my cousin Charlotte, watch? She too arrived from Paris today and when I told her that I would be taking lessons from the young Marquis de Santos, she begged to attend.” Dominic was familiar with Charlotte Aglaë of Orléans and knew her father, Philippe Charles Duke of Chartres and destined to be the regent of France under Louis’ XV.

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Charlotte was also known to have had at least two if not three affairs with other court nobles. Dominic believed that if his tryst with Elizabeth did not occur, surely he would have her cousin; so he agreed and the two young women entered the room.

The first lesson dealt with learning how to handle the instrument, learning terminology, adjusting the strings and finally learning the scales using a bow. It was very tedious and hard on everyone’s ears, so within two hours the class concluded and a carafe of wine was consumed. Everyone was a little bit intoxicated by the time the wine was finished and with the intoxication came flirtatious behavior. Dominic knew not to overwhelm the young Mademoiselle, but rather to entice and because she was already taken with him, it took very little to arouse her. She had felt his warm breath on her neck when he wrapped his arms around her, teaching her how to hold her instrument and bow. He smelled of cologne, and the closeness of his body made her swoon. He knew exactly how to seduce this young ingénue and Charlotte watched knowing exactly what he was doing.

When the lesson ended the three of them retired to their respective rooms, to prepare for the evening meal. Dominic had only just taken off his waistcoat when there was a soft knock at his door, he asked who was there and was surprised to hear “Charlotte”. He opened the door and the brazen young woman stepped in carrying another carafe of wine. “You and I share a common interest and I think we should collaborate” Dominic took two glasses from the tray holding the carafe and Charlotte poured the wine. “My cousin is a virgin, and I hate seeing such a lovely young body being wasted” she was very subtle in her appraisal of her cousin. “I expect you plan on deflowering her and I want to participate.”

Dominic was not just enthralled with Charlotte, he was aroused by her. “You appear to know me well; maybe you are a witch and have the ability to read minds; if so what am I thinking?”

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“I do not need witchcraft to read the Marquis’ mind. You are thinking of all the possibilities if I am what you assume me to be. I also see that my proposal may have additional benefits” she said while cupping her hand over his crotch, further exciting his cock. “We will need to relieve that before we dine or you will be miserable. Allow me to release the beast” She unlaced the waist of his pants from behind him and then tugged them down to his knees. His stiff cock pushed the bottom of his blouse out, until she unveiled it. “I am impressed, allow me to show you just how much” she said dropping to her knees. She took his cock in her right hand and stroked it until a glistening drop dangled from its tip; she took the drop on her left index finger and brought it to her lips, then let her tongue taste it. “Yum, now let’s see if there is more where that came from” With that she leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth.

Dominic laid his hand at the back of her head and guided it as his cock pressed in and out until his time came and he pressed his hips in while holding her head firm. Charlotte was quite adept at oral sex and knew how to consume a male member without gagging and how to swallow its contents until not a drop of semen remained. Once he felt his load lighten he allowed her to withdraw her head. “I do believe I will enjoy this collaboration, but must ask that you return this evening so that I may reciprocate” he said.

“Oh I am sure that you will, and that I would like to return. Like I said, “I hate to see a beautiful body wasted. I will return when the household retires” Charlotte left him alone in his room and returned to her own quarters. He lay on his bed and closed his eyes, then drifted off into a light slumber with visions of what might come. He had visions of his naive student and her more experienced cousin naked exploring each other’s bodies as he encouraged the young Elizabeth to go even further. At 6:30 the house servant announced that dinner would be served within the hour; he rose from his dream with a smile on his face and an erection in his britches. He looked at the bulge and spoke to it, “Later my friend; we will make this fantasy a reality, until then stand at ease”

Once he was dressed he descended the stairs and was greeted by his student, “Let me show you to the table”

“You may show me anything you like and what I would like” he thought, but responded with a smile and a nod. The young girl took his arm and seated him at the dinner table next to her and across from her cousin who smiled and nodded to him. Her father (Louis of Bourbon-Condé/duc de Bourbon) sat at the head of the table and her mother the Duchess sat at the opposite end.

