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~The more defects a man may have, the older he is, the less lovable, the more resounding his success.~
Marquis de Sade

"Allow me to be frank at the commencement. You will not like me. The gentlemen will be envious and the ladies will be repelled. You will not like me now and you will like me a good deal less as we go on. Ladies, an announcement: I am up for it, all the time. That is not a boast or an opinion, it is bone hard medical fact. I put it round you know. And you will watch me putting it round and sigh for it. Don't. It is a deal of trouble for you and you are better off watching and drawing your conclusions from a distance than you would be if I got my tarse up your petticoats. Gentlemen. Do not despair, I am up for that as well. And the same warning applies. Still your cheesy erections till I have had my say. But later when you shag - and later you will shag, I shall expect it of you and I will know if you have let me down - I wish you to shag with my homuncular image rattling in your gonads. Feel how it was for me, how it is for me and ponder. 'Was that shudder the same shudder he sensed? Did he know something more profound? Or is there some wall of wretchedness that we all batter with our heads at that shining, livelong moment. That is it. That is my prologue, nothing in rhyme, no protestations of modesty, you were not expecting that I hope. " from The Libertine and the bottom of Nic's dark soul.

There is in every madman a misunderstood genius whose idea, shining in his head, frightened people, and for whom delirium was the only solution to the strangulation that life had prepared for him.
~Antonin Artaud

I hurt myself see if i still feel......I focus on the pain......the only thing thats real......The needle tears a hole.....the old familiar sting........try to kill it all away..........but I remember everything........what have I become, my sweetest friend .........everyone i know, goes away in the end.......and you could have it all, my empire of dirt........I will let you down..........I will make you hurt..........I wear this crown of thorns.....upon my liars chair......full of broken thoughts.........I cannot repair..........beneath the stains of time........the feelings are someone else..........I am still right here.........What have I become, my sweetest friend..........everyone I know, goes away in the end...........and you could have it all, my empire of dirt..........I will let you down............I will make you hurt...........if I could start again, a million miles away..........I will keep myself..........I would find a way.......NINE INCH NAILS

Thursday, December 24, 2009
Sunday's Child Part 1

Abductions; women and children disappearing that you read about every day. Seldom are the victims found; at least alive. These are people that live normal lives; there generally is nothing exceptional about them and their presence on the planet would usually go unnoticed except for their disappearance. Fear and paranoia grip the vulnerable when several disappearances occur in one community over a short period of time, but predators feed on the power created by fear and paranoia.

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Kara got up that morning like any other morning; she brewed her coffee and sat in front of the TV as the newscaster reported that “a rash of abductions in the area, had police baffled”. The disappearances had begun in the early spring and now numbered six; all were female and ranged in age from 17 to 36. There were college students, and women in different fields of work including a nurse and a lawyer. She looked at the photos that appeared on the TV screen and saw no similarity between them. “Poor girls” she thought as she set her cup down. She made sure the coffee pot was off and the cat was fed, then grabbed her keys and locked the door. She walked down the hall of her secure apartment building, entered the elevator and hit the “G” button that would take her to the subterranean garage.

When the door opened she was startled to find a maintenance man standing right in front of the door. She let out a short yelp. “Sorry Miss didn’t mean to scare you.”

She gave him a nervous smile. “You didn’t really scare me; my mind was on something else and I was just surprised. Have a nice day “, she said as she stepped passed him. She wouldn’t admit it, but he had scared her; even though she lived in a building with lots of security, that story had her worried. She opened her car door and got in, locking the doors immediately after her. She wove her way through the aisles and pushed the button on the remote for the garage door.

She drove from the darkness into the daylight and as her car emerged felt even safer in the light of day. Her drive to work was nondescript; she had past the same buildings and driven down the same streets to her office for almost five years and had quit looking. Now she contemplated her upcoming day, the meetings she had scheduled and the phone calls she needed to make. As she approached the building her office was in, she slowed the car down and grabbed her garage pass key from the passenger seat, opened her window and drove towards the long gate arm. Her life was routine and she liked it that way; at 30 she had achieved her career goals and had a reputation for getting things done. Her personal life was on hold, relationships only complicated things and she hadn’t met a man that she felt an emotional attachment to.

Sex was limited to a fuck-buddy that had a career of his own and lived half way across the country. They had met during her senior year in college and dated, but he accepted a position as an engineer for an environmental research firm and moved away. It was better this way; when they got together it was for pleasure and there were no maintenance issues. When he wasn’t available, she satisfied herself with a glass dildo she kept by the bedside in a drawer; even this aspect of her life was routine, scheduled and predictable.

She pulled into her Environmental Protection Agency parking space, grabbed her purse, locked the car and headed for the elevator. There was a man waiting for it when she got there; they exchanged acknowledged each other and faced the elevator door. When the elevator door opened was relieved; that news story had heightened her awareness of just how unsafe Denver was and because the police had no identifiable suspect, she knew anyone (male) might be the abductor. She reached her floor and walked through the glass door emblazoned with the EPA shield and greeted the receptionist, “Mr. Boathman wants to see you in his office” the girl responded.

Richard Boathman was the director of the Superfund projects related to mining and had six active reclamation/clean-up projects underway throughout Colorado. He was also the man that had recruited her before she had graduated from the University of Colorado with a Masters degree in Mining and Mineral Engineering and had mentored her. He was more than her boss; he was almost like a father to her, so when she heard he wanted to see her she didn’t have the fear most of her co-workers had. When she approached his office, his assistant said, “Go right in, he’s expecting you”.

