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~The more defects a man may have, the older he is, the less lovable, the more resounding his success.~
Marquis de Sade

"Allow me to be frank at the commencement. You will not like me. The gentlemen will be envious and the ladies will be repelled. You will not like me now and you will like me a good deal less as we go on. Ladies, an announcement: I am up for it, all the time. That is not a boast or an opinion, it is bone hard medical fact. I put it round you know. And you will watch me putting it round and sigh for it. Don't. It is a deal of trouble for you and you are better off watching and drawing your conclusions from a distance than you would be if I got my tarse up your petticoats. Gentlemen. Do not despair, I am up for that as well. And the same warning applies. Still your cheesy erections till I have had my say. But later when you shag - and later you will shag, I shall expect it of you and I will know if you have let me down - I wish you to shag with my homuncular image rattling in your gonads. Feel how it was for me, how it is for me and ponder. 'Was that shudder the same shudder he sensed? Did he know something more profound? Or is there some wall of wretchedness that we all batter with our heads at that shining, livelong moment. That is it. That is my prologue, nothing in rhyme, no protestations of modesty, you were not expecting that I hope. " from The Libertine and the bottom of Nic's dark soul.

There is in every madman a misunderstood genius whose idea, shining in his head, frightened people, and for whom delirium was the only solution to the strangulation that life had prepared for him.
~Antonin Artaud

I hurt myself see if i still feel......I focus on the pain......the only thing thats real......The needle tears a hole.....the old familiar sting........try to kill it all away..........but I remember everything........what have I become, my sweetest friend .........everyone i know, goes away in the end.......and you could have it all, my empire of dirt........I will let you down..........I will make you hurt..........I wear this crown of thorns.....upon my liars chair......full of broken thoughts.........I cannot repair..........beneath the stains of time........the feelings are someone else..........I am still right here.........What have I become, my sweetest friend..........everyone I know, goes away in the end...........and you could have it all, my empire of dirt..........I will let you down............I will make you hurt...........if I could start again, a million miles away..........I will keep myself..........I would find a way.......NINE INCH NAILS

Sunday, March 22, 2009
Electra's Story Part 2

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” ~ Anais Nin

“I enjoyed it too, but don’t know if I should” Electra took a step closer and put her hand on Claudia’s shoulder, then brought it to the back of her head and pulled her head towards her own. There was a little resistance and Claudia tried to speak “I don’t know if……” She wasn’t able to complete the sentence before Electra’s mouth took control of her own. Her lips were soft and her touch gentle as she held the virgin as a man would. Claudia’s heart beat faster as she yielded to her roommate’s kiss and found herself returning the advance. Her lips were soft, but she also felt her breasts as they pushed against her own. Electra slowly advanced her free hand up Claudia’s shirt until it reached her soft mound and she gently cupped it. Soon Claudia mimicked her roommate’s gesture and as the kiss continued true passion erupted. Soon they were removing each other’s tops and were locked in a full embrace; hearts beating through heaving breasts.

“I want to take you to my bed” Electra whispered as she tried to catch her breath.

“I don’t know; I’m so confused. I want to; I really do, but is this right?”

Electra looked into Claudia’s eyes and said, “It isn’t just right, it’s Kismet. This was meant to happen, there is a reason you and I came together here at this time; it is our Karma” Claudia gave in to her roommate’s logic and followed her to Electra’s bed. Electra knelt and unbuttoned Claudia’s jeans then slowly pulled them down over her hips, revealing her pink lace panties. Electra placed her hands on the girl’s firm rounded ass and leaned into her forcing her to sit on the bed as she searched the air for a hint of the girl’s scent. Her pants and shoes were removed and Electra laid her down on the soft linen sheet, then stood and removed her own pants and shoes as Claudia watched.

Electra entered the bed wearing only her thong and drew her body close to Claudia’s. “You are beautiful” she said as her hand traced the curves of Claudia’s body and then she again put her lips to Claudia’s. Though the same age, their emotional and mental maturity differed greatly. Claudia was a virgin to many things and as Electra explored the her; she felt her virginity slip away. Claudia became very aroused and responded to Electra’s kisses; no boy had been so gentle and no boy had gotten this far with her. She felt Electra’s hot breath on her breast as her nipples were kissed and softly sucked. Electra’s hand held her hip and then slowly slid under the panty’s waistband, allowing her access to the girl’s soft Mons and wet cunt. Her hand was pressed flat against the Mons, when Claudia laid back and spread her legs just enough to allow penetration. Electra was pleased as she slid her finger down over Claudia’s clit and began to press and rub.

Claudia was a virgin, but that did not mean that she hadn’t experienced sexual wants and desires. She had learned about masturbation listening to other girls talk. These girls were not like her; they had not had the same rigid upbringing and Claudia saw them as being “Bad” so did not socialize, but could not help but hear their conversations before and after gym in the locker room. At night she would explore her own body and learned how to bring about a climax, while maintaining her virginal state. Now as she laid back she was allowing another person that control. It did not seem unnatural or wrong and it felt so good. Claudia’s hips pressed against Electra’s finger as she ran it across her clit and down between her labial lips. What had begun softly was now passionate in nature and Claudia felt that passion deep inside as her body heaved and her orgasm was released. Electra continued to rub and bathed her fingers in the girl’s wet cunt, then brought them to her lips and tasted Claudia’s cum; it was sweet and she shared it with her lover/roommate.