Her father had an unusual appearance to say the least. The House of Condé was known for the physical and mental incapacity of its members. Louis was no exception. In an age where five-and-a-half feet was considered awkwardly tall for a woman, Louis, not quite a dwarf, was considered a short man. He was also macro cephalic, having an abnormally large head and his skin tone was said to have a definite yellowish-orange tint to it. On the plus side, while Louis was no scholar he was respectably well educated for his time and station in life. Likewise, while certainly no fool, he was not burdened with too much intelligence for his time and station in life. He was at the end of the day the perfect father to a daughter that was to be deflowered by Dominic, for he was not physically or mentally Dominic’s equal.

The remaining seats at the table were occupied by Alexandrine’s three brothers and five sisters. Her oldest sister was a nun at the Saint-Antoine-des-Champs abbey and her youngest brother was preparing himself for a clerical life as well. The remaining siblings were more inclined to enjoy the life of a member of the royal family of Bourbon. Needles to say the chatter at the dinner table was constant and constantly changing; it increased with every course and every carafe of wine consumed. Dominic confined his attention to Alexandrine, filling her wine glass until she began to show subtle signs of intoxication. There were also those frequent glances across the table to view Charlotte which were more often than not met by a reciprocal glance and smile; she knew exactly what he was doing.The dinner ended when Alexandrine’s father announced his desire to retire. The Duchess followed her husband out of the room, while Alexandrine’s brothers and sisters wished their parents a good night and left the table to pursue their own personal interest. Alexandrine remained at the table with Dominic and her cousin, until Dominic announced that he was retiring to his room.

“Must you go” Alexandrine sighed.

“Let your teacher go rest, he has had a busy day and apparently needs to rest”, Charlotte told her cousin. “I will remain with you for a while” she continued as she poured the girl another glass of wine.

“Ladies, I have enjoyed your company and expect to enjoy it much more over the coming month” he said taking Alexandrine’s hand while bringing it to his lips. The girl blushed and almost swooned.

“We look forward to it Marquis” charlotte responded, then whispered “sooner rather than later”

Dominic left the room and Charlotte turned her attention to her inebriated cousin. “He is a beautiful man, isn’t he, but he is a scoundrel and has a reputation a lady’s man in Paris. It is said that he has conquered many hearts and left them broken when he left.”

Alexandrine’s smile faded, “Maybe he hasn’t found happiness in these women, maybe they didn’t show him the appreciation he deserves” she argued.

“Why Alexandrine, you sound as if you are defending him. Has he also plied you with his manhood?” Charlotte knew the answer to the question she was asking, but wanted to draw her cousin out.

“No he hasn’t, but I would willingly submit my virtue to him” Alexandrine had blurted the words out, without realizing what she was saying the blushed.

“Does he know?” Charlotte was leading her cousin away from the dining room and any ears that might over hear the conversation. “If you are sincere you should tell him how you feel, and what you desire. He will be here for one month and you shouldn’t waste a day of it if you think that you can tame this rogue”

“I want him, but I am afraid. What if he turns me away?”

“You will never know if you remain coy. I will go to him with you to protect your reputation and supervise the visit” Charlotte looked deep into her cousin’s eyes, “I will be there for you”

The girl bit her lower lip; she was frightened, but also intoxicated, “I will go if you remain with me”

“We are family of course I will” Charlotte took her cousin’s hand and led her up the marble stairs. Once at Dominic’s door she asked “Are you sure?”

“Yes I must do this now, or I will lose my nerve” Charlotte knocked on Dominic’s door and when he opened it pushed Alexandrine through following closely behind.

He had answered the door in his evening robe and slippers. “Ladies this is a surprise. Aren’t you afraid a late night visit like this might compromise your virtue?” Dominic’s eyes darted back and forth between the two women and while Alexandrine lowered her gaze to avoid his eyes, Charlotte fixed hers on his, smiled and nodded.

“My young cousin has a confession to make; go ahead Alexandrine” Charlotte and Dominic waited for the girl to speak, but she couldn’t. “Remember, you must do it now before you lose your nerve, or is it too late?”

