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Electra's Story Part 1

A Note To My Readers

Electra's Story was started almost two years ago and sat on a virtual shelf until I had time to finish it. I will tell you up front it is long (apparently too long for a single post) and there are no pictures, but if you have an imagination, I believe the images you create will be better than anything I could add. If on the other hand, your attention span is short and you lack imagination you may want to skip this one. Just as it took me a while to write it; it will take you a while to read it.

“Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.”
~ Anais Nin~

Dr. Paul Goudeaux was from Marseille France, but had lived and taught at a well known University in Indiana for nearly half of his life. He was a published author, the Chairman of his department and offered a class in Creative Composition. As a college professor he had literally taught or attempted to teach hundreds of students, young and old how to write creatively. Occasionally a female student would develop a crush, which though flattering was never reciprocated, but one student entered his class who had more than a crush. She was a freshman and though young, was worldly beyond her years. Her name was Electra and this is her story.

It probably started when Electra was old enough to say “I want”, it was the way she prefaced many of her sentences and she began saying it shortly after she started talking. She was a little toe-head blonde and her daddy’s little girl, so more often than not she got what she wanted, but one day he said “No”. It was a word she spoke, but did not like to hear; so she looked at him and said, “But I want”. Her father did not give in and a battle of wills began that was to last the remainder of his life.

Electra found that if she couldn’t get what she wanted through normal channels, that there were alternatives and she developed a talent for spotting and using them. When daddy said “no” to candy, she’d pout and let a tear well up in her eye; within a minute of her father walking off someone would say “Poor baby, one piece of candy can’t hurt”

When she started school, she was able to manipulate little boys to satisfy her desires and appetites. They fought each other to be the one who gave her candy and other gifts, because there was a remote possibility that she just “might” show them some favor; she never did though. The boys that followed her, were not the boys she wanted; the ones she wanted were the ones her father would never let her see (if she told him who they were).

Electra did in fact love her father much like her Greek namesake, but wasn’t satisfied with his paternal affection; she wanted more. At a very young age she began to seduce him and try to excite him sexually. He knew it was wrong and tried disciplining her, but in the end gave in to incestuous desires as she sucked his cock and eventually took her as he would any woman. She made her father want her in the same way others did, but chose to deny him as she grew older; just as he had denied her the things that sated her when she was younger. Electra had created and satisfied her father’s lust and when she no longer saw a benefit in feeding it; let him starve. Soon that hunger and guilt would take its toll and cause him to take his own life, but Electra felt neither guilt nor loss; in fact she gained through his death. Her mother had been oblivious to what was going on. She had little control over her wayward daughter and tried to correct her behavior through therapy, but in the end spent more time with the therapist than Electra did and eventually retreated further into herself; which gave Electra even more freedom.

When she graduated from high school, it was with honors and a dubious reputation, but she didn’t really care what others thought as long as she got what she wanted. She had applied to and been accepted by two universities and chose the one furthest away from her home. The university she chose had a professor who was a published author of erotica which she also aspired to be. His stories had made her wet as did the photo on the back of the book; he was a good looking older man and Electra was looking for a new “Daddy”. She knew or thought she knew the way his mind worked from the stories she had read and planned on using that information to seduce him; after all, if she could tempt her own father, how hard could it be to attract a non-related professor?

She had made a decision to travel with a friend through Europe before going on to the university and spent most of her time on the Mediterranean hooking up with local artists in a number of seaside resorts. She allowed them to use her as a nude model and at least one had captured her in a number of ways on and off canvas. He was in his mid 30’s and to 18 year old Electra, he was the essence of the Renaissance man and like every other man she knew (including her father); he became a character in one of her stories. She wrote about what she knew; which meant seduction, Sadomasochism and raw sex. Electra always chose men who could inspire her and those men were always older with what she considered to be worldly experience; experiences that she wanted to know all about. Electra was in many ways like a vampire, sucking the life out of anyone she knew; leaving them emotionally dead.