As Claudia laid back, Electra knelt next to her and continued to rub; only this time she was rubbing herself as well. She had been aroused and could feel her own cunt throb as Claudia came; now as Claudia watched and writhed, she brought herself to climax and fed her own sweet silkiness to Claudia. Electra wasn’t satisfied, she wanted more; she stood and kicked off her thong and then pulled Claudia’s panty off. She looked down at Claudia’s manicured little patch and smiled, then crawled into bed prepared to kneel down and feed at Claudia’s cunt; but she was stopped. “You must share yourself with me if you are going to do that” Claudia whispered. Electra was both surprised and delighted as she repositioned herself over her roommate and felt the girl’s lips and tongue begin to work their magic. The two girls made love until they were completely exhausted and then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When the alarm went off at 5:30 Electra found herself in bed alone. She looked over at Claudia’s empty bed and then noticed the closed bathroom door. She got up and slid on her silk robe, started the coffee then waited for Claudia to exit. Claudia came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, her hair still wet; she walked up to Electra and kissed her. “I know I’m not a lesbian, but I loved what we did last night”, Electra just winked and smiled.

“This will be our little secret. You are beautiful and delight, but I think we should find you a man. Not a boy, but someone who knows how to please a woman.”

“OK, but what about you? Are you going to have a man as well?”

“I have someone in mind, he just doesn’t know it yet.” Electra was eager to get through the day’s courses and begin her night job as Dr. Goudeaux’s teaching assistant, but even more interested in making him her lover. When she dressed for class it was simple, but before she went to his office she changed into something much more provocative. She put on a bra that clasped in the front and that accentuated her cleavage; her white blouse was tucked in and she wore a dark mid-thigh skirt over red silk panties. Topping off her (naughty teachers assistant) outfit were a pair of four inch patent leather heels. She pulled her hair back in a ponytail and was now dressed for success, if the success you were dressing for was the seduction of your college professor. Knowing that he would be taken with her appearance, she put on a fragrance that most men responded to, appropriately named “Seduction”

When she got to his office this time, the secretary’s desk was vacant. His inner office was lit, so she knocked at the door and then opened it and announced herself. “Come in Electra, I was waiting for you” Electra had hoped that meant there was a candle lit and a bottle of Champaign chilling, but that was hardly the case. Instead of Champaign she found the desk piled high with lesson plans. “I have four classes tomorrow that will require these; so while I check the papers that were handed in today, I would like you to collate and get these ready for tomorrow. He had hardly looked up when she came into the room which made her feel unappreciated.

“Yes Sir, where would you like me to put them when I’m done”

“There are boxes on the floor with the class names on them; just stack them in those.” Again, he didn’t bother looking up. She felt a bit frustrated as she began gathering the sheets. The title page was “Finding Your Muse and Developing a Style”. He had printed stories and had included some biographical information about the authors he was using which included Oscar Wilde, Hemmingway, Shakespeare, and then she saw an article that she was well familiar with “I Wrote, “The Story of “O” an Interview with Dominique Aury” She had read the book and like so many others had thought it was written by a man; she had researched on-line and found the same article which spoke of a young woman’s love for an older man. When Ms Aury thought she was losing him, she wrote the book as a class assignment. It made him realize what a brilliant, erotic lover she was and sealed their relationship. In many ways she wanted to mimic Ms. Aury and so as she sorted, stapled and stacked lesson plans; she started developing a plan.

That night she began writing a short story about two girls living in a dorm and detailed her experience with Claudia with a few added embellishments. The next day she went to her Creative Writing class and was given one of the lesson plans she had helped to prepare the night before. The assignment was to create a short story that was the result of a character inspired by someone you knew. Electra turned in her paper while others were trying to conjure up something moderately interesting to write about. “That was pretty fast”, Dr. Goudeaux said.

“I read the lesson plan while I was putting it together and decided to work on my paper last night. I hope you don’t mind; I mean you aren’t unhappy with me are you?”

“On the contrary, I appreciate your initiative”, Electra exited the class grinning from ear to ear.

“I’ll bet he raises his head to look at me when I come to work tonight“, she said under her breath. That night she dressed much the same way she had the night before. She found him once again alone in his office. “Good evening Dr. Goudeaux. What is my assignment?” She anticipated being told to “Get undressed and lay over my desk”, but instead was told to prepare the next day’s lesson plan. “Sir did you get a chance to read my paper; I’d really like to hear your opinion”

“Actually, I have a graduate student who reviews my assignments. He advises me if there is anything that would require my attention. Usually it means that a student has failed to grasp the concepts I teach; in some cases it is plagiarism or a student’s adherence to a known work which could mean immediate dismissal from the class. I want to teach you how to create not steal.” His voice showed a bit of anger when he spoke about plagiarism, so she assumed that students had tried to use someone else’s material in his class before. She made a mental note not to rewrite the “Story of O”, and to be mindful of similarities. She was also mindful of the fact that an unknown graduate student was reading about her night with her roommate and her name was emblazoned on the paper.