Dominic moved in closer to his student, “What is it Alexandrine”, the words had no sooner left his lips when she threw her arms around his neck and her lips on his. She was pressing her body against his in an attempt to be passionate (or at least what she thought passionate was). Dominic wrestled her arms from his neck and pushed away. “Alexandrine what has come over you, don’t you realize what you are doing to me? I am your teacher, but also a man and the heat of your body is arousing me.”

“I want to arouse you; I want you to take me”

“It is true Marquis, Alexandrine has confessed to me that she desires you, but she is young and has no experience”

“I see, so I shall be her first; I am flattered, but why are you here?”

“She requested that I stay and shall we say supervise. I must admit that the idea is a bit embarrassing; sitting here while you enjoy her body, I am afraid my own hungers may be aroused.”

Dominic knew a cue when presented with one. “Alexandrine I must admit you arouse me, but I can understand how awkward this would be for Charlotte. I am flattered as I said, but to have Charlotte sit fully clothed would be very distracting, maybe she should disrobe as well.”

Charlotte’s eyes gleamed as she turned to Alexandrine, “Cousin that would help; it would allow me to pleasure myself while the Marquis is pleasuring you.”

Alexandrine blushed at the suggestion; she had no idea what she was doing, but knew that both her cousin and the Marquis were very experienced in matters like this. “If the Marquis wishes that you undress and pleasure yourself, then who am I to deny his request. I only ask that you do not think me silly for my lack of experience and guide me as I enter womanhood.”

The Marquis nodded to Charlotte. “I think it is endearing that your cousin would be here for you and that you would allow her some measure of pleasure while we enjoy each other physically. I will leave the room and allow you to prepare for me.” The Marquis knew that he would not get far, before Charlotte stopped him.

“Sir, I believe you should undress your lover. I will tend to myself or if you prefer assist you in removing her corset and garments”

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The Marquis turned to Alexandrine, while telling Charlotte that he would enjoy watching her disrobe her cousin. He took a seat at the table in the room and as Charlotte untied the corset, slipped out of his slippers. Beneath the robe he wore nothing and as he watched the two women felt his cock become aroused. He repositioned himself in the chair allowing his robe to part just enough that both women might see his manhood as it swelled. “Ladies this is a teat, but I believe I should assist since watching has made me eager to see what her garment is hiding.” He rose from his chair and approached Alexandrine from the front as Charlotte finished unfastening the corset from the rear.

“I surrender her to you sir, and while you finish disrobing her I will disrobe myself” Charlotte took a seat in the chair that the Marquis had occupied. She moved much faster with her own garments than she had with Alexandrine’s and the Marquis’ moves were deliberately slower to both allow Charlotte to emerge naked from her wardrobe and to stimulate Alexandrine’s desire.

Her outer attire, corset and panniers had been removed by Charlotte, so all that remained were her chemise, garters, stockings and a velvet chocker. The Marquis approached and Alexandrine turned away; her desire and modesty battled inside of her. She felt his hands on her shoulders, “Poor mon petite, are you having second thoughts” he whispered in her ear. She was, but felt she could never face him again if she left now.

“No sir, but I am afraid that my inexperience may have you think of me as a silly girl and not the woman I would have you desire” She felt her face flush again as he turned her to face him. She bowed her head in humiliation, but the Marquis lifted her chin to look her in the eye.

“I expect you to be nothing more than you are; a lovely novice, a budding rose that is eager to bloom. Now let me remove what your cousin has left for me.” He sat her at the edge of the bed and knelt to remove the stockings and garters. She felt his hand as it ran up her leg under the chemise to the ribbon garter used to support her stocking. He loosened the bow above her calf and slowly removed the first stocking; he then repeated himself just as slowly with the second stocking. Her heart pounded inside her chest, but that was not the only excitement she felt; she also could feel an excitement in her loins, something she had felt before when bathing. She had been soaking in perfumed water, thinking about the Marquis and as she did had rubbed her clit without knowing what it was or what the sensation would do. Now he had caused that same stimulation with just a hand on her leg. He stood her up on her bare feet and put his hands on her shoulders at the neckline of the chemise. “Now let me unveil my prize” he said while sliding the garment over her shoulders until it fell to the ground.

