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~The more defects a man may have, the older he is, the less lovable, the more resounding his success.~
Marquis de Sade

"Allow me to be frank at the commencement. You will not like me. The gentlemen will be envious and the ladies will be repelled. You will not like me now and you will like me a good deal less as we go on. Ladies, an announcement: I am up for it, all the time. That is not a boast or an opinion, it is bone hard medical fact. I put it round you know. And you will watch me putting it round and sigh for it. Don't. It is a deal of trouble for you and you are better off watching and drawing your conclusions from a distance than you would be if I got my tarse up your petticoats. Gentlemen. Do not despair, I am up for that as well. And the same warning applies. Still your cheesy erections till I have had my say. But later when you shag - and later you will shag, I shall expect it of you and I will know if you have let me down - I wish you to shag with my homuncular image rattling in your gonads. Feel how it was for me, how it is for me and ponder. 'Was that shudder the same shudder he sensed? Did he know something more profound? Or is there some wall of wretchedness that we all batter with our heads at that shining, livelong moment. That is it. That is my prologue, nothing in rhyme, no protestations of modesty, you were not expecting that I hope. " from The Libertine and the bottom of Nic's dark soul.

There is in every madman a misunderstood genius whose idea, shining in his head, frightened people, and for whom delirium was the only solution to the strangulation that life had prepared for him.
~Antonin Artaud

I hurt myself see if i still feel......I focus on the pain......the only thing thats real......The needle tears a hole.....the old familiar sting........try to kill it all away..........but I remember everything........what have I become, my sweetest friend .........everyone i know, goes away in the end.......and you could have it all, my empire of dirt........I will let you down..........I will make you hurt..........I wear this crown of thorns.....upon my liars chair......full of broken thoughts.........I cannot repair..........beneath the stains of time........the feelings are someone else..........I am still right here.........What have I become, my sweetest friend..........everyone I know, goes away in the end...........and you could have it all, my empire of dirt..........I will let you down............I will make you hurt...........if I could start again, a million miles away..........I will keep myself..........I would find a way.......NINE INCH NAILS

Monday, February 06, 2006
Vlad's Final Lesson

Professor Teppes joined the Wellesley faculty the fall of 2005. The Medieval/Renaissance Studies course which had formerly been taught by Justine Le Monde Ph.D, generally captivated the minds of 35-40 young women. Teppes’ classes were much larger. He had made an impression on her mind and body; she had become his in many ways. She told faculty and students alike that Teppes’ approach to teaching would stimulate the women of Wellesley in ways she could not. So it was that when Vlad Teppes arrived he had a following most rock stars would envy.

In the first weeks he mesmerized them, during the weeks that followed he seduced them one
by one until they were ready for Spring break and then he sent them out to feed. They traveled to those Mecca’s that draw the youth of America, places like Florida and Cancun where alcohol and warm weather reduce inhibitions. The women of Wellesley waited until the parties began at night and then lured one college boy after another into the darkness. First they let their eager prey taste their mouths which were far more intoxicating than any drink the boys had consumed.

The sounds of the party faded as the young men became even more enraptured by the women. These prim and proper girls from one of New England’s most prestigious schools were anything but prim or proper. Their bodies were firm, nubile and scantily clad; their lips were wet, red and inviting. Though the boys were bigger and athletic; the alcohol and other substances they consumed had left them weak. Each one was led to a blanket on the beach and made to lie down. They laid back and the girls began kissing and rubbing their bodies against them. The young vamps could hear their partner’s hearts beat faster, feel the surge of blood as it pulsated through veins and arteries and smell the desire in the sweat of their bodies. Their mouths ran down chests and over six pack abs until they reached the waist and then with no hesitation they removed the belt from the pants.

Their partners willingly let themselves be bound by the belts and once their wrists were secured, be laid back on top of them. This little bit of kink aroused them even more until their hardened cocks pressed against their pants begging to be released. When the zippers to the pants were lowered the cock spilled out. Each one engorged with thick veins of pulsating blood. The Wellesley girls brought their mouths down on them; tasting the sweat and sweet pre-cum they wrapped their tongues around the cocks and sucked. The boys reached that point when their cocks became so sensitive that they no longer would be able to hold back the flood of cum and as they let it go; the girls drove their incisors into the thickened veins. As the cum flowed, so did the blood and they drank. There was no struggle as each girl used her partner’s cock like a straw and literally sucked the life out of him. When they were done they drug the lifeless bodies down to the water and let them float out to sea. By morning the beaches were littered with the bodies of young jocks and the Wellesley girls were sleeping in beds miles away. The next night it began all over again.