That night when she got back to the dorm, she found her room dark and her roommate absent. “I guess she’s studying” Electra turned on the light and sat down at her computer. The next assignment was to relate a fantasy, again involving her muse. This was going to be a bit more difficult. The obvious scenario would involve her fucking her professor, but her professor wasn’t going to read it; instead some phantom grad student would read it; while stroking his engorged cock. When she started writing she thought about Claudia’s virginity (with regard to hetero-sexual sex). In her first paper she had a passionate sexual encounter with her female roommate, so she decided to expand Claudia’s experience. She placed her roommate in a photography class; the class had been assigned a male model and they were to take as many photo’s of the man as they could within an hour; trying to capture different aspects of the male form. She imagined her Baptist roommate trying to take photos while being completely embarrassed; until she captures the eye of the model. Once that happens, she can feel him posing only for her. They talk after the shoot and he expresses an interest in her and suggests that he might be able to give her a private session. She accepts the invitation and agrees to meet him someplace private, where they would not be disturbed. The story took on a life of its own as the characters interacted; soon she had the model seducing the virgin on a large flat rock near a pond. “As his cock slid down between her labia, she could feel him hesitate and then push through her hymen ending her virginity. He felt the warm flow around his cock and became even more aroused at the thought of the virgins blood. She had been a sacrifice on an ancient alter stained many times by a virgin’s blood (The end)” That should get the grad student excited; I know it’s made me wet” she thought as she finished the paper.

It was now getting close to midnight and there was still no sign of Claudia and Electra was growing concerned. “I know she’s a big girl theoretically, but she is also pretty naïve. Damn it I feel like a parent” and parental thoughts were going through her head; there was one “What if” after another. It was just around 12:15 AM when she heard the key in the lock. “And where have you been young lady” she said in her sternest matronly voice.

“I met someone for dinner and we lost tract of the time; geeze I thought I left my mother in Ohio”

“Well I was concerned; too many horror movies about campus serial killers. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you; a new roommate might not taste as sweet. Claudia grinned.

“Or be as easy as I was” she responded. She stripped in the room in front of Electra, went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and then crawled into Electra’s bed. Electra wrapped her arms around her, kissed and then nibbled at the nape of her neck as her roommate rolled and pushed her unclad ass into Electra’s hips.

“So are you going to tell me about it?” Electra wrapped her arm under Claudia and brought her hand to her breast, while her other arm held Claudia tightly against her body.

“It was just a guy I met at the library; I was researching something for my Development of Western Civilization class and he noticed the book I was using. He said he had taken the same course as a freshman and found it quite interesting. We talked for a bit and he asked if I’d like to get a bite to eat; he seemed OK so I accepted. It was fun, we talked about a lot of things and found we had many things in common; his name is Peter. Are you jealous? You did tell me to find a man.”

“Not jealous, just protective” Electra ran her free hand over Claudia’s stomach and then down to her pussy. She pressed against the soft mound as Claudia laid back into her, parting her legs just enough for Electra’s finger to press in. “I don’t want your sweet little cunt falling into unsavory hands”

Claudia turned her head and gave Electra a quick kiss, “I’m afraid it already has” The girls cuddled and fell asleep; when the alarm sounded at 5, Electra woke to find Claudia still in her arms.

“That was nice; I haven’t cuddled like that in ages, without getting fucked.” Electra slapped her roommate’s ass, “Time to get up, you get the coffee this morning” she said as she rolled over Claudia’s almost comatose body. She grabbed her robe and raced to the bathroom. Claudia enjoyed her new found sexual freedom; she liked her body and was happy as she went to prepare the morning brew stark naked. She remembered how as a child she could run around the house naked or with only her panties on without any concern; that was how she felt now, suddenly free of guilt. The girls bathed, had coffee and left for their respective classes, but before parting Electra said, “Seriously, do me a favor and call me if you’re going to be late; I really do care about you” Claudia was a bit overwhelmed by Electra’s concern, but agreed.

Electra was able to get all of her assignments for other classes done during breaks and lunch; she wanted her evenings to be free of any responsibility, so she could concentrate on her professor’s seduction. That night, she once again entered his office and inquired about his wishes of her; she expected the same response which was far from the response she wanted, but was surprised when he said “Electra, please sit down so that we can talk”, finally he would be face to face with her.