She went through the door and found him seated behind his desk. “You wanted to see me, sir?”

“Yes Kara, I need you to go to Summitville Mine; we’ve got a problem up there and I believe you can help resolve it.” He handed her a file. “Everything you need to know is in here and if you need anything else Steve Tanner the Field Office Representative will give you. I want you to clear your calendar for the next two weeks and give this your full attention; this is your number one priority until you’re done.” She took the file and went to her office.

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“A field job” she thought and got excited; the last time she had been in the field was during an internship and as an intern she had only been permitted to do sampling and analysis. Now she was representing the Director and she would have control; she liked being in control. She rescheduled all her appointments, typed an automated response to any emails she might receive and left a voicemail response notifying callers that she would be out of the office for the next two weeks and directed them to call her assistant if it couldn’t wait. She gathered up laptop, briefcase and purse and left telling the receptionist “I’ll be working out of the Summitville Field Office if anything comes up.”

“Have fun” The girl responded.

This time she wasn’t thinking about anything, but what she needed to pack when she got to the elevator. She rode the car down to the parking garage and walked to her car. She was so focused on getting out of town that she didn’t pay any attention to the white cargo van parked next to her. As she pushed the button to unlock her car her assailant plunged the hypodermic needle into her neck and she went limp.

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Life for Kara Williams had just changed. He had used Ketamine in a very high dose to subdue her and within a minute had thrown her, her purse, laptop and briefcase into the van. He knew there was no need to bind or gag her; he had done this many times before and the results were always the same; giving him ample time to get her away from the city.

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Kara laid in the darkness of the van, tripping; though she didn’t know it. At the height of the experience, she experienced dazzling insights, hallucinated and even felt herself communicating with forces, entities and elements she was never conscious of before. She was in a deep trance state. Her eyes moved sightlessly from side and side, as her body contorted. The van had been padded just for this reason; he didn’t want his trophy to be bruised of injured. Her mouth opened and she spoke to the imagined entities, but in reality she was mumbling monosyllabic and nonsensical insanities. All inhibition was gone; she imagined herself naked, being seduced by beasts with animal heads atop human bodies male and female. Her body writhed in the darkness of the trunk as they pulled her legs apart and raped her open cunt, but it was all in her mind. In reality she had pulled her skirt up and pushed her thong to the side to allow her hand access to her pussy. She was masturbating, but not in her usual manner; no, this was intense and hard as her fingers plunged into her warm, wet, wanting cavity.

Her captor drove through the city streets and got on the interstate that would take them out of town. He knew that the drugs affects would last a couple of hours and then she would wake up, so he pulled off the highway ninety minutes into the trip sat her up and slipped a Quaalude into her mouth. She was still in the hands of the beast she thought as he poured water into her mouth and she swallowed. This time he slipped soft restraints around her wrists and ankles and fastened them to eyehooks on the sides of the van. He took out a knife and cut the thong from her body, “You won’t be needing this” and rubbed her pussy, but in her mind it was the beast and she responded. He plunged his fingers into her and brought the wetness to his mouth. “You taste good, I’m going to enjoy you” he said, just before he slammed the doors on the back of the van shut.

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He kept driving until he saw the highway to Silverton. He drove down Silverton's paved main street through town. Passed the courthouse and then turned onto a county road. There were signs on the road directing drivers to the Old Hundred Gold Mine; a popular tourist attraction, but those mountains were full of old mines and he held the deed to another that only his special guests got to see.

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He turned down a gravel road and stopped at a chain with a sign that read “No trespassing”, unlocked the chain, drove through and locked it up again. The sun was setting as he approach the miners shack he called home.

Though it was almost dark, it wasn’t as dark as the inside of the van and her eyes responded to the difference. She mumbled to her imagined beast-man as he pulled her from the van and carried her to the mines entrance. He laid her on the bed of a small trailer attached to an all-terrain, four wheeler and drove past the signs that read “Danger” “No Trespassing” and “Mine Closed”.

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The headlights of the vehicle reflected off the walls creating eerie shadows until a solid white wall appeared. He stopped the vehicle, unlocked the door and opened it. He picked up his semi comatose captive and carried her through the door into what appeared to be a living room then through another door leading to a bedroom and bathroom; then through a door that led to a kitchen and finally through a locked door that was the entrance to a well lit prison. Cells lined one side of the space and he carried her through the first cell door and laid her on the single bed inside. He stripped her as she laid in her semi comatose state, communicating with her man beast, while trying to wake from a bad dream and when he was done he put a hinged metal ring around her neck, locked it and left locking the door behind him. Above the door there was a small sign; “Sunday’s Child” is all it read.

The 8’X10’ cells had a bed, a toilet, a metal sink with a mirror above it, a small shower and a table with shampoo, conditioner, soap, a tooth brush and toothpaste on it. Next to the mirror was a paper cup dispenser; nothing in the room could be moved or broken. There were no windows to the outside world and the mountain above them absorbed any cries or screams. It also insulated them from the elements, so he kept the temperature regulated at a constant 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The lights came on at 7 AM and went off at 10PM. This was now Kara’s world, the same world six other women shared.

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As the drug wore off, she began to wake up. She was confused and disoriented at first; she didn’t know how she ended up in naked in this strange place. She remembered her meeting with Mr. Boathman, but nothing beyond that. She felt the collar around her neck and tried to pull it off, but it didn’t give; now angry and frustrated she started screaming. A woman’s voice soon yelled back, “Don’t waste your breath”

“Where the fuck am I!”, Kara yelled back to the stranger.