He stood back and viewed her body as a critic would view a work of art and in many ways Alexandrine was just that. No sculptor could have chiseled such a beautiful piece; her flesh was like alabaster; her breast were firm moderately sized, with pale pink nipples, years of corseting had narrowed her waist; her buttocks rounded, above well shaped legs. “You are a prize; beautiful beyond my imagination, but there is one thing I must remedy” he said, pointing to the thatch of blonde hair that covered her pubic jewel. “I prefer that you be shaved” Once again she blushed.

The Marquis went to the armoire that sat in the corner of his room and removed a leather case. He laid it down on the table next to Charlotte who was now as naked as her cousin. “Charlotte, your cousins only flaw is about to be removed, will you help me” She smiled and admitted that she too had the same patch of hair”

“Perhaps when the Marquis has finished with Alexandrine, he would also remove mine”.

“I suggest that you seat yourself next to her and I will play barber to both of your beards” Charlotte needed no coaxing as she positioned herself on the bed. He filled the basin on the table with water and wetted the shaving soap he had in the kit, then took a small brush and created a rich lather. He went to the bed and parted the women’s legs placing a small cloth just beneath Alexandrine’s slit. “Be still now, this blade is sharp and I would hate to cut such delicate skin. He lathered up the hair causing even more excitement, but nothing compared to the sensation of the blade as it glided over her mons. Within minutes the hair was gone exposing a narrow pink slit with a perfect pink pearl above it. He took the cloth and wet it, then meticulously removed the remaining lather. Alexandrine felt the cool air on her freshly shaved skin and felt it tighten. She looked down and could see her pussy for the first time since she had begun to mature, but now it was different; it glistened with moisture she had never seen before.

“My cousin is beautiful and aroused if the dew on her flower is any indication.” Charlotte spread her own legs anticipating the same reaction as the Marquis lathered her hair. As Alexandrine watched the Marquis shaved Charlotte exposing her well used cunt. Charlotte’s slit parted as the Marquis rubbed the towel over it and not being one to miss an opportunity he deliberately ran his index finger between the parted lips.

“I hope that you enjoy yourself as I would” he said with a wink. She knew that would not be the case, but anticipated that the Marquis would find a way to include her as the night went on.

“I will try sir, but admit that I envy my cousin the education she is about to receive.” She rose from the bed wet with her own excitement and went back to the chair. The Marquis returned to his student and laid her on the bed, then dropped his robe to the floor exposing his swollen cock.

“It would seem that you have already affected me.” He crawled onto the silken sheets next to the young girl who was now torn between arousal and panic. Her mind could not control her body as the Marquis’ hand touched it. “You are a jewel. “He said, rubbing his finger between the lips of her mouth; then without hesitation he brought his lips to hers and while his mouth briefly occupied her thoughts, he slid his right hand over her hip to the freshly shaven cunt. His fingers found their warm wet target and began slowly parting their toy. Her mind was lost to the sensations she was experiencing. As his fingers went deeper she parted her legs to receive them.

Charlotte watched the activity from her throne at the foot of the bed, her own cunt well spread. She had rubbed with a single finger and as her own excitement grew was now pushing two fingers even deeper. “He has her”, she thought. “Any second now he will drive his cock into her and her flower will be no more” Her thoughts could not be heard, but her moans could be if either of the other two occupants in the room cared to listen; neither did.

Charlotte’s premonition was about to come to fruition. The Marquis had prepared his pupil to receive his cock and as the girl reeled in the bed he rolled atop her and pushed his swollen meat into her spread lips. The pain lasted only seconds as her hymen gave way to his swollen cock. His thrusts were hard against her clit as it swelled; she became delirious with desire and dug her fingernails into his back as her climax grew inside of her. Nothing could have prepared her for this moment; her body felt as if lightning had torn through it and his cock was the lightning rod. It was then that she came, but he did not let up. He felt his pupil shudder and watched her eyes roll back as her eye lids closed. She was in another place; a place both pleasant and painful, but even the pain was exquisite.