Vlad had taken up residence at the inn he had stayed at on the night prior to his meeting with Dr. Le Monde. The landlady catered to his every appetite, as he took her blood and satiated his sex drive, but he wanted something more. He had studied the area and read everything he could about the infamous Salem witch trials. One story in particular aroused his curiosity; it was the story of a coven of witches who were virgins. The story began in Salem in the year 1678 when Netty Goodwife gave birth to five daughters. Her five daughters had inherited her special gift and were trained by her in the ways of witchery. Unfortunately they often lacked control and when confronted by other children would cause them harm. In 1692 they were 14 and caused a fellow student to act strangely and talk in tongues. The town’s people felt that the girl was possessed, but it wasn’t Netty’s daughters they pointed the finger at, but Netty herself. Their poor mother was imprisoned for witch craft, and then found guilty. As she waited for the hangman her daughters came to her. Netty realized the curse that had befallen her because of the children she had bore and made them swear to live a life devoid of all sexual pleasures as long as they lived. At 23 the girls stopped aging and it was said that the four daughters of Netty Goodwife vanished in 1701.

Vlad studied volumes of literature searching for any story that spoke of four young beauties, and found stories that spanned the centuries. It seemed these young women would be mentioned in passing from time to time and though not in Salem, in communities not far from there. Vlad believed the coven of virgins was alive and he wanted them. He wanted to sip their virgin blood, a blood that was like a fine aged cognac and then take their virginity as he planted his seed in them. On March the tenth he drove to Salem and went to the grave of Netty Goodwife, it was the day she had been executed; the day she had said goodbye to her daughters and a day he believed that they held sacred.

As the town clock began to strike 12 he stood in the darkness; on the twelfth stroke he was not alone. Five lovely young women stood at the grave site dressed in white sheer gossamer robes. They looked like spirits as they stood in the darkness of the new moon. They held hands and started chanting, calling to their mother’s spirit. As they chanted they asked for forgiveness and then he heard something else; the begged her to deliver them from their vow of abstinence. “Mother please, hear our plea; for over 300 years we have honored our vow. We have refrained from the pleasures of the flesh and remained alone unto ourselves. Our hearts cry out for love, intimacy, romance; to know what every young woman should know. Please mother, deliver us and let us find love everlasting.” Having made their request, they each offered up a single white rose and the tears that had fallen on them. Vlad saw his opportunity and stepped out of the darkness.

“Your mother’s rest has been disturbed by your cries and I have been sent with a message. Before you are allowed to know pleasure, you must first suffer. You have suffered the torment that loneliness can bring yet you have never truly been alone, because in truth you have had each other. You have never experienced the pain of death, nor that which comes with the loss of your virginity and you have never experienced the pain that is associated with love.” The women were at first panic stricken that their presence had been discovered, but because they wanted to believe that their mother might absolve them of their sin they stood and listened to the dark professor. “In 15 days, there will be a full moon, and by the time it wanes you shall all have been tested. You will return to this spot and know your mother’s answer.” He stepped back into the darkness and watched. Just as they had appeared, they began to leave, but this time Vlad saw a faint light emanating from a mausoleum. He stayed concealed, but made his way in the direction of the crypt just in time to see the last girl enter. The light began to grow dim, but did not go out. He waited at the door to the crypt and noticed the light was now at ground level. Once inside he realized that a casket had been moved to reveal stairs and at the bottom of the stairs he found a tunnel. The tunnel led him to a caretaker’s cottage where he found a ladder ascending from the cave to the floor above. He stayed on the ladder listening to the women in the room above. Vlad listened as the sisters argued as to whether this dark stranger was indeed a messenger from the other side. They decided to test him before he had the opportunity to test them. It was decided that the next night they would return to their mother’s grave and summon him; surely if he had discovered their ritual meeting on the night of her death, he would not be there waiting the next night. If however he did appear, they would serve him a potion of hemlock strong enough to kill 100 mortals; to prove his identity he would have to survive. A smile crossed his lips as he descended the ladder back into the tunnel. “This will be entertaining”, he thought as he made his way back to the inn and his landlady. She greeted him at the door wearing a black silk teddy; she laid her head to one side offering her neck and pulsating jugular.