A quieter different voice responded, “In hell with the rest of us.”
“Who is us?” she responded

“There are seven of us now. There are usually seven, but the girl you replaced disappeared a week ago; I think she served her time and was released. I mean I hope that was it; he will tell you the rules and and the rewards and punishment you will get if you don’t obey him . My name is Chelle, but he calls me Friday” the quieter voice said.

“He calls each of us by a day’s name, I’m Thursday.” Another voice responded, “You are “Sunday” and as much as I hate to say it; you must get used to it or he will hurt you.” Kara listened to the words and cringed. The voices sounded frightened and tired.

“But why are we here; I haven’t done anything to anyone. People will miss me and call the police.”

“Why are any of us here and don’t you think we were missed.” A harsher voice responded. “We’re here because some madman kidnapped us to fulfill some twisted fantasy. You are going to serve this prick one day a week like the rest of us; you’ll have one day out of your cell like the rest of us and during that one day prepare our meals and service that asshole any way he wants and as many times as he wants or he will really make your life a living hell. He will tell you that at the end of one year that you will be returned and I’d like to believe that, but I have a hard time believing the sadistic prick.”

“Monday, please stop; the end of my year is next week and all I want is to finish my time and go home”

“Thursday’s child has far to go” the voice responded

“Don’t forget he has this placed bugged; he’s listening to everything you say Monday and I have a feeling your day out will not be pleasant.”

“Saturday, what gives you the impression that any of my days out with him are pleasant? I will take whatever he hands out; just like I have been doing. Now shut the fuck up and let me sleep!”

“Don’t pay any attention to her Sunday. She’s been a bitch since day one and has the scars and bruises to prove it.”

“Fuck you; you’ve gotten bruises too, or am I wrong?”

“Maybe I have, but I learned from my mistakes and have gotten more gifts for being good than beatings for being bad”


Kara’s fears only increased listening to the two women bicker. This was how it was supposed to be; she had done all the right things and just wanted this nightmare to end.

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Monday’s sleep was about to be interrupted again; it was her day and their captor hadn’t brought her out that morning because he had been busy taking Kara. Shortly after the women stopped talking there were footsteps on the stairs. Kara ran to the cell door and looked through the bars, then pushed back as a figure dressed in black wearing a black leather hood walked by, “Monday, it’s time” , is all he said. Kara heard a cell door open and (from a distance) watched as the figure walked past the door again pulling a chain. At the other end was a red headed woman; the chain was attached to a metal ring, similar to the one she wore locked around her neck.

“See you later sweetie” The red head said, as she passed by Kara’s door. Kara gasped as she looked at the woman’s naked body. Her flesh had dark marks all over it, but her ass was almost purple with lines that looked like the striations you’d find on a rock after centuries of wear. After they went upstairs, Kara sat on her bed, wrapped the blanket around her body and started crying.

“Sunday, are you alright?”

“My name isn’t Sunday, it’s Kara and no I’m not alright; I’m a prisoner in a cell and the man who imprisoned me gets off on hurting women” she sobbed.

“It doesn’t have to be that way, just do as you are told; no matter what it is and he’ll reward you.” Thursday responded. “You have the next six days to adjust; he won’t come for you until then. When I pass by you won’t see any marks on me, because I do as I am told.”

“You do as told, because you fear him just as we all do.” The voice was one she hadn’t heard; it belonged to Wednesday. “Over the last year you have been indoctrinated, turned into a slave who responds to her Master’s voice.”

“Perhaps I have, but next week I will be freed and the nightmare will be over” Kara listened to the two women and tried to imagine herself a year from now. She had never really experienced any real discomfort in her life and didn’t know how she would respond. She laid on the bed and realized that her body ached; the spasms, and self abuse she had experienced in the trunk of her car had caught up with her. She was emotionally drained as she closed her eyes.

She was awakened when a small hatch in her cell door opened. “Lunch” the man’s voice said, but when she opened her eyes all she saw was Monday’s red hair in the cell window. She approached the hatch and took the tray, just as Monday stood up. The shock of what she saw made her stumble backwards and drop the tray. Monday’s lips had been sewn together and blood had caked around her mouth. “Pick it up and eat it; you won’t see another meal today if you don’t. She looked at Monday and the woman nodded.

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Once the food was distributed he left taking Monday through the prison door. He took her to the bedroom and shoved her over the end of the bed, “I heard every bit of your tirade Monday; you’re a real pain in the ass and so I am going to reciprocate” He drug her to the bed and fastened the chain to the headboard in such a way that she was forced over the footboard; he then forced her legs apart to cuff them to the bed frame. Her ass bore many marks; some from biting, some from cutting, burn marks as well as the freshly flayed flesh from her most recent beating and now it would be used in yet another way. She had fought him from the time she regained consciousness almost nine months ago, but he fed off her fight; it gave him reasons for the physical abuse. Her fight also was the cause of his arousal and as she pulled at the chain and cuffs he watched her puckered asshole and pussy move from side to side. His erection was complete by the time he unzipped his pants and he had no intention of using lubricants or even spit as he shoved his cock into her ass.

She wanted to scream and tried opening her mouth, pulling at the sutures holding her lips, but the scream was stifled. He pulled his cock out and rammed it in again with the same result; with every thrust there was pain as the tissue at her anus tore. Tears welled in her already swollen eyes and she began to sob as he continued to fuck her. “Go ahead fight me, you’ll have a week to heal” his words left his mouth as he thrust his cock forward. Her knees buckled as his thrust increased in frequency until he pulled it out and came on the middle of her back. “What’s wrong, am I breaking you down?” Her sobbing continued.