“Yes sir, is there a problem”

“No, you are doing fine and I really do appreciate the help. I wanted to find out if you were getting what you wanted out of the class. My grad student tells me that your papers are exceptional, compared to those around you. That said I want to make sure that I encourage you; most take this course as an elective, but I know that you have aspirations on becoming and author”

“Sir you are doing a wonderful job of inspiring me and I would love to show my appreciation” She really did want to show it, by getting down on her knees, unzipping his pants and taking his cock into her mouth. He was inspiring many lewd thoughts and she prayed that he might succumb to her sooner rather than later. “Sir, I would like to have your personal thoughts about what I am writing; if you don’t mind. I know that your grad student reviews the papers, but your input would be greatly appreciated”

“I will look at your papers and see what I can tell you. In the mean time prepare the worksheets for the coming month” He said he would look at her paper and she believed that would be her foot in the door. It was an old door to door salesmen’s technique; get them interested and put your foot in the door. Now she at least had him interested and hoped that her written words would make him even more interested. It was going to be four days before she returned to work and a very long weekend indeed.

When she returned to the dorm, there was a “Do not Disturb” notice on the door. “What the fuck is this?” she seethed. She knocked on the door in an increasingly hostile manner until Claudia opened it a crack. “What the fuck is going on, this isn’t Hotel 8; I live here”

Claudia stammered, “I’m sorry. I’ve never done this before, but there’s a man in the room”

Electra smiled, “No lover, if he be of good faith, and sincere, will deny he would prefer to see his mistress dead than unfaithful.” It was a quote she remembered by the Marquis de Sade and in some twisted way saw Claudia as the unfaithful lover. “Is my little virgin still a virgin” Claudia didn’t respond feeling embarrassed by the interruption. She asked Electra if she could give her 15 minutes while the mystery man got dressed and snuck out. Electra agreed and went down to the lobby and waited exactly 15 minutes, then returned. She found the sign gone and went into her dorm room. Claudia was in her t-shirt straightening up the bed. “Well are you still a virgin?” Electra asked again.

Claudia held her head down with a sheepish grin on her face and then broke into a big smile and said “Nope, I am now a whore just like you”

“Did he pay you, if not then you are just a slut like me. And did you like it?”

“Not at first, it hurt, but it did feel better the more we did it and I came; oh my God did I cum. At first he was gentle and as we were doing it he got harder and rougher; it was fantastic. Oh and by the way I am certain that I am not a lesbian; though I do like sharing myself with you” Electra kiss kissed her cheek.

“Welcome to the sisterhood of bisexual women, now I need to get to bed, are you coming?”

Claudia grinned, “I already have, thank you very much; but I will sleep with you, if only because my sheets are kind of wet and messed up.” It was more news than Electra needed to know as she got undressed and slid between the sheets. Claudia threw off her t-shirt and got in bed next to Electra, turned and pushed her ass into her. Electra wrapped her arm over Claudia’s waist and let her hand feel its way down to the ex-virgins cunt.

Electra felt the moisture on her roommates patch, and found her excessively wet, “Is that because of me?

“No it’s his and mine, I thought you might want to share, I tasted it and it’s yummy” Electra had never had an offer like that and had mixed emotions”

“Damn” she thought, “Someone else’s snowball.”

“Well maybe just a taste” she said as she brought the silky substance to her mouth. “Mmm that does taste nice” she said as she rolled Claudia onto her back. She slid down between Claudia’s legs and could smell the scent of fresh cum. “I usually don’t do this, but….” She stopped and lowered her face into Claudia’s wet cunt. It was good and the thought of what she was doing aroused them both. Electra licked and Claudia began to grind her hips into Electra’s face until she came yet again. Electra felt and tasted the fresh flow and drank it in, then took it in her mouth and fed it into Claudia’s mouth.

“Damn that was hot” Claudia said, “But something is missing…oh I know it’s your taste. She pushed Electra over onto her back and crawled down the bed. “I came to school to get an education and have become a wanton slut. God I love you” she said as she brought her mouth down on Electra’s lips. As she licked, she rubbed Electra’s clit with her forefinger and then brought her mouth up to Electra’s jewel. She sucked at it as she probed her cunt with two fingers. Electra imagined the man fucking Claudia and eating her at the same time. She imagined his hard cock covered with the virgin’s blood and as she did felt her own orgasm come. Claudia felt and tasted it too and when she raised her head, she held the result of her effort in her mouth. She turned and leaned down to Electra’s mouth and kissed her, letting the fluids flow” It was a threesome in absentia. “I am a bi-sexual slut, and I love it” she declared and both girls laughed. Electra laid there thinking about her professor and knew she had the next installment of her story.

On Saturday the girls got up late, showered and had their coffee. “Do you have any plans for the weekend” Electra asked

“Well Peter, wanted me to meet him and said he would take me on a picnic”

“I can almost assure you that you will be the main course, but think it’s great”

“What about you?” Electra wanted to write and told her roommate that she was just going to hang out on campus. They dressed and Claudia called her new boyfriend to make arrangements to meet him. “He said to meet him in an hour in the parking lot; he said you can come to if you wanted to.”

“I’m sure he did, but I don’t want to intrude and really do want to write” Claudia understood and was more than happy that Electra had declined the offer. When the time came for Claudia to go, Electra looked at her and said, “I won’t wait up, but call me if you need me”

Claudia nodded, kissed Electra and said, “I’ll be OK” then left. Electra opened her computer and began to write; detailing the night’s activities as she wove a story around them.