“You must be hungry, drink from me” she cooed. She knew that his hunger was her salvation and that once he had satiated one appetite, he would want to satiate yet another. He took her as she stood in the door, being careful not to take her life. Once he had her dark rich blood, his thoughts turned to more carnal pleasures. She followed him to his room in an almost drugged state. He led her to the bed and pushed her down on it; then as she laid there he removed his clothing and tore the teddy from her body. She offered no resistance as he crawled up between her legs lifting them over his shoulders so that he could feed yet again from her dripping cunt. The animal in him seemed insatiable as he licked and nibbled at her engorged clit. She came almost spasmodically as visions of eternity went through her mind; not her visions or eternity but his. Her clit swelled with each orgasm until it protruded beyond her labia and as she drifted between two worlds he pierced it and began sucking the blood from within. The sensation she felt was like no other; electrifying in its intensity she pushed hard against his mouth until he withdrew and let her body down to the bed. She was at the threshold of life and death feeling everything and fearing nothing. He rolled her over to one side of the bed and closed his eyes just as the sun began to rise outside of his darkened room.

The next night he listened to the news as he prepared to go to the cemetery. The lead story was about what law enforcement officials were labeling as “cult murders” at spring break destinations. Over 100 bodies of male students had washed up at resort beaches in Florida and Mexico. He bodies had been drained of all blood and the seminal canal collapsed. Teppes grinned, “My girls are enjoying their vacation it seems” Once dressed, he drove himself to the cemetery. At the stroke of midnight, the five young women returned. They stood holding hands at their mother’s grave and began the incantation to summon the messenger from their mother. When the incantation ended, Vlad stepped out from the darkness. “Why have you summoned me, when I told you I would come to you”, he asked.
The women seemed startled if not surprised by his presence, but went ahead with their plan.

“Sir, we have come to ask you what you and our mother would have us do, but fearing you might be a man in the guise of a messenger we have prepared a potion that will bring the truth out of you. Will you drink it and prove to us that you are not of this earth and truly a spirit? If after you drink from our cup, we find that you are a spirit from the nether world; we will obey you as we promised to obey our mother.” Amanda the first born said and then held out the goblet.

“I should not have to prove anything, as I am here as you wished” he said with a hint of anger. “but I will, to put your foolish concerns to rest” With that Vlad accepted the goblet and drank the contents down. “I have done as you wish, now ask me what you will” The young witches stood and waited; they expected the Hemlock to act and for a pretender to die, but instead they saw Vlad standing resolute without as much as a breath being short. “I am waiting” he demanded.

Amanda spoke again, “There is no need to wait, we are satisfied and yours to command; we will do anything to prove our purity, and have our pledge to our mother rescinded.” The sisters stood with heads bowed as Vlad stood before them. He knew from the beginning that he could have them by force of will, but wanted them to submit willingly.

“Every fourth night I will appear here and take one of you with me. I will take you in the order of your birth. You will be tested individually and not share with your sisters the manner in which you were tested. In fifteen days when the moon is full, I will have my answer and you will have yours. Tonight I will take Amanda, in four nights Biddy, in eight Chastity, on the twelfth night Divinity and finally on the night of the full moon, Eve”

The women looked at each other with the same thought in mind, “From birth we have never been separated.” but their vow to Vlad had been made and they had to obey. Amanda kissed her sisters and then took Vlad’s hand and he led her into the darkness as the others watched from the grave. Vlad knew that together they had some power, but separated each would be his. Once they were beyond the sight of her sisters, he turned and stared into Amanda’s eyes. She felt his mind take control of hers as he willed her to sleep, and fell limp into his arms. He carried her to his Jaguar and placed her in the passenger seat. When he returned to the Inn, he took her from the car to the basement and left her. His landlady prepared herself and offered him her neck, but this time he refused. She begged him to take his nightly feeding of her blood, but was told that he would feed elsewhere that night and she was ordered to her room. Her heart felt heavy, but she did as told. Once inside the room he locked it behind her. At first she wept, but then retreated to her bed and began to satisfy her needs while thinking about him. Vlad returned to the basement and his prize.