When she returned to the states and entered the university; she found the school required that she be housed in a dormitory and was assigned to Johnson Hall. It was a co-ed dorm that had semi-private and private rooms, but the latter were for upper classmen. There were also very strict rules regarding visits to other rooms; though co-ed the school did try to keep the men and women who lived on campus separated which really didn’t bother Electra. She had registered to seduce a professor, not a classmate.

She had arrived a week before her classes were scheduled to start and it was like stepping onto a different planet after her European adventure. Now she was back in the states meandering down the halls of a dorm filled with adolescent geeks and party animals. She found her room (and roommate) and shut the door hoping to drown out the chaos going on outside. “I’m Electra” she said, to the attractive blonde unpacking a suitcase that was resting on one of the beds.

“Are you the poor unfortunate who will have to put up with me? I’m Claudia, but most people just call me “Claud””. Claudia was anything but a clod; he was a neither thin nor heavy, but a very well proportioned classic beauty much like a young Marilyn Monroe. Electra was impressed by her roommate’s body and though she seldom admitted admiration when it came to other women and loved the feel of a man’s cock inside of her; she also knew what it was like to enjoy a woman.

“Why is the person who rooms with you a “poor unfortunate”?” Electra wanted to know what the dark secret was, before she started unpacking.

“It’s a space thing; I tend to take up a lot of space. Closet space, desk space, floor space, you name it; if space is a factor my X is bigger than other peoples Y.” Math humor blurted from her mouth and Electra groaned. “Oh yeah that’s the other thing; I tell bad jokes and make up bad metaphors”

“Can you be fixed?”

“I don’t know, no one has ever tried”

“Well since we are in this for the long-hall, I will try; it’s that or I will have to kill you” Electra laughed manically as Claudia stared in shock. “I’m not going to really kill you, just rough you up a bit” She laughed again. Claudia wasn’t sure how to take her new roommates sense of humor, she wasn’t used to Electra’s quick wit or sardonic behavior and Electra wasn’t aware of this luscious girl’s true naivety. Electra looked at her and could tell she was upset. “Relax, I was kidding you; we’ll work out the whole space thing and figure out each other’s schedules. I guess the bathroom will be the biggest problem, I’ve never had to share a bathroom before and I have a lot of bathroom stuff; you know cosmetics, hair treatments and stuff like that.”

“Actually that shouldn’t be a problem, because I don’t use that much stuff in the bathroom. What you see is what you get” Up to that point Electra hadn’t really looked at her, other than to realize what a nice hour-glass body she had. Upon a closer inspection she could see that Claudia really wasn’t wearing make-up; that the blush in her cheeks was as natural as her unblemished complexion, her lashes were real and un-enhanced and her lips were full and a dark pink. Electra was a little envious as she thought about what she had to do to reach that level of beauty. As she watched her roommate bend and shove clothing into drawers, she wondered whether the girl’s body was as natural as her complexion. They chatted while unpacking about likes, dislikes, and boys vs. men, their high school experience and their college expectations. By the time they were done un-packing it felt as though they had known each other for a while. “Want to go get a bite to eat”

They left the dorm room; each with their own key and headed down the hall, wading through a sea of students in varying degrees of being dressed; some were sophomores and the remainder freshmen, the upper classmen lived on the top two floors. Once out of the dorm they headed across the quad until they reached the Detention Room; an off campus bar and pizza joint. Their ages prohibited them from buying beer, but did not stop older males from buying it for them. They sat in a booth while and were joined by a two preppy juniors. The small talk almost drove Electra away, but the beer kept her there and the affects of the alcohol deadened her sensitivities. It was about 11PM when she announced her departure and urged her roommate to join her. They were intoxicated enough to be unsteady on their feet, but helped each other across the campus until safely back inside their dorm and room.

When they entered the room Electra flipped on the overhead light. “Noooo tooo bright” Claudia complained and reached for a small lamp on her bed side table. She turned the tiny knob as Electra flipped the switch again. Now the room was lit in a soft glow.