It was just after 4PM when her cell phone rang; the number on the phone wasn’t one she recognized. When she answered, she heard her Professor’s voice, “Electra, I hope I didn’t disturb you“ She hesitated trying to calm herself.

“No Sir, in fact I was just doing a bit of writing”

“Are you working on the story, you asked me to look at”, She became excited again and tried to calm herself before responding.

“Yes Sir, why do you ask?”

“I just finished reading the first two and agree with my grad student that you have much potential. You seem to have a vivid imagination and a talent for expressing yourself…” Her heart raced, “….but you need to start using “Spell Check” and “Grammar Check”, because it does diminish your work.” Her heart sank. “You have a seductive style that draws your reader in and I can appreciate the effort you have put into these two papers, but they need cleaning up. I do have a question though.” She waited for yet another criticism. “What prompted you to submit a paper like this; I mean the assignment was to find your muse and you have given me two papers related to sex and debauchery. I would love to meet the person who inspired these.” She didn’t know quite how to respond.

“Well Sir, I guess you could say I am interested in a man, who doesn’t know I am alive and this is how I imagine I will get his attention. Not all of what I write is imagined, there are some actual experiences involved” That was as close as she dared come to saying “Wake up Sir and notice me!”

“Hmm he must be pretty distracted not to notice you, because you are quite noticeable” She raised her head from its lowered position. “I want you to make some corrections on these two and resubmit them. When do you want to pick them up” She didn’t even hesitate.

“Where can I meet you? I want to pick up the papers as soon as possible.” Electra didn’t want to wait until Monday; her roommate was gone and she wanted a face to face with Dr. Goudeaux away from his office. She would go where ever necessary to meet him if it meant getting closer to her elusive professor.

“Well I hadn’t planned on doing it tonight, but can meet you around 6; which dorm are you in?”

“Why don’t we just meet at the Community Coffee House on University and have a cup of coffee?” It was Saturday and most of the students would be gone; the coffee house wouldn’t be very crowded and allow them some privacy.

“That sounds good, I’ll see you there” The phone went silent and she hung up. She showered, but this time she decided not to dress as she had for his office. She put on a pair of tight fitting jeans, a push-up bra and a white blouse opened to the third button. She put on a waist length black leather jacket and a pair of black, sling back heels. She was out the door, by 5:30 giving her enough time to walk to the coffee house and secure a table in a quiet corner of the room. The professor was predictably punctual. He was wearing Levis, a plaid shirt and a corduroy coat; a tribute to his generation’s idea of casual. He entered the coffee house and scanned the room; she stood and waved him over to her table.

“I haven’t been here in years; it used to be one of my favorite haunts” he said sitting down.

“Why did you stop coming”

“Well I guess I got older and busier; while the crowd got younger, but it does bring back memories of a time when I could relax and discuss the merits of book, play or movie without having to worry about teaching plans and developing curriculums.” The professor smiled, “Great memories.” It was the first time she had seen him smile and seem to relax.

“Funny, I don’t see you as old, though I do know how busy you are and I really appreciate you meeting me here. Can we go over the papers?” She said as she leaned across the table as if to reach for them, but in fact was doing it so that the cleavage of her ample breasts could be seen. “Let’s see just how distracted he is outside of the office” She thought to herself.

The professor watched his student’s breast come to rest on the table as she reached for the papers; he felt a flush of excitement which rapidly turned to embarrassment as he realized he was staring. Electra was aware of his gaze and lingered as long as she could without being too obvious. She thought it was cute, that a man of his years could still be embarrassed, while younger men thought nothing about staring and making crass remarks. “I’m sorry Electra, I shouldn’t have stared” He still saw her as a young woman and student, and was more embarrassed that he had exhibited little self control when the opportunity presented itself.

He was in my mid-forties and had been married for 17 years when his wife decided to get a divorce. There had been passion in the early years, but as their career responsibilities increased, there was less time for play, so by the 17th year they were little more than friends. It ended two years ago and he hadn’t dated since; instead he threw himself into his work and went home to an empty house to read. He had once been an aspiring young author, but now was a teacher of other aspiring young authors. He wanted to help them find their muse, while he had lost his. “Dr. Goudeaux, I was not offended by the stare; actually I was quite flattered. I wouldn’t have dressed the way I did, if I had wanted you to ignore me; I find it flattering that you looked my way”

“Electra, as I said on the phone ‘You are quite noticeable’, but I am your professor not a hormonally driven college student so I should exhibit more control”

“Dr. Goudeaux, may I be frank? You are a very attractive and intelligent man, but you are still a man and unless they have taken your physical manhood, suppose you are still subject to hormonal surges.” At least she hoped he was and the stare was a positive indicator. “Now let’s discuss my papers. First of all you are right; I’m bad about spell check. I get caught up in writing and keep thinking ‘OK that sounds good’ then hit the print button. I know I leave out apostrophes and have a lousy sense of formulating paragraphs, but the words just flow and I don’t see them in paragraphs, which is why I just keep typing. Were there any other comments? Yes I remember, regarding my ‘muse’; I want to arouse him, I want him to look at me the way you just did and want me for my mind and body in no particular order”

He listened, mesmerized by the fire Electra exhibited; she was quite articulate when it came to the passion she desired. What he didn’t understand was that in telling him what she wanted, she was actually instructing him as to how he should take her. She watched his eyes to determine if he understood, but saw no recognition. “He is a fortunate man, and I am sure looks at you in a much more passionate way than I do”

“Sir, I am inspired by him, but he is an older man and doesn’t see me as a woman; only as a girl. That is why I write the things I do; to show him I am a woman. If it was you Sir, how could I get your attention” She felt asking him would eliminate the time she would waste trying to attract him; and hoped he would give her a response.