He left her in that position as he washed up and dressed. Her back ached and her asshole was throbbing, but he offered her no relief. “I wish I could be easier on you and reward your behavior, but I can’t; you have chosen to make life hard for yourself and it really doesn’t matter to me, because taking what I want is just as pleasurable as being treated to it.”

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He took pleasure in shoving a large dildo up her ass just before he sat down to have his own lunch and while he ate and sipped his drink watched her squirm as her ass spasamed around the foreign object. He ignored her until it was time to provide the evening meal and then freed her from the bed, but not the chain; she collapsed on the floor. “Get up” he demanded, “Sitting there will only make it worse and if sitting doesn’t I will” She reached for the top of the footboard and stood holding it for support. “Time to feed your sisters, so move your ass” he said it and chuckled at the thought of her dildo laden hole. She was still gathering her strength when he brought up the cattle prod and applied it to her side. The shock made her move and he continued to prod her all the way into the kitchen.

“You know, I really enjoy my time with you. You are as I said a pain in the ass, but a joy to punish.”

She could see the sadistic grin on his face through the mouthpiece in the hood and mumbled “Fuck you” through the stitches in her lips. He jabbed her with the prod again only this time it wasn’t aimed at her hip or ass; instead he had placed it right above her pussy on her Mons. The shock went straight through her and she doubled over.

“Some people never learn to keep their sewn mouth shut” he said. “You must be the dumbest bitch that ever lived to keep at me with this attitude, but you have three months left here and I have lots of time to adjust that attitude. Now make their dinner.” He shook his head and pointed to the table where he had set out six frozen meals; all she had to do is microwave them and place them in the oven. Once all six were in the oven, she prepared trays with a carton of milk, a napkin, a cookie and a plastic fork. The meals were added to the trays right before they went on the cart that was taken into the cell block.

He led her in past Sunday’s cell and Kara watched; she noticed Monday’s strange gait and as she passed saw the duct taped dildo protruding from her ass. She gasped and stepped back; fearing this was what was in store for her as well, to be abused by a stranger with a twisted mind. Soon the little hatch on her cell door opened and he said “Dinner”. She took the tray and stepped back to her bed. She forced herself to eat and tried to block the image of Monday’s mouth and body from her mind.

When Monday was done serving the meals, he took her back into his living quarters. He gave her a straw and a can of Ensure. “You must get some nourishment, I wouldn’t want you to get weak or I might have to shoot you.” The words sent a chill through Monday, because she knew there was nothing this degenerate wouldn’t do and besides she wanted to live long enough to get even once released. She pushed the straw between her lips and sipped the fluid; it was cold and tasted like chocolate which was in some way a treat. When she was done he took the can and tossed it in the trash then led her back to the bed where he once again bound her as before. With her legs spread he removed the tape that kept the dildo in place and pulled it out. She winced from the pain of having the tape removed without realizing that the adhesive had caused blisters which were torn open when it was pulled. The pain of the tape removal was nothing compared to the pain of having the dildo yanked out. She cried out pulling on the sutures in her lips. He tossed the dildo on the floor and looked at her gaping asshole, “Well now that does look inviting!” His arousal was instantaneous and he dropped his pants exposing his erect cock. “I can’t let this go to waste darling” he said as he shoved his cock into the open dry hole.

The pain wasn’t as bad as she expected and she stood still while he fucked her, not wanting to antagonize him further. She hated him and what he was doing, but knew it could be worse. This time his discharge went deep inside her and when he was done he slowly withdrew the spent cock which was covered with a combination of cum and traces of feces. “You have some cleaning to do it looks like and apparently have a need to use the toilet.” He released her from the bed and took a filleting knife from his dresser then led her into the bathroom. “Sit” he said pointing to the toilet. He put the knife to her lips and slid it beneath the sutures cutting them as he moved it effortlessly. “Now you will suck and clean my cock; if you are tempted to bite, I can only tell you that I will slit your throat before you have the chance to swallow.” He stood in front of her as she sat on the toilet and took his cock in her mouth; he placed the knife at her throat under her chin and said “Suck”.

She thought about ending her nightmare then and there, but knew he would kill her and probably die himself without freeing the other six prisoners. She did exactly what was required and when she had finished he withdrew his cock. She wept as she sat on the toilet and felt his cum drip from her ass. “If you are done clean yourself up; I am done with you.” She wiped, flushed and stood up. “Still feel like bad mouthing me to the others?”

“No Sir” was the extent of what she said.

“Good girl” He said as he led her from the house back to her cell. Once inside she grabbed her toothbrush and toothpaste, turned on the shower and stepped inside. The water was very hot; she wanted all traces of him washed from her body and stayed under the flow brushing her teeth and scrubbing her battered body until the water turned cold, then she stepped out, dried herself off and curled up under the blanket and cried herself to sleep.

Early the next morning he entered Tuesday’s cell, “It’s time” he said. The girl knew he would be coming for her so she rose early, showered and brushed her teeth. Unlike Monday, she had learned to obey his commands early on. She provided him a different kind of entertainment; sometimes it terrified her, but she knew if she did as told he wouldn’t deliberately hurt her or leave any lasting marks. Tuesday was 17 when she was taken. She had gone to a concert with some friends and was on her way home when she was rear ended by another vehicle. When she got out of her car and went to inspect the damage, he made his move. She never saw his face or saw him coming; he simply walked up behind her and shoved the needle into her, much the same as he had done Kara and like Kara she woke up 10hrs later, disoriented and frightened.