“Much better” Electra said as she began to peel off her clothing. Claudia sat up on the bed and held her head. “Not used to drinking?” Electra asked as she slipped her jeans off. “I have something for that, non narcotic and it will make you feel better by morning” She rummaged through her purse and found a little bottle. “It’s B12, just put a dropper full under your tongue and take a couple of aspirin” She handed the bottle to her roommate and slid her bra off.

Claudia wasn’t used to drinking and she wasn’t really used to watching another woman strip in front of her. She had come from a rural community in Ohio and was an only child; modesty had been pounded into her head since she was a little girl by her Baptist parents. Her head was spinning as she took the dropper from the bottle and squeezed the contents out under her tongue. The dark orange fluid tasted bitter as she held it under her tongue and swallowed. “Yuck, that tasted horrible, you might have warned me.”

“Yeah I guess I should have, but I figured you’d rather have a bitter taste in your mouth than be hung-over in the morning. Here are the aspirin” Electra handed her two white tablets. “This has saved me on a number of occasions; not that I drink that much, but I have been there before” Electra was sitting on her bed in her thong, her full breast bare. “Go get some water and go to bed, we have an early day tomorrow and shouldn’t be late on our first day of classes. She slid the thong off, and Claudia caught a brief glimpse of her shaven pussy before Electra slid under the sheets. It was funny in a way, she had seen other girls in the shower after gym, but this seemed a bit more casual and intimate at the same time.

“I have to tell you, I have never shared a room before and might have to get used to it. My parents were kind of protective, if you know what I mean” In truth Electra had never really been protected, so she really didn’t know what her roommate meant. She never had been modest and had a sense of her own sensuality from an early age. She had seen both of her parents naked and had even admired her mother’s body, but it was her father’s cock that she wanted and eventually had. In some ways she looked forward to seeing what her attractive roommate looked like after she shed her garments, but wouldn’t find out that night. Claudia got up and went into the bathroom; when she emerged she was wearing and oversized t-shirt with the school emblem on it.

“Chick” she uttered under her breath. The next morning the alarm sounded at 5:30, Electra snagged a silk robe she had thrown on the bedside table, grabbed the empty coffee pot from its tray and went into the bathroom to fill it. “Got to have coffee” As soon as she flipped the switch on the coffee maker she headed for the bathroom slapping Claudia’s covered ass on the way, “Time to get up” she said in a mockingly cheerful voice.

“Go away” Claudia groaned. “I thought you said I wouldn’t be hung-over” Claudia didn’t feel well.

“Trust me, you would feel much worse if you hadn’t taken it” she yelled out from inside the shower. “I have coffee started and that will help too.” Electra stayed under the hot water shampooed her hair and washed her body with a scented gel; bath-time had always been special self-time and she was meticulous in the way she treated her body. When she finished, she always felt like a new woman ready to take on the world. She toweled off, slid the robe back on and exited the bathroom. Claudia was sitting on her bed with a cup of black coffee in her hand.

“Thanks for making the coffee, and thanks for last night”

“No thanks required, you thanked me last night; don’t you remember?

“What do you mean? Thanked you how?”

“The good-night kiss?”

“I didn’t kiss you”

“Hmm, a blackout; I’ve heard how it can happen when you drink too much”

“I remember taking those drops and the aspirin, then putting on my night-shirt and crawling into bed. I think I must have passed out when my head hit the pillow”

“Well you did take the drops and you did put on your night shirt and you did crawl into bed and I thought you went to sleep, but about a half hour later I woke up and found you sitting on my bed next to me. I asked what was wrong and you just smiled and said “Nothing, I just wanted to thank you for taking care of me” and then you kissed me in a very passionate way” Electra told her tale in a very convincing manner and watched as Claudia’s eyes widened exhibiting shock. “Sweetie it’s OK, I wasn’t offended, in fact I found myself kissing you back. When we stopped you got up and went back to bed.” Claudia was speechless, her mind strained to remember, but couldn’t.