“Hmmmm, no one has ever asked me for dating advice and frankly I’m not sure I am the right person to ask. You are a very attractive young woman and I am sure you can have your pick of boys your own age; so I’m not sure why you are seeking some unobtainable older man.”

“Sir, I am not a virgin and have experienced “boys” before; they are out to get laid and wouldn’t recognize a serious thought if they tripped over it. I do not want to be “an experience”, but do want to be “the experience” that has been missing in his life; be a muse to him in the way he has become my inspiration. You teach and I know you are a writer; I did a little investigating before I signed up for your class. It was the fact that you wrote an erotic novella that caught my interest, because I felt you could teach me the art of writing erotica. Why did you quit writing?”

He looked at her and could see the desperation in her face, but didn’t know what to tell her; He had been inspired by the girl he eventually married. They had grown together and explored their sexuality; it was an exploration he documented and enjoyed, but as the marriage progressed the exploration ended. It was as if they had reached a plateau and could never get beyond it; it was a subject he didn’t enjoy talking about. “I wrote about my life and the adventure I was living, but things changed and I had fewer hours each day to enjoy the adventure; I guess you could say I was on a great ride and it came to an end”

“That’s sad; I mean really sad. Your life is far from over and a ride like that should continue to the end.”

“Ah the exuberance of youth; I remember it, breathed it, lived it and then one day responsibility reared its ugly head and I grew up. I’m afraid, I’m a bit jealous of you”


“Yes, you are young, alive and vital and remind me of all those things I gave up; even your writing excites me, because I see all the potential you have and that I once had. Try not to let that spark go out”

“May I share something with you?” Electra had made up her mind that if she didn’t act now, she would never have another opportunity.


“Come with me.” She stood, gathered up the papers on the table and pushed them into her purse after throwing down enough money to cover their coffee. He continued to sit and looked at her until she reached out and took his hand “Come on, let’s get out of here” she said as she literally pulled him to his feet. They walked out of the coffee shop and continued onto the quad on one of the concrete paths until she turned onto the grass and walked to one of the older trees on campus.

“OK, it’s a tree; so why exactly did you want to share a tree with me.?”

“It’s not the tree, here sit down.”, she was pointing to a spot under the tree and though confused by her motive the professor sat on the indicated spot. “Now lie back against the trunk and close your eyes”

“Electra, really it’s getting late and I don’t understand what we’re doing here”

“Sir it’s Saturday and only about 7:30, the sun is just going down; please humor me” The professor looked at her, shook his head and then gave in; he laid back against the tree and closed his eyes. It was the end of September and they were in the dog days of summer; so there was still some heat and humidity in the breeze that blew against his face. He didn’t know why his student had led him to this place, but as he relaxed found he really didn’t mind the “time out”. Electra knelt beside him and watched his face slowly relax and then brought her mouth down to his.

He had smelled her perfume as she neared her body for the kiss and then surprised himself; he didn’t resist as her mouth met his. Instead, he brought his arm up and embraced her; pushing her breasts against his chest. His tongue found her mouth willing and as they kissed he realized that his cock was swelling. Suddenly he was young again, but knew he shouldn’t be doing what he was doing and couldn’t do what he wanted to do. He pushed Electra away, “I can’t do this”

“Why, it seemed as though you liked it?

“I’m afraid I do, but there are rules and we are breaking a big one. You are both my student and employee, which means; I am jeopardizing my job for a moment’s pleasure.”

“But I want it” there were her favorite words. “I want you and won’t tell anyone”

“As much as I would love to do all kinds of things to and with you; I can’t. It isn’t allowed and even the slightest hint of impropriety could cost me my job” He struggled to his feet, and held her at arm’s length, “I’m sorry Electra, sorrier than you can imagine; but I can’t jeopardize everything I have worked for. Remember, I told you “I grew up” and at times like this wish I hadn’t. I think you should drop my class and I don’t believe you should continue to work for me anymore” He dropped his arms, stared at her for a moment and then began to walk off.

“Please don’t do this to me, I came here because of you; you are my muse.” The professor didn’t turn around, but continued towards the parking lot. Electra ran after him and caught him as he was about to get in his car. “You are the reason I came here” she repeated as she grasped his lapels and attempted to kiss him again.

“NO, Electra!” he said as he grabbed her wrists and tried to hold her at bay. Though it was her professor saying it; it was her father’s voice she heard.

