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Sunday, July 24, 2005
Dream Lover 2

"Now and forever" the words echoed in his mind. It had happened again. Who was this woman that had entered his mind. He rose to the side of his bed and sat there. He felt as though he hadn't slept all night. His pubic hair was matted around his cock and the faint scent of a woman's perfume lingered in his nostrils. "Now and forever", what a great thought; to share this life with this illusion that had brought him back from near death.

The first time it happened he had been laying in his bed, thinking of a love long lost. He recounted the pleasure he had found in her, with her. She had given herself to him totally and without hesitation. No other woman he had ever known had made him feel his power the way she did. When she died, he died inside. He went through his daily rituals and knew that he would come home to an empty flat. He would eat alone and have a few drinks; finally he would give himself up to sleep. He had reached a point in his life that allowed him to think of death; not as an end, but as a cure for his pain. He had tried to find another, but with each attempt he found himself less enthusiastic about another, until one day he just shut down his emotional and carnal side. It was so much easier just to be and pretend that life was coming to a climax, than pretend the climax he was having with a stranger was satisfying; it wasn't it was just physical.

So it was that when he went to bed that night, his thoughts were nothing more than speculation as to whether he should bother to wake up. He only remembers saying goodnight to his dog, and then slipping away. He felt as if he was flying and when he opened his eyes could see street lights beneath him. He just let it happen as he was drawn through space to a home with a single light on. In some strange an unfathomable manner he had entered a house and stood in a shadow or was part of the shadow. He stood watching a woman in a flannel night gown as she readied herself for bed. He was never real big on night gowns and flannel made this woman look as though she was a spinster. She stood in front of that mirror with her nightgown flowing down from her full breast.

He stayed in the shadows and found himself undressing her with his eyes. He was a voyeur in the corner of the room, but didn't feel ashamed. Instead of shame he felt empowered, "there must be a reason I am here", he thought. When she turned off that light he came up closer to her. He could smell the scent of her soap on her freshly washed body. He brought his nose closer to her hair until he was almost at her throat and then she reached her bed and turned on the side table light. He watched as she entered the bed and laid to one side looking at the other; looking towards him. His eyes followed the curves of her body over her nicely rounded hip and down to the only other flesh he could see, her calves. She whispered something as a tear rolled down her cheek to her pillow; he wanted only to kiss the tear away or at least take it with his tongue. She was hurt and he could feel it, but he couldn't release himself from the shadows.

After lying there fore what seemed an eternity, she rolled and put out the light. She laid on her back with her breast heaving with each sigh until at last she fell asleep. He stood next to the bed in the darkness. He watched her breathing imagining how her breast must look. He saw them as full and imagined her erect nipples waiting for him. She was asleep and he was nothing but part of the shadows of the night. "A dream" , he thought; "its only a dream and its my dream. She is in my dream to please me". With that thought he brought his shadowy being onto the bed and knelt at her feet. He took her ankles in his hands, but then saw her startle. He rushed to cup a hand over the mouth of this vision and whispered, "be still, I want you", at first she moved but again he said "be still". She responded as he willed her to, and asked "what should I do?"; he said nothing. Instead of speaking he once again took hold of her calves and began to bring his hands up her body. He could feel the heat from her flesh and as his hands rubbed against that flesh he could feel her shudder and hear her breathing getting deeper. She raised herself up so that he could remove her gown and then laid back down.

She laid beneath him naked and he wanted her, He took her hands and raised and spread them up to the headboard of her bed. He had no handcuffs or silk scarves; in fact he had noticed he didn't even have a robe or robe sash. "Ill prepared dream", he thought, but as her hands came under the headboard and rail; he said "Hold on to it and under no circumstances are you to let go", he commanded. Her hands opened and closed around the rail at the top of the bed. She laid before him holding the headboard as he commanded and he could sense her arousal. He knelt over her and stared at her breast as they rose and fell with her breath. Her nipples were erect and he was drawn to them. He cupped her breasts in his hands, they were full and he thought of her nursing him. He wanted to feed on her, he gently squeezed and then brought his mouth down on her perfect nipples. As it entered his mouth he heard her sigh. He sucked vigorously as if any minute the flow of her milk would begin. He closed his mouth to allow the nipple to feel the edges of his teeth, but nothing could bring forth her milk. When he was satisfied that his efforts were in vain at that nipple he began with the second.

When he was done her nipples felt almost raw. They had become so sensitive that he knew they were the key to the gate he sought. He brought his mouth down over her stomach and as he did he began to squeeze her nipples between his forefinger and thumb; she cried out, but it wasn't in pain, it was in excitement. She clutched the headboard tighter as his mouth came closer to her pussy. He could smell her scent, and finally see the wetness on her unshaven pelt. He brought his hands down over her body and parted her legs. He felt the sweat and stickiness on her inner thighs and began to lick it, then he brought his mouth down closer to her pussy and exhaled his still hot breath over the tops of her pubic hair. He felt her quiver once again as his mouth parted those wet lips and he began to feed on her. He felt the animal passion and wanted her. She rolled from side to side trying to control her climax but knew she could not. He saw her hands tighten on the headboard as the feeling swelled in her.