“I’m not a lesbian, I swear”

“It’s OK, I am not worried. I have kissed other women, just as you kissed me and I don’t consider myself to be a lesbian; bi maybe, but not a full blown lesbian. How’s your head” Claudia had completely forgotten about her headache; her mind was now preoccupied with homophobic thoughts. She looked at Electra and could see how she might have been attracted; after all Electra was a beautiful outgoing intelligent girl and seemed much worldlier than herself. She had watched her as the men came to the table and though she knew that they were buying them both drinks, she felt it was due to the way Electra manipulated them. She realized that she was both envious of Electra and amazed by her. She could even see why she might have wanted to kiss her. The fact was, Electra was very seductive and her seduction was not limited to men. “Are you going to be OK”

“Yeah, I guess. I’ve just never done that before”

“Well I have and I want to tell you right now, it was very nice” In her mind Electra chided herself for lying and then became aroused at the thought of actually being Claudia’s first female lover. “You should shower and clear your head, we have class in an hour and a half” Claudia got up and went into the bathroom; her mind was spinning. As she showered she continued to try and remember the kiss, but there was no memory and she found herself more disappointed than horrified. From that moment on she looked at Electra in a different light, and began to wonder and fantasize.

Electra’s first class was Creative Writing; she wanted to write erotic works as they were written in another time and this class would afford her that opportunity. She had been influenced by Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Dominique Aury and many other authors who had advanced the art of eroticism including the Marquis de Sade (Electra was also fascinated with Sadomasochism), but they were all dead now and she counted on this professor (whose works she had read) to help her.

When Electra entered the room she made eye contact with her professor and she felt her face flush. It was just a glance, but Electra was not prepared for it and responded like an adolescent school girl who was caught looking at the boy she liked. He had penetrated her safe zone and escalated her desire to learn more than writing from him, so for that hour she sat listening to his voice more than to what he was saying; his French accent made her wet and when she was wet all she could think about was how to satisfy her need.

She approached him after the class to compliment him on his lecture and tell him of her literary ambitions; in truth she approached him to get as close as she could. His cologne was as subtle as he was and satisfied one more of her senses. She rambled on about eroticism for a while and then became silent when he looked directly into her eyes, “I am in need of a teaching assistant; would you be interested in the position?” The word “position” echoed in her mind.

“Any position you want me in” was what she thought, “Yes Sir” was how she replied.

“Good, come to my office this afternoon and we will discuss your duties”

“Yes Sir, I will cum in your office this afternoon, um I meant come to your office; it’s just that I am so excited about this”

“Good I love enthusiasm; now you had better get to your next class or you will be late.” She had lost all track of time and he was right, she was going to be late. As the halls cleared she dashed into the ladies room and took refuge in a stall. Her panties showed signs of being wet as she pulled them down. “OK, I need to take the edge off” she said to herself as the index finger of her right hand began to play with her clit. She closed her eyes and imagined him on his knees in the stall, licking at her clit. Her moans echoed in the empty restroom as she came and for another 10 minutes as she continued to play with her pussy before moving on to her next class; Comparative history. She was late and chastised by the female instructor, but it didn’t matter to her, because she could still feel the climax going on deep inside of her.

Her third and final class of the day was a Sociology course required for her Liberal Arts degree. Required classes never conjured the enthusiasm her electives did, but were a necessary evil. The class was called, “Gender Roles in Modern Society” and was described as , “A critical examination of the complementary roles of men and women, with particular attention to problems of role adjustment in the contemporary United States. The neo-feminist movement and counter movements, role conflicts and adjustments in such areas as family, education, employment, and the political arena.” It hit on enough touchy topics, and she felt the lectures would spark some lively interactions if not debates. She enjoyed interactive courses that allowed her to respond, when she felt the need and knew it was the only way she would make it through the semester. Electra kept glancing at her watch as her instructor spoke, anticipating her meeting with Dr. Paul Goudeaux; the minute that the class ended she bolted for the door and headed for the Administration building.