“But I want…” she started to say more, but he interrupted.

“I don’t care what you want, there are some things you can’t have. Now go back to your dorm, before someone comes over.

“Oh I think I can change your mind” she said as she ripped open her blouse and tore the clasp on her bra, exposing her breasts. “I will scream “rape” if you don’t take me with you” The professor’s eyes widened and he reached out to cover her up, just as a car approached.

“OK, quick get in.” He opened the door of the car and pushed her in. “This is insane, you are insane; why are you doing this to me”

“I’m not insane; I just know what I want and think you want it too, you’re just afraid” It was the same logic that she had used on her father, as she convinced him that what she wanted to do to him wasn’t wrong if they both wanted it. “Now we better get out of here before the campus police come and ask why you have a female student in your car with torn clothes“ He knew she was right about leaving before the campus police came, so started the car and drove out of the parking lot. “Take me to your home” she demanded. He felt like he was being car-jacked as he headed towards his house. She didn’t have a weapon, but knew the torn blouse and bra could only be interpreted one way and that was that she had been assaulted by him. Her scent was all over his shirt and jacket from the kiss; it was the perfect frame-up.

He pulled into his driveway, as the garage door opened and was able to pull his car in park without anyone seeing his passenger. He opened the door to the house and stepped in as she exited the car and came towards him. By the time she caught up to him in the house, he had poured himself a glass of Scotch and downed half of it. She walked up to him, took the glass from his hand and swallowed the remaining contents. “That was good, may I have another?” He brought down a second glass and poured two more drinks. “To us” she said as she lifted the glass.

“There is no “Us”“, he said as he swallowed the glass’s contents. She glared at him as she finished her own drink and followed him into his den, carrying the bottle in one hand and their glasses in the other. He was seated in an overstuffed, leather armchair when she approached. She set the gasses and bottle down on the coffee table, then walked up to the side of the chair and fell into his lap. He sat unresponsive as she positioned herself in his lap, laying one arm around his neck and taking one of his hands and pressing it against her breast.

“I know you want me, I saw the bulge in your pants when we were under the tree. Why don’t you just give in and take what I so willingly want to give you?” She rubbed her breast in the palm of his hand so that he could feel her hardened nipple and then took her own hand away from his as he cupped her soft flesh. She slowly slid her hand down to her stomach and undid the belt buckle and then zipper as she continued to look into his eyes. “See how you have aroused me” she said as she took his hand and slid it under her thong until their fingers rested over her slit and then pressed his index finger down forcing it into her warm wet cunt. She was looking down at his hand when he suddenly brought his other hand up to the back of her head, grabbed her hair forcing her to turn as he put his mouth to hers. The kiss was as violent as it was passionate and while he forced his mouth against hers, he forced his finger deeper inside of her cunt. She had accomplished what she set out to do and would deny him nothing.

He slowly pushed her off of his lap, while his fingers still worked her pussy, then stood and turned her towards the chair and pulled her Levis and thong down. He forced her to bend as he shoved his cock into her waiting cunt. “Is this what you wanted” he said as his thrust became more violent.

“Yes daddy, I want your cock” In her mind she was fucking her father; it was her own twisted fantasy as she relived her father’s fall.

“So you want your daddy’s cock? You are a bad girl aren’t you? Daddies shouldn’t fuck their little girl’s pussies….” He was saying as he pounded her, then he pulled it out and said, “They should fuck their tight little asses” as he shoved it into her unprepared ass. She tried to resist, but the fantasy was no longer hers. He was no longer the professor she was seducing; he was now the professor who was raping her ass. She tried to resist, but he was too strong and the hand which had been in her hair was now holding her throat. His cock seemed huge as he plunged it into her tight ass over and over again and as he choked her she began to lose consciousness making the whole experience seem surreal until the darkness came over her. She didn’t feel him cum or carry her down the stairs to his basement and when she came to she found herself in complete darkness.

“Hello! Dr. Goudeaux are you there?” There was no answer. She tried to stand and walk, but realized her ankle had been shackled and that there was a chain attached to it. She sat down and felt the leg iron and chain following it to an iron ring which was attached to the wall. “Dr. Goudeaux, this isn’t funny, I demand that you release me!” She screamed, but still there was only silence. She thought about the events of the night, up to the point that she passed out and realized that no one knew where she was; she had intentionally not told Claudia about the man she wanted to seduce and had not left a note when she left their dorm room. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, what have I done?” She sat in the silence for what seemed like an eternity and then a light came on.

“Dr. Goudeaux, you have to let me lose; I won’t tell anyone what happened” She was in a state of panic as she looked around the room and realized that she was in what could only be described as a dungeon.