She released her grip on his back and raised her hands above her head as he continued to fuck her. He seized her hands, drew his cock back and then plunged it back into her even more forcefully than his initial thrust. Her eyes widened as she realized she had not yet experienced all there was to experience. She fought his control of her body, but to no avail; it seemed the harder she fought the harder his cock got and the harder it rubbed against her poor sensitive clit. She felt that tightening in her loins even more; it was a prelude to yet another orgasm, but this one was even greater than the last and as she came she felt her own juices being released. Again she shuddered and cried out allowed to raise her torso up, only to have it fall back into the bed.

Charlotte had closed her own eyes, yet knew exactly what her cousin was experiencing. She imagined the Marquis’ cock in her own cut and came (though not as Alexandrine had). As the Marquis continued to draw his cock in and out of his pupil’s cunt, Charlotte approached the side of the bed; her own juices were slowly running down her thighs.

The Marquis turned his head and Charlotte took her wet fingers rubbed his lips and then dipped them into his mouth as his teeth parted. “Please sir, I beseech you; allow me to share in my cousin’s pleasure” The Marquis looked down at his spent pupil who was moaning with his every movement and eased his still stiff cock from her. The sheet beneath her was saturated with her cum and blood.

“Very well” the Marquis said; lay your body across the bed so that you may drink from your cousin’s pool. Alexandrine didn’t hear the exchange and wasn’t aware that she was about to have a new lover. As Charlotte positioned herself, the Marquis pressed his cock into her hungry pussy; she needed little stimulation, before her first orgasm and as it came kissed her cousin’s pussy. First it was a kiss, then Charlotte ran her tongue between the girls freshly fucked pussy and sucked its contents in before turning her attention to the girl’s clit. Charlotte nursed the pink pearl into her mouth and with a free hand began to play with Alexandrines nipple. The Marquis’ cock had swollen and was almost painful as he fucked Charlotte; there was no way to stop the orgasm he was about to have and when it came he pushed hard into Charlotte’s cunt. Charlotte in turn sucked harder on her cousin’s clit while squeezing her nipple. It was at this point that Alexandrine discovered her lover’s identity, but the realization that her cousin was pleasuring her as the Marquis fucked her cousin made no difference to her; she was in love with them both.

When the Dominic finally came, he flooded Charlotte’s cunt. “At last” he moaned as their mingled juices flowed from her and fell to the floor. He savored the moment and while his cock became flaccid in its warm wet sheath, he held onto Charlottes hips. Once he released her, Charlotte crawled onto the bed next to her cousin, until Dominic positioned himself between them on a sheet made wet with Alexandrine’s emission; which became even more wet as Charlotte laid there, it. The three lovers were spent; each having satisfied a desire that had little to do with love and much to do with lust and as Dominic looked at the body of his young pupil he knew this would not be the last time he would have her. Charlotte was thinking much the same thing as she curled up to his back.

Alexandrine turned to face her teacher and cousin, “I know that you both have more experience than me, but did I please you? I want to learn.”

“You do realize that we have created a perfect little slut, whose appetite will only grow?” she whispered into his ear.

“I know and even now am anticipating her next violin lesson. Would you be interested in joining us?” It was a rhetorical question; one which he knew the answer to. “I believe there is a cello in the music room that would rest well between your thighs when they are not otherwise occupied.”

Charlotte muffled her laugh, “Marquis, I am quite adept at playing several instruments including yours” She rolled away from him and stood at the side of the bed.”We should return to our rooms, before we bring scandal (or rather more scandal) on the house of Bourbon”

Alexandrine was not eager to leave the bed. She reached down, brought a finger up between her labial lips and then to her mouth. “It is sweet; I can understand why my cousin licked me. Would you taste me Sir?” Dominic considered the request and began to reach for her pussy, but as he did his cock responded and he decided to quench his thirst rather than just taste. He threw back the bedding, spread her legs and brought his mouth down on her cunt without uttering a word. Alexandrine had not expected his response; her pussy was still very sensitive and his tongue tormented her clit mercilessly. She put her hands on his head and tried to push, but her desire triumphed over her sensitivity and she only held it in place. Her juices were sweet and hot, and as he drank from her his cock swelled.