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Tuesday wasn’t unique for her age; she was a high school senior with grades that would allow her to get into college, but not high enough to get a scholarship. She was well liked and had been dating the same boy for a year. She had experimented with drugs and alcohol, but wasn’t a drinker and never got into anything heavy. Her boyfriend had convinced her to “go all the way” in the seventh month of their relationship; she wasn’t a virgin, but couldn’t be considered experienced either. She was terrified when she woke up in the cell and tried to fight him off the first time he came for her, but learned fast that he would not hesitate to back hand her if she didn’t do what she was told.

When he took her to his living quarters the first time her face was stinging from the blow; he sat her down and gave her two tablets, “It’s Advil, it’ll help relieve the pain” he told her. She swallowed the pills with water and he left her alone chained to the bed. When he returned she had already begun experiencing the affects of the Ecstasy/X. She was tripping as he tied her to the bed and began playing with her body. She might have tried to resist if she hadn’t been drugged, but in that state she was no match for him and the things he did to her excited her body if not mind. She came for the first time in her life as he fucked her with a vibrator and once that happened he forced his cock deep inside of her. He used her three times that first night and when he returned her to her cell the next morning, her cunt throbbed almost as much as her head. He hadn’t been brutal, but she knew she had been raped and cried. By the end of her first month (fourth visit) there were no more tears; she had reconciled herself to the inevitable and knew he would not do her any greater harm. There was that and his promise of release after a year. She believed she could do the time and go back to her family only a little worse for the wear if she just behaved.

Like Monday she was responsible for fixing the meals of the other women and cleaning up after they had eaten. Kara watched the way Tuesday responded to him; unlike Monday she had no marks and almost seemed happy to do his bidding. She felt a certain amount of relief knowing that the young girl wasn’t being hurt and it gave her hope that this ordeal might not be as bad as she anticipated. Neither Monday nor Tuesday spoke to her while serving the meals and Monday had said nothing since being returned to her cell. After she had her evening meal, Tuesday gathered up the tray and followed close behind him back to the area beyond the door at the end of the cell block.

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When Tuesday’s chores were done, he would feed her a tab of X; she really didn’t mind anymore, because the drug made the experience surreal and she could deny the experience was real. Only when he left a mark was the experience made real. On this Tuesday he wanted to shave her pussy with the same Kershaw filleting knife that he had used to intimidate Monday and later used to unsecure her lips. He tied her to the bed an hour after she took the X and lathered up her fine pubic hair then slowly drug the knife blade against her flesh, down the length of her pussy. She became excited and she became wet as he continued. The lather and hair gathered on the thin blade which he wiped onto a clean towel, while Tuesday continued to respond to the X and his touch. He pushed a finger into her wet pussy and raised the labial lip on one side and made another pass with the knife; while she pushed against his finger. “Be still or I will cut you.”

“But it feels so good” she responded in her drugged state.

He twisted the finger and raised her other lip and bought the knife down just as she pushed up a second time. This time the knife caught her soft flesh and turned the white foam crimson with her blood. He stopped and looked at her; she hadn’t felt a thing. He finished the hair removal at the edge of the lip and saw a fine line about 2 inches long. “She’ll live” he thought to himself. He continued to shave the side until there was no visible hair. “Now for the patch above your clit” he told her as he curled his finger inside her open cunt. He scraped the knife over her Mons and as close to her little pink pearl as possible. He could feel her tighten around his finger and begin to push up yet again. “Not this time” he said pulling the knife away. He brought out a warm wet wash cloth and wiped away the remaining lather, hair and blood; then folded it and drug it in an upwards sweep, so the rough terrycloth would brush against her clit. She responded in a predictable manner, pushing against the cloth. “You are a little slut aren’t you?” he asked, but Tuesday just moaned.

Tuesday had quit offering resistance long ago; she had given up on any rescue and saw him as her benefactor as much as her captor. She had gotten over the forced sex; the X and other drugs he supplied her had more than made that tolerable, but it had also created an addiction. Because she was good, she was given a daily treat in the form of one pill or another and spent most of the days between her weekly outing tripping in her cell or just sleeping.

He loosened the ropes at the bed posts above her head and slid her body down the bed until her hips were at the very edge, then retied the rope at the headboard. He spread her legs and tied her feet wide apart to the legs of the bed. He enjoyed fucking her bound body as she struggled against the ropes; not in attempt to free herself but because she was responding to the X experience. He dropped his pants already aroused; the shaving and knife cut were the only forms of foreplay he needed. Her pussy was open and wet as he stood in front of her and shoved his cock straight into her. She tried to raise her torso but the ropes prevented it. Because he was standing his thrust were measured and hard; he was literally slamming his cock into her and she enjoyed each thrust more than the last until she came and then came again. He fucked her until her climaxes almost hurt and then crawled up on the bed, on top of her and fed her his cum while she tilted her head back; she looked much like a hungry baby bird being fed a worm by its mother.

It was late when he finished with her, and she was given one half of a Quaalude to offset the X. He didn’t take her back to her cell, but instead put her under the blankets in his bed. “You’ll probably sleep all night, but just in case you don’t….” His words fell on deaf ears as she had already fallen asleep. He tied one ankle to the footboard to insure she wouldn’t try to escape, disrobed and got in bed next to the spent teenager. On Wednesday he woke and took her back to her cell and locked her in, then opened Wednesdays and led her down the hall.