“You won’t tell anyone what; that you intentionally tore your blouse and bra, that you forced me to drive you to my house, drank my Scotch and forced yourself on me? I doubt that is the way you would tell it. You wanted me and wouldn’t take “No” for an answer, but no one would believe me, if I told the story my way. I tried to make you stop, but you wouldn’t and it was then that I realized that this was the only way I could save my career and still give you what you wanted. I will teach you what you wanted to learn, but not as my student. You will be my slave and I will be your Master; I will teach you to write and train you to serve. You will have no freedom, except for that which I give you and you will be punished for disobedience and spelling errors. You said that you “wanted to be “the experience” that has been missing in my life; be a muse to me in the way I became your inspiration“ Well you have inspired me to experience something that has always had an attraction, but has been a taboo. You have no idea how many times I have wanted to take one of my co-ed students after she confessed her infatuation, but I knew better; I knew it would end my career. You did more than confess, you plotted and forced me into a corner; you hunted me for reasons I will never understand, but it was I who captured you.”

He laid a tray of food and a bottle of water on the floor and stepped back. “This will be your home and classroom; tomorrow I will get you a few changes of clothes and the typewriter I used to write my book.”

“But I need my computer, it has spell check.”

“No you need to learn how to spell. Now eat and I will be back later, to use what is mine.”

Claudia returned to the dorm room and found it dark; when she looked for a note she found Electra’s newest story on her computer. “She’s writing about what we are doing; she can’t do that, people will know it’s me she’s talking about and I will not be able to show my face.” She deleted the file as well as the other two files. It was a good thing she did too, because her disappearance was reported after she didn’t return to her dorm room by Monday. Police seized her computer and questioned Claudia, but she really couldn’t tell them anything. Her instructors were also questioned including Dr. Goudeaux, but all he could tell them was she seemed bright and hadn’t shown up for her job on Tuesday. Her mother was questioned, but she had been heavily sedated and made little sense.

Electra had always got what she wanted and this was no exception. Now she was being trained to be thankful for what she was given and was beaten every time she said “I want”. She had her new Daddy, and learned to accept “No” for an answer. She also learned to write as she had always wanted to and her story became a best seller, when Dr. Goudeaux released her just prior to his death. She had been his slave for 20 years; nearly half of her life. She went to his funeral and wept as her Master and muse was lowered into the ground.

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I am a dominant man. I am just that. I am not dominant because of any superiority on my part. Not because I feel I am more intelligent,or wiser. I do not dominate because of the strength or mass of my body. I am not, nor would I want to be dominant with all women. Yet to you, I am Master.

I am your Master only after earning your trust and and embracing your submissiveness. I have looked into your heart and mind and clearly see your desires and passions. You have thrown away your fears and inhibitions. You tell me of the needs of your heart and body. You have given me total access to your soul, and I accept the responsibility and honor.

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I dominate only because you have allowed me too and when I see you kneel before me, in my mind and heart, you are raised above all other women, and all the treasures on the earth. What you give freely cannot in reality be bought.

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I find pleasure, joy, and fulfillment from being submissive to another in a loving relationship. I am not weak, or stupid. I am a strong woman, with firm views and a clear concept of what I want out of my life. I do not serve out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength. I look to my loving Master for guidance and protection, for never am I more complete than when he is with me. I know that he will protect my body, my mind, and my soul with his strength and wisdom.

He is everything to me, as I am everything to him. His touch awakens me and his thoughts free me. Only in serving him do I find complete freedom and joy. His punishments are harsh, but I accept them thankfully, knowing that he has my best interests always foremost in his mind. If he desires my body for pleasure, I shall joyfully give it to him, and take pleasure myself from knowing that I have brought him happiness. However, the pleasure of the flesh is but one facet of any relationship. The love, the trust and sharing, the words spoken and felt, those are all parts of this relationship.

My body is his, and if he says I am beautiful, then I am. No matter what I look like to others, I am beautiful in his eyes, and because of that I hold my head high... .. for who can tell me that my Master is wrong in seeing the beauty in me? If he says I am his princess, then I am that...regal and graceful. And if I see laughter at me in the eyes of others, I do not recognize it, for who are they to call my Master wrong?

If he says I am his toy, his slut, his tramp, then I am wanton and dirty as he wants me to be, and if others do not see this, then it is they who are blind, not my Master. My mind is his, to expand, to explore, to know as only he can. I have no secrets from him...for secrets are a thing that would keep me from being more perfectly his. Secrets would put a wall up between my Master and myself...and I do not want walls.

His lessons are not always ones I would seek on my own, but they are lessons he has decided I need, and so I learn from him. My soul is his, as bare to his touch as ever my skin could be when I kneel naked at his feet. Never a moment goes by when I do not feel his presence, be he miles away or standing over me.

I spend my days knowing that the energy and thought he puts into our relationship is as much for my benefit as for his, and look forward to each lovingly crafted scene that we do together.

His part is much harder than mine, and I know this and am grateful that he cares enough about me to spend his time and energy so freely on me. I have the easier job: to feel, to experience, to let myself go and abandon everything to him. I am his pleasure and his responsibility, and he takes both seriously. I am a submissive woman. I am proud to call myself that. My submission is a gift that I do not give lightly, and can only be given to one who can appreciate that gift and return it tenfold.

Only to he who has that strength will I give myself fully, because I am strong and proud.

I am a submissive woman.

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