“It would seem I am not done with you yet” Dominic lunged forward driving his legs between hers and brought his cock into her primed pussy. Charlotte had been prepared to leave, but when she saw the Marquis begin to lick her cousin realized the night was not over. She positioned herself on her side so that she could participate and as Dominic fucked her young cousin, she caressed the girl’s breasts and kissed her. Alexandrine came two more times before Dominic released his seed. Once he was done he rose above her and in a “matter of fact” voice said, “Now the lesson is over and I need to rest. Come to the music room at 10 and we will study for 2 hours, then resume after lunch. Your cousin will join us as I think we are a splendid trio.” He rolled off of her and shooed the two women off his bed. They gathered their clothes and opened the door a crack to see if anyone was in the hall, but even the servants were absent. It was nearly sunrise when the two women retired after bathing as best they could in a basin.

All three members of the trio were absent at breakfast which raised some eyebrows and if it had just been Charlotte and the Marquis might have escalated to gossip, but since Alexandrine’s reputation was beyond reproach there was no mention of debauchery. Each of the three had a tray brought to their room, dressed and was in the music room by 10. Alexandrine ran up to her teacher and tried to kiss him, but her advance was denied. “We shall study music now and if you learn your lesson may play together later” The girl frowned, but had been given an incentive to learn so took her instrument from its case and put it to her chin.

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Charlotte positioned herself on a little settee with the cello between her knees and for the next two hours the trio played music before breaking for lunch.

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During the mid-day meal there was small talk about music, composers and plays, but nothing was said regarding their earlier absences.

After lunch each returned to their room for a nap having agreed to reassemble in the music room at 2PM. As the clock struck 2 the two women entered and locked the door behind them. “Ladies, disrobe I have an appetite to sate.” Over the next two hours one person would attempt to play their instrument as the other two members of the trio fucked.

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The Harpsichord as it turned out, was a very sturdy instrument and Dominic used it as both a bed and means of securing his partner if he wanted to take her standing. Alexandrine learned how to play the violin, how to be an accomplished lover and that her violin’s bow could also be used to give both pleasure and pain.

At the end of his month’s stay, the house of Bourbon expressed its appreciation as did the members of the trio and Dominic the Marquis de Santos returned to Paris in his carriage. Both Charlotte and Alexandrine continued to meet the Marquis at his Paris home under the guise of music lessons, but no one ever heard an instrument being played; some suggested they heard the women trying to sing, though it sounded more like screaming. The trio met until Dominic was sent to the New World (the aforementioned Family Tree story), Alexandrine never married, but had lovers until the day she died and Charlotte Aglaé of Orléans was forced into a marriage with the Duke of Modena. Some believe that Charlotte’s father was aware of her tryst with the Marquis, for it was after all he who arranged for the Marquis to be given land and be shipped off to what is now New Orleans

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My Extended Profile

I have been both a Master and Dom in the BDSM lifestyle for 40 years. I am currently in Sin City, (Las Vegas, Nevada), but I have plied my art all over the country and yes, the giving of pain and pleasure is an art.

I started this because I thought there might be an interaction between myself and like minded individuals, but found most willing to look and not speak; for this reason I have eliminated the tag board and your ability to comment (Consider yourself gagged).

My Blog has become a reflective self analysis and has enabled Me to vent. It has reflected on my childhood, BDSM and it has been a place to share poetry, stories, and art; all erotic in their own way

Having written here for over three years, I realized that I wanted this to be the home of My impure thoughts and deeds; I decided to create another home for the menusha that comes to mind. I created Alt-Thinkining for those who have an interest in my political and social side and who might be appauled or offended by My more carnal thoughts (I love My carnal thoughts ).

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I am a dominant man. I am just that. I am not dominant because of any superiority on my part. Not because I feel I am more intelligent,or wiser. I do not dominate because of the strength or mass of my body. I am not, nor would I want to be dominant with all women. Yet to you, I am Master.

I am your Master only after earning your trust and and embracing your submissiveness. I have looked into your heart and mind and clearly see your desires and passions. You have thrown away your fears and inhibitions. You tell me of the needs of your heart and body. You have given me total access to your soul, and I accept the responsibility and honor.