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Wednesday was in her mid 20’s she had been snatched from the parking lot of the hospital she worked at. She had been working the evening shift 3-11PM and had just clocked out when she heard an announcement that called all security personnel to the back of the hospital, so she thought nothing of the fact that there was no security guard available to walk her to her car. Several of the other floor nurses were leaving at the same time so they exited together and walked across the street to the parking structure and got in the parking lot elevator. Wednesday always parked on the top floor rather than search for parking along the way; this night was no different. She rode the elevator up with four other people she knew, but the last one got off two floors below her. When she got to the top and stepped out of the elevator it was well lit so she felt relatively safe walking to her car; she never saw him step out of the shadow next to the elevator and only heard him at the last minute. She tried to turn and fight, but he was stronger than her and landed a single blow to her jaw before she could scream knocking her to the pavement. Once she was down he administered the drug and as was the case with the others, disappeared from the life she had known.

It had been nine months since her abduction and though the police searched, questioned friends and family and followed up on every lead; the case soon became cold. No one at that point had determined that there might be a relationship to other disappearances; she was listed as a missing person, though her parents believed there was more to it. They suspected an ex-boyfriend; a pharmacist she had dated for months who had struck her on more than one occasion and that she had broken up with at their insistence. The police had questioned him, but he had an air tight alibi; he had been home with his pregnant wife and child the entire evening. He was a bastard, but not the bastard that had kidnapped their daughter; if she had been kidnapped.

On the night it happened her assailant had set a car on fire behind the hospital and the hospital security had left the parking lot unattended. A video camera taped a white cargo van leaving the lot at 11:45 PM, but the license plate was covered with mud; so though they believed it might have been involved in her disappearance, there was no way of tracing it or telling where it came from and the drivers face was shadowed, so there was no description. No one but the driver and his unconscious victim knew for certain that she was in the back of the van drugged and bound as it drove past the gate into the night.

The next morning she awoke in what appeared to be a prison cell, dazed and confused. Her indoctrination had been rough at the beginning; she had tried to fight him off and had suffered for it.

image hosted by

Her experience with the pharmacist had taught her that she was no match for a man that would strike a woman and after the first Wednesday with him she quit resisting. He had told her that she would be released after one year and she had to believe him; it was all she had to hope for, so as he led her down the hall she acted submissive and willing casting a quick glance at the cell door of the new inmate.

Kara watched Wednesday walk by; she bore no signs of abuse, just a fair skinned brunette at the end of a chain. She had been in her cell three days and accept for the first day hadn’t heard a word from any of the others; she might as well been in solitary confinement. She thought about the day she left and the news report about the six abductees; she recognized them now as the women who shared her prison. She remembered the reporter’s words “The police are baffled.” and knew that by now her name had been added to their list. Surely Mr.Boathman had been in contact with the Summitville project manager and discovered that she hadn’t reached the mine. The police would have discovered her car in the parking garage and begun yet another fruitless search. Voices filled her head as did the images of her apartment, her office and everything else that was part of her daily routine. She began to realize just how small her life was; she had few friends and her communication with them was limited, so any leads the police hoped to get from them would be non-existent. She had been there three days and knew that short of a miracle, she would be there until he let her go or God forbid something worse.

Wednesday prepared the first meal under the close supervision of her jailor. Sandwiches, fruit and a carton of milk; it was similar to the lunch served every other day and offered just enough nutrition to keep everyone alive if not healthy. As a nurse she had served similar meals to patients; the only thing missing was the little bowl of Jell-O. She cleaned the kitchen afterwards, always hoping to find a knife or some other kitchen implement that could be used as a weapon to kill her tormentor, but knew that she wouldn’t; still she could hope. When she was done setting up the trays he took her into the bedroom. She knew that he would have her at least once before the lunch meal was served and this day was no exception. He fastened the chain to the bed and went into the bathroom, when he returned he was wearing nothing but the mask.

He stood over six feet tall and had a decent body, with a moderate amount of hair. His flesh was tan, though she had no idea how he maintained it and he had no distinguishable marks other than a scar on his leg. As he approached her she cast her eyes down. “That’s a good girl. You know your place in this world; to serve and be obedient in order to survive. I wish Monday would learn from the rest of you. Now be a good girl and get on the bed; you know what I like.”

image hosted by

From the first day he had forced her to lay on the bed face down; he would then restrain her hands and feet spread eagle. Once she was secure he would pour oil on her back and start running his hands over her flesh until her body was covered. She could feel his hands travel over her body and if this had been a lover might have enjoyed the experience, but he wasn’t her lover. He would push his fingers between her butt cheeks and add more oil, then travel down further making sure she was more lubricated. She closed her eyes and went to a place where he didn’t exist; a place where she could be with a lover not a fiend.

When he was done playing with her pussy, he stood back admiring her glistening body, stroking his cock with his oily hand. It was her helplessness, the helplessness of all his captives that aroused him. He held the power, he was the dominant, the controller and they had no choice but to obey and satisfy his every demand; if they didn’t he took as much pleasure in causing them pain as achieving his own climax. She was his toy and if he broke her, there would always be another to play with while she mended. When his cock became thick and hard in his hand, he was ready to mount her. He crawled up on the bed between her spread legs, she offered no resistance. He slid his cock into her cunt, still there was no resistance; she just laid there like a dead body. “I think you have more life in you than this; if I wanted to fuck a corpse, I would have killed Monday long ago. Obviously you need something to wake you up.” He pulled his cock from her warm wet cunt and went back into the bathroom; when he returned he had his belt in hand. She was lying just as he had left her and within seconds he was both on and in her.