When she arrived at his office she was greeted by a middle-aged woman, “Dr. Goudeaux will be back shortly, he would like you to fill out these papers and review this job description” She handed the stack of papers to Electra and motioned her to a leather couch opposite of her desk. Electra sat down and studied the papers, then began filling out the application. All she wanted was a moment alone with her heart’s desire and felt almost incensed that she had to jump through so many hoops; she knew what she wanted and was not going to be deterred. When Dr. Goudeaux did arrive back at his office, he spoke to his assistant first and then turned his eyes to Electra.

“Electra have you looked over the documentation and are you agreeable?” She had looked at them and filled out the required paperwork, but the minute he spoke lost her focus once again. “Electra?” The professor looked at the young girl not fully understanding her lack of response. Electra realized she was being addressed and blushed.

“I’m sorry sir, I was thinking about something that happened in one of my classes. Yes Sir I reviewed the documents and am interested in working with you. What hours would you want me to be here?” She had already decided that she would put in as much time with him as was required; not just to do the job, but to seduce him.

“I could use your help 3 to 4 evenings a week for no more than 2 hours a night. I know a young girl like you has a life and I don’t want you to give it up for me. You also need time to do your own work. Does that sound alright with you?” He didn’t know it, but as far as Electra was concerned his seduction was the only thing she really cared about. He had an air of control about him that she felt herself respond to immediately and she wanted to know if he was as controlling or dominant in bed.

“Whenever you want me Sir, I will be there and for as long as you want me.”

“Good, then I will see you tomorrow at 6 PM” He showed her to the door and she could feel his eyes on her as she walked down the hall.

When she got back to the dorm, Claudia was already there at work on her PC. “How was your first day?”

“Not too bad once the alcohol cleared my system. I was a bit distracted by the thought of that kiss you said I gave you; I just don’t remember it, if it happened at all” Electra had thought about letting her off the hook, but decided a different approach would be more fun. She walked up to Claudia and placed her hands on either side of her face, then leaned in and kissed her fully on the mouth. Claudia was taken by surprise and when she realized what was happening broke free of the kiss. “What was that?”

“Well I thought it might jog your memory” Claudia was taken by surprise and felt embarrassed, but even more embarrassed because in some slight way she had been aroused. She was aware that her nipples had hardened and felt sensitive against the fabric of her shirt. As she stood there waiting for a response from Electra, she found herself staring at her room mates full lips and realized that she could still smell her scent in the air. Claudia began to panic, thinking perhaps that she might be a latent lesbian. “Claud are you OK?”

“No, I mean I don’t know. When you told me I kissed you passionately last night, I didn’t believe you and didn’t want to believe you. When you kissed me just now, I felt excited and realized that I was aroused by it. I’m afraid I might be gay, and that would kill my parents. I’ve been in college for two days and I’m already morally corrupt; daddy told me this could happen.” Electra listened and smiled.

“Claud have you ever had a boyfriend?”

“Yes of course, two even”

“And did you get excited when they touched or kissed you?”

“Well yes, I got all turned on and almost lost my virginity on several occasions”

“Almost lost! You mean you haven’t yet?”

“No, I was raised to be a lady, not a slut and my parents were very protective; letting me come to school here was a monumental decision and on the day I left they prayed over me” Electra was still amazed that Claudia was a virgin, she hadn’t known one in 10 years and that girl wasn’t as desirable as Claudia.

“Claud if boys or men turn you on and my kiss did too, you might be bi but probably not gay. I enjoy women and men, but for different things. Men may treat me rough and make love to me in that way, but I also enjoy the soft touch of a woman, the way they feel and smell. It isn’t a sin to love or be aroused by someone unless you want it to be. I enjoyed the kiss and wish I had taken my time” Claudia listened to her roommate’s words and it made sense to her, but still conflicted with her upbringing.