She had come without asking and was eager for more, he knew that she was climaxing so rose above her and slid into her wet pussy. He could feel her close around him almost holding his cock. He led her to 3 more climaxes and as she contracted with every release, his own arousal reached its zenith. He knew when he would cum and wanted her to know it too. He felt their fluids combine, just as their soles had. Throughout this dance she had held onto the headboard as told; "good girl" he thought as he felt her body relax under him. He knew she was spent and weak, he leaned down and told her he would return, and wanted her to prepare herself for him. In what seemed like a heart beat he had drawn himself back into the shadows and was gone.

When he awoke that first morning, he could smell her on him and see his matted pubic hair. He had made love to someone but who; he had been somewhere, but where and could he find that place again, whether in a dream or reality. He sat on the edge of his bed and remembered every moment of his night. Unlike a dream its detail down to tastes and smells filled his head. The voyeur experience aroused him. He felt a great power knowing that he could be just feet away and be undetected and when his desire to touch came, he was able to do so without resistance. She was in every way the perfect lover and the perfect submissive. His mind whirled with the possibilities, but could it happen again; would it.

He entered his shower to wash away her scent though he would have preferred to keep it on him like some musty cologne. He stood under the water for a few minutes thinking and then began to lather up his body. He brought the bar of soap across his chest and began lathering the black and gray hair. The hot water on his body felt good as did the bathing process. He brought the bar of soap down and lathered his pubes then put the bar down. He began shampooing the hair around his cock, but in a short while felt himself stiffen. He began to focus not on bathing, but on the body he had had the night before. He imagined her lathered in front of him, facing away. He thought about how he would bring his arms around her and lather her breast while he pulled her into him. He imagined his soapy cock pressing against her and sliding between the cheeks of her ass.

image hosted by

The image was so real; he closed his eyes and imagined how he would bend her at the waist and have her hold onto the faucets as he slid his cock (once again) into her willing pussy. Although he knew it was his hand, he could swear he was once again in her and continued to stroke until he imagined her cumming and at that moment his cock released its creamy content.

"Christ, I need to stop this; there is a real world out there I must take part in", he said rinsing himself and watching his cum disappear down the drain. He dried himself, dressed, had coffee and left for work; the whole time thinking of her. He pictured her neck and sighed, wanting to be at its nape kissing it. He saw her bare shoulders and wanted to turn her so she could see him. His entire working day became a blur and when a co-worker said "Rough night?"; he just grinned and said "yeah, something like that". He knew it was a story he couldn't tell without being considered perverted or just plain strange.

He grabbed some dinner on the way back home and spent what seemed like an eternity waiting for a reasonable time to retire. He had an itch and as he scratched it, noticed that his nails needed cutting; he had left welts on his arm. Finally it was time for bed, but he was sure he would be unable to sleep. He clicked on the TV and surfed the stations until he came to an old black and white movie. Bella Lugosi was Dracula. He watched, as the count tried to seduce Van Helsing's niece at dinner and then as he returned in a mist to enter her room at night. "Hmmm, I am like the count, able to go where I want and do as I want to the woman I desire without being detected". He noticed how sexual and seductive the count was and began to see this vampire in a new light. It wasn't the blood alone he sought; it was her complete submission and desire. With that thought in mind he dropped into an abyss of sleep.

He found himself back in her room. He stood at the foot of her bed and admired her body with it's sheer black gossamer veil tied lightly at the neck. She was radiant, he needed no light to make out her body as it laid quietly with arms out and legs spread. He could smell her perfume and wanted to be closer. He slowly brought himself over her and cupped his hand over her mouth, "Not a word" he said and she nodded; she was his. He untied the bow at her neck and watched the garment fall to either side of her breasts. She was wearing a black and silver heart which rested in her cleavage. "Thank God it's not a cross", he mused thinking of the movie. He took her hands and raised them once again to the headboard and instinctively she took hold. With his face barely inches above her body he began to assess the delights laying before him. As he did he began to stroke and then deliberately let his nails scratch at her delicate flesh. His mouth was now just above her clit, and her freshly shave pussy revealed her wetness. "Very nice" he said as he brought his mouth down on her parting her labia with his tongue.

He had licked and nibbled and drank her cum for what seemed like hours and then rose to enter her. She brought her legs up and parted them and as he pressed his cock into her she wrapped them around him. She never let go of the headboard she never cried out as the scratches on her body multiplied and she waited until given permission to cum. She was all that he could desire and he wanted her to be his for eternity. He brought his mouth down to her throat at that sensitive spot called the nape, he first kissed it and as she arched her head back to give him even more exposure, he bit her. "She is mine", he thought silently and as he rose up he said "Now and forever my love, now and forever". As he disappeared back into the shadows and his dream he could taste the saltiness of the blood he had drawn and smiled. "Now and forever" he thought, I have found my Love.

Posted at 11:14 am by BondageMaster

December 25, 2006   09:01 PM PST
It works. Well written, integrated and hot.
April 18, 2006   02:09 PM PDT
wowee! Can't wait to read the next one!
btw, i love how you add the pictures in the stories!
July 25, 2005   06:29 PM PDT
funny girl! The story is a fantasy, I wouldn't want to defile it with a picture of reality or should I say it is about a woman's dream lover and I doubt I fill that bill any more. In any case I used a body double :)
July 25, 2005   05:57 PM PDT
Who took that picture of you? I thought you had tattoos...

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