She hadn’t opened her eyes in his absence; she was still mentally far from what was happening, but that was about to change. While straddling her almost lifeless body, he looped the belt through the buckle, grabbed her hair pulling her head back and brought the belt over her head like a noose. The pain associated with the hair pulling snapped her out of her trance-like state, but the shock also confused her and when she felt the belt tighten around her throat, she began to panic. She struggled as he tightened the belt. “Good girl, that’s better.” He said as he rode her like he was breaking a horse. She was choking and her face was turning crimson; her fear and panic aroused him that much more as he fell forward on her pounding his cock in her as she tried to breathe. He loosened the belt just long enough for her to get her breath and then pulled on it again. She fought with her body; twisting and thrashing while he laughed and when he pulled his cock from her cunt, she thought he was done, but he wasn’t. Instead while she laid gasping for air he was just repositioning his body and when he was done he rammed his still erect cock into her unprepared ass. The sharp pain was yet another wake-up call and she responded by trying to dislodge him. “That’s my girl” he said as he attacked her ass. He fucked her until he could no longer keep from cumming and when he came he collapsed on her and released the belt. “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did; though I doubt you will admit that you did.” She felt him pull out and get off her body; he removed the belt and left her restrained to the bed while he went to shower. She wept quietly; the pharmacist had hurt her before, but she was able to escape. There was no escape from this terror; there was no way to fight this beast. Depressed and spent she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

He dressed before he exited the bathroom and donned his leather mask. He found her asleep with the belt next to her. He picked it up and brought it down across her ass, leaving a 2 inch welt; she tried to jump up, but discovered she was still restrained. “It’s time to get ready for lunch. Go shower, I don’t want you leaking cum from your cute little ass hole.” He released her from the restraints, but left the chain attached to her collar and led her into the bathroom. His shower was larger than the ones in the cells and had a door on it, but the chain prevented it from closing and he sat on the toilet across from the opening giving her even less privacy than she had in her cell. The shower was hot and felt good as she tried to wash the oil and semen from her body. When she stepped out and started to towel off, she looked in the mirror, trying to view her neck. Aside from being a little red, there was no apparent bruising and her hair hid the majority of it. As she viewed herself there was a hard tug on the chain; he was growing impatient. “First you will feed them, then yourself; when you are done we will retrieve the trays and continue to play”

“Yes sir” she responded with eyes cast down.

Kara watched as Wednesday pushed the cart with the trays to the far end of the hall; she had no idea as to what the girl had experienced; and only saw a thin red line crossing her alabaster ass. Wednesday didn’t speak to anyone and no one spoke to her. He allowed her no more than four feet of chain; that was the extent of her freedom. When she approached Kara’s cell she bent down and picked up the tray and placed it through the tiny hatch just as the others had, then stood back and looked into Kara’s questioning eyes; all Kara saw were reddened eyes and a vacant look. Kara thanked her, but there was no response. Fifteen minutes later they returned, picked up the trays and Wednesday like the others disappeared.

When they got beyond the cell block door he grabbed her and spun her around, “What did Sunday say?”

“Thank you, that’s all”

“She needs to be taught not to speak; her day is coming and I will teach her the rules, just as I have taught the rest of you”

Wednesday knew what he meant and didn’t respond; as bad as her own situation was, she had at least adjusted as best she could; but remembered what it was like when she had first been brought there. She remembered the fear and anguish she experienced; the terror when he first removed her from her cell. She remembered how her hope had faded by the third week and how thoughts of rescue waned into thoughts of survival. As bad as it was for her; she knew it had to be worse for Kara.

He yanked the chain and pulled her back into the bedroom, “Time to play slut”

Kara sat in her cell on her bed; it had only been three days, but sitting alone and silent it seemed like an eternity. She had no concept of time other than the meals that were served. She had tried to imagine what her boss had done about her disappearance, but could only imagine another news story noting her disappearance and a plea to viewers to report any information they might have. She knew no one would come forward, because no one was there when it happened. When she paced in her cell she wore her blanket like a robe, fearing her abductor was watching, but the reality was he wasn’t; he had no interest in her as he raped, tortured or just amused himself with the girl of the day. Her day was coming and it filled her with terror as she thought about the others that had been paraded in front of her. The one hope she had was that she would be able to overcome him:, there had to be a way to escape, without that she had nothing.

Wednesday had lost all hope months ago and now lived week to week; hoping only to survive the year that he referred to as “her sentence”. She had been there long enough to have seen three girls disappear from their confinement and tomorrow Thursday would disappear and be set free (if their captor was telling the truth); possibly to tell the police what had happened and give them some lead that might help the rest of them.

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He had taken her back into the bedroom and put a device in her mouth that forced it to remain open. It was a dental tool that she had worn once during a root canal; an experience that now seemed like nothing as he shoved his cock into her mouth causing her to gag until his cum streamed down her throat. He held her by her hair forcing her head upward so that she could see the pleasure in his eyes as he finished. She swallowed his salty semen, because she knew if she didn’t she would aspirate it into her lungs and die. When he finished he shoved her to the ground, “You leave much to be desired, maybe a beating will put life in you” She tried to respond, to beg as he reached for the whip, but her pleas could not be heard nor her attempts to scream as the whip came down on her. When he was done she was covered with welts from her shoulders to her thighs.