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Worship Yoni

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"For women the best aphrodisiacs are words,
The G-spot is in the ears"~Isabel Allende

Things I Had To Hide
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Long Stories


Shaking the Family Tree Chapter I
Shaking the Family Tree Chapter II
Shaking the Family Tree Chapter III
Shaking the Family Tree Chapter IV
Shaking the Family Tree Chapter V
Shaking the Family Tree -The Music Lover

Conjuring Adonis I
Conjuring Adonis II
Conjuring Adonis III
Conjuring Adonis IV

Dream Lover I
Dream Lover II
Dream Lover III

Vlad's Lesson Plan
Vlad's Next Semester
Vlad's Final Lesson
Vlad's Beginning
Vlad's Resurrection Part 1
Vlad's Resurrection Part II

The Libertine of Libby Part 1
The Libertine of Libby Part 2
The Libertine of Libby Part 3
The Libertine of Libby Part 4
The Tawdry Tale of Tommy Two Tongues Part 1
The Tawdry Tale of Tommy Two Tongues Part 2
The Tawdry Tale of Tommy Two Tongues Part 3
The Libertine of Libby Part 5
The Libertine of Libby Part 6
The Libertine of Libby Part 7
The Libertine of Libby Part 8
The Libertine of Libby Part 9
The Libertine of Libby Part 10 (Last Chapter)

j's Seduction
j's Objectification
Recreating j
Educating j

The Photo Shoot Part 1
The Photo Shoot Part 2

Electra's Story Part 1
Electra's Story Part 2

Sunday's Child Part 1

Short Stories
(For those seeking immediate gratification)

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The Book
De Sade, the Orgy and the Trial
I Cum In Peace
Biting My Way Into The New Year
Her Master's Test
Off White, Six Defective Doms and One Pathetic Troll
Going Postal
The New Year's Party

Nocturnal Events
Nocturnal Emissions
Love's Garden
Patty On A Leash/Re-written
To Confess or Not To confess
Binding of Kay
Raising Bella Donna
One Last Good-bye
Spare the Rod, Spoil the Sub
Stella In The Stacks
Red Rain
Breakfast With A Twist
Mon Couer's Papillon (My Heart's Butterfly)
When Daddy's Girl is Bad
The Sitter, The Voyeur and Graduation Day
Please Don't Hurt Me
Cumalot or Knights In Tarnished Armor
Her Halloween Date
His Voice
Life's Little Ironies
The Gift
My Slut ester
Playing With Toyosi
The Slave Auction
#9 - A Detective Story

Ramblings and Observations
(For those who want a piece of My mind)

Puppy Love
Cunniliguis As A Religious Rite
Players, Pretenders and Abusers
Edgeplay and the Knife
My Youth
BDSM Website Security
On Missing Play
Beads a Semi-Fictional Account
Playing With Toyosi or How To Torture A Scammer
Hospital Stories

Photo Interpretations
(As I See It)
La Image'
La Image' II
The Shower
My Toy
Daddy's Girl
Chocolate and Roses
Special Delivery
Waiting II
Edge Play
This Flesh
Not Watching
Tango 2
Inside of You
Mentally bound
His Flower
Her Grief

Poetry of a sort
(very little rhymes)

Faded Words on Yellowing Paper
I Was
submissive position

Ladies of the Night

Bedtime Stories
My Love Fable
Pond of Sorrow and Tears
The Journey

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Extreme Body Modification
(Warning some of these photos may offend, even people with twisted minds)


(They May Spank You For Viewing)

Married Man's Fucktoy
Now Tease Me
Incubus Dreams
Peep Show Stories
Annie's Spanking Good Blog
Vue du dedans
Dee Reawakening
Polyfetishist Directory
The Abyss
Mostly Appropriate
Shadow Of A Soul
Liz Vicious Fan Site
La Libertine's Salon
T of Reknin Day
Siren's Song
The Ties That Bind
Mistress Matisse's Journal
3xL : Lust, Love & Latex
Sensual Liberation Army
News For Perverts
The Spanking Blog
Art Of Love
Spanking Art
Pillow Book

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