You are a woman. You are not weak and inferior because of it. You are a treasure to be cherished. We are not equal. I have the strength of body and mind, and the instinctive need to protect, possess, defend, and provide for you. You are a woman and instinctively stronger of will and heart. Your belief in me gives me courage and direction. Your strength disperses my doubt. Your needs and desires encourage and give purpose to my efforts.

We are not equal. We are halves of a whole. We compliment each other and make each other complete. My desire to dominate you is instinctive. It is not to degrade you nor is it degrading to you because you are secure in being totally feminine. We recognize and accept our worth, and our need for someone to trust and fulfill our needs.

You are sure, strong and proud in your womanhood. You do not submit as acceptance of inferiority, but from strength and passion. You expect a man to stand strong and be a man. You desire and flourish in the strength and control of a man. In return you present the control of your body, unqualified trust and honesty and the faithfulness of your heart.

You submit because I have earned your trust. Because I have opened my heart and soul to you. Because I have listened to your words with my ears and heart and have learned to anticipate your needs and emotions. And because I have proven worthy in your eyes, you have given me the only true treasure of life; You have given me dominance over you.

What you give is not abnormal, but pure, natural and the rarest gift a woman can give a man. You have given me complete and unshakable assurance of your commitment to me. Your submissiveness is a magnificent gift and sacred responsibility. I accept this from you with humility and joy. I understand the rarity and purity of this gift. I recognize it is your body and soul, your heart and mind.

I dominate only because you have allowed me too and when I see you kneel before me, in my mind and heart, you are raised above all other women, and all the treasures on the earth. What you give freely cannot in reality be bought.

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And From a Submissive Woman

I find pleasure, joy, and fulfillment from being submissive to another in a loving relationship. I am not weak, or stupid. I am a strong woman, with firm views and a clear concept of what I want out of my life. I do not serve out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength. I look to my loving Master for guidance and protection, for never am I more complete than when he is with me. I know that he will protect my body, my mind, and my soul with his strength and wisdom.

He is everything to me, as I am everything to him. His touch awakens me and his thoughts free me. Only in serving him do I find complete freedom and joy. His punishments are harsh, but I accept them thankfully, knowing that he has my best interests always foremost in his mind. If he desires my body for pleasure, I shall joyfully give it to him, and take pleasure myself from knowing that I have brought him happiness. However, the pleasure of the flesh is but one facet of any relationship. The love, the trust and sharing, the words spoken and felt, those are all parts of this relationship.

My body is his, and if he says I am beautiful, then I am. No matter what I look like to others, I am beautiful in his eyes, and because of that I hold my head high... .. for who can tell me that my Master is wrong in seeing the beauty in me? If he says I am his princess, then I am that...regal and graceful. And if I see laughter at me in the eyes of others, I do not recognize it, for who are they to call my Master wrong?

If he says I am his toy, his slut, his tramp, then I am wanton and dirty as he wants me to be, and if others do not see this, then it is they who are blind, not my Master. My mind is his, to expand, to explore, to know as only he can. I have no secrets from him...for secrets are a thing that would keep me from being more perfectly his. Secrets would put a wall up between my Master and myself...and I do not want walls.

His lessons are not always ones I would seek on my own, but they are lessons he has decided I need, and so I learn from him. My soul is his, as bare to his touch as ever my skin could be when I kneel naked at his feet. Never a moment goes by when I do not feel his presence, be he miles away or standing over me.

I spend my days knowing that the energy and thought he puts into our relationship is as much for my benefit as for his, and look forward to each lovingly crafted scene that we do together.

His part is much harder than mine, and I know this and am grateful that he cares enough about me to spend his time and energy so freely on me. I have the easier job: to feel, to experience, to let myself go and abandon everything to him. I am his pleasure and his responsibility, and he takes both seriously. I am a submissive woman. I am proud to call myself that. My submission is a gift that I do not give lightly, and can only be given to one who can appreciate that gift and return it tenfold.

Only to he who has that strength will I give myself fully, because I am strong and proud.

I am a submissive woman.

Seeking Spanking

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"For women the best aphrodisiacs are words,
The G-spot is in the ears"~Isabel Allende

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