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The tears were still streaming from her eyes when he lifted her to her feet. He removed the gag and pointed to the shower. “You are pathetic; go clean yourself up.” With her head down she stepped into the shower and turned the temperature of the water up until it was barely tolerable. She wanted to scald every trace of his DNA from her body, while the taste of his cum lingered in her mouth. She looked at the bar of soap in her hand and brought it to her mouth, while biting down on it. The taste of the soap flooded her mouth; it wasn’t pleasant, but it wasn’t his taste which made it tolerable.

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When she exited the shower her flesh stung from the nearly scalding water’s affect on the whip’s marks. She dried herself under his watchful eye and returned to his side with head bowed. “Time to prepare the meals; see if you can do better in the kitchen than you have in the bedroom” he said shoving her toward the kitchen. She prepared the meals and stood in front of the door waiting for him to open it. “Not a word; just serve them, don’t even look at them or the remainder of your night will be a living hell”. She nodded, knowing that he would make good on a promise like that.

“Anything you say”

“You’re slow, but you’re learning; now move your pretty little ass”

He opened the door and she bowed her head and pushed the cart forward down the hall to Monday’s cell.

“Well look at you; it looks like he got up on the wrong side of the bed and you paid the price” Monday said, almost gloating about the marks on Wednesday’s body. Wednesday didn’t respond, instead she took Monday’s meal and shoved it through the cell door’s opening , but as Monday reached out for it Wednesday dropped it on the floor of the cell. “You fucking little cunt, your day will come and next Monday the shit you eat may be mine”

“Shut the fuck up or I’ll sew those useless lips together again” he told her in a low heartless voice.

Wednesday moved down the hall serving each of the captives in silence. When she reached Kara’s cell, she shoved the tray through the opening into Kara’s open hands. Kara looked at the marks on Wednesday’s body and winced. She didn’t want to think about what they felt like or how she got them. Kara didn’t want to think about anything; she just wanted to be awakened from the nightmare she was living. She grabbed the food and backed away from the door until she stumbled onto her bed. She knew that she had only three more days before he would come for her and though the first three days had seemed like an eternity; she knew that the next three would pass all too fast. She had to prepare herself and she had to be strong; she lifted the sandwich from the paper plate and began to eat. A short time after they were served Wednesday returned with their captor close behind; she retrieved the trash with her head still bowed and disappeared through the door.

Once she had disposed of plastic bag, he drug her back into the bedroom. “Now let’s see whether you can service me anally better than you did orally. He pushed her to the bed and forced her over the end of it attaching the other end of collar chain to a hook on the headboard. He then restrained her wrist to the footboard spread her legs and restrained her ankles to the legs of the bed frame. She did not resist; she knew that resistance was futile and would only result in another beating. Once he had her restrained he removed his clothing; all but his mask. Her ass and cunt lay before him unobstructed and his excitement increased. He pushed a finger into her pussy and she squirmed, he pulled it out and put it to his nose to inhale her essence then put it to his tongue. “Sweet; I think your fear makes it even sweeter.” He reached back down and shoved four fingers into her and began pumping her, slapping his palm against her ass. She didn’t want to respond, but her pussy became wetter and saturated his fingers. “Hmm, your cunt wants it even if you don’t” He knelt down to get a better angle and brought his thumb into the fold of his hand and then shoved it deep inside of her. Once his hand was in her he closed it into a fist and began pounding it inside of her. The pain she felt as he pushed it in almost made her pass out; she clinched her fist inside the restraints as he brutalized her pussy. She winced and tears formed then fell; she knew if she cried out it would only make it worse.

He withdrew his hand and examined it; her juices were streaked with traces of blood. His arousal was complete, “Very impressive, you didn’t cry out; I’m impressed and as a reward I will use the leaving from your cunt as lube.” He took his wet hand and rubbed her tight anus, shoving a finger in the little brown hole. “There, see I can be nice” the word had barely passed his lips when he shoved his cock into her. It was so sudden she didn’t have time to physically respond. Once in her it tightened around him and he grinned. He fucked her ass, pounding himself into her over and over again until he could no longer control his release. He could feel the flow, as could she, but kept fucking her ass until his cock could no longer maintain its ground and slid out. Her face was buried in the bed as he walked into the bathroom to shower. He could not hear her sob and he could not see her tears; not that either would have had any effect on him. She remained bent and restrained until he was dressed, her legs felt weak and her wrist hurt. When he finally released the restraints, she almost collapsed. “Was that good for you? A rhetorical question, you needn’t answer.” He led her to the bathroom and watched as she entered the shower. “Make it fast; I’m done with you and since tomorrow is Thursday’s last day will need to get an early start.” She felt a sense of relief; her day and ordeal had ended and she would not have to experience any more of his abuse for another week. She showered, dried herself and exited the bathroom. He didn’t say a word when she came out, but just led her down the darkened hall to her cell.

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………………………To Be Continued

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His part is much harder than mine, and I know this and am grateful that he cares enough about me to spend his time and energy so freely on me. I have the easier job: to feel, to experience, to let myself go and abandon everything to him. I am his pleasure and his responsibility, and he takes both seriously. I am a submissive woman. I am proud to call myself that. My submission is a gift that I do not give lightly, and can only be given to one who can appreciate that gift and return it tenfold.

Only to he who has that strength will I give myself fully, because I am strong and proud.

I am a submissive woman.

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