The girl was as he left her, subdued and on the floor. He went to a workbench and took a length of heavy chain which he fastened to a hook on a beam. He stood the girl and wrapped the chain around her neck and the woke her. She immediately felt the heavy chain and began to panic. “Be still lest you hang yourself as your mother was hung.” he told her. “Your mother was in chains for months, before being hung and it is only fitting that you feel what she had felt. Your mother felt that her curse had been giving birth and that carnal pleasures inevitably led to birth, but that is not the case. Carnal pleasure may lead to rapture and child birth is not a curse. While you are with me, you will know the torment your mother did at the hands of her captors. You will also experience pleasure beyond any you may have fantasized about.” With that he took the gossamer gown from her body exposing the treasures beneath it. She grabbed the chain, looked heavenward and prayed for a sign from her mother, but no sign came.

Vlad approached Amanda and placed his hand on the side of her face, then ran his thumb over her full trembling lower lip. His was the first man’s hand to ever touch her in any way and her response was one of fear and anticipation. She tried to turn her face away, but he laced his fingers in her auburn hair and pulled her face to his until his mouth found hers. He could taste the fear in her and feel the anticipation as she fought her desire. As she struggled he pulled her closer with an arm around her waist until her body was firmly pressed against his. He slid his hand down and grasped her rounded ass while she struggled to free herself. He was stronger than her in every way and as she tried to resist, he pressed harder until she could feel his swollen cock through his pants. As she struggled his pants rubbed against her virgin cunt, rubbing at it and parting those lips as well. Her heart raced as she realized that her clit was responding, soon she gave up the fight and laid back against his arm. Realizing his conquest, he began to nibble his way down her neck, but would not bite into the swollen jugular.

Her body smelled of sweet herbs as he reached her breasts and took each nipple into his mouth. This was the pleasure she had been denied through the years. She wanted to obey her mother and defend her virginity, but prayed she would not be able to. His mouth left her breasts and descended down her stomach towards the prize he sought. Both of his hands were now firmly grasping her ass as he breathed in the scent of her pussy. He brought one hand in between her legs and up her thigh until he could feel the wetness of her cunt. As he brought his long finger up her slit, she trembled and then spread her legs even more. She was his for the taking, but now was not the time. He would do no more this night that leave her trembling and weak, as he left and turned out the light. “Think about those things you have experienced this night and I will return at the witching hour tomorrow.” He spoke only those words and left her naked and alone.

He went to the landlady’s room and found her asleep, with her legs spread and her fingers resting on her wetted thigh. He was ravenous; he could have taken the young witch in any way he desired, but wanted her to beg for it. Instead he fucked the older landlady as he fed at her throat. She responded willingly as the waves of climaxes push her juices from her cunt. He came with her and then rolled off her limp but still breathing body and slept. She woke in the morning and found instructions on the care and feeding of the guest in the basement. She was to give the young woman a bath and feed her, but not to talk to her. The landlady did as directed. She brought water and soap and bathed her as she would bathe herself. There was anew found arousal as she rubber the soap over the young woman’s breasts and then between her legs.
She rinsed the suds from the girl’s body and then dried her, while looking deep into her eyes. The fear in those eyes told her that she was still a virgin.

The next night was much the same; she had thought through the day and determined her mother’s test was to see if she could control her carnal thoughts. This night she again resisted and tried to fight off her captor, but once again succumbed to his power. This time as he brought his finger up her slit he took it and first let her taste the sweetness she put forth. When he went down to her pussy the next time it was to lick and feed on it. His mouth drank in her sweet juices as his hand pressed on her soft pubic mound. He licked and she began pressing into his mouth until she came. It was unlike any experience she had ever known , her eyes closed and her body quivered as unknown sensations coursed through her body and mind. He stood and looked at her and then quite without warning slapped her hard across the left cheek. “You must not cum without asking” he told her and then left the room, while the girls cum ran down her leg.

The landlady anticipated his arrival and his hungers; she opened her vein and her legs to him. “Why haven’t you taken her?” she asked.

“Because, she is not yet ready. For three hundred years she has maintained this prize by hiding it. She must offer it to me willingly, wantonly. The only way I will have her, is when she willingly breaks her vow to her mother and gives herself to me. Now feed me before I rest.” He took the woman to the edge of darkness and then slept.

On the third night she begged him to stop, but he continued to tease and torment her. This time he tasted her and she begged to cum and was allowed to. Then he removed his pants exposing his enlarged cock. Her eyes widened as he put it to her mouth, but she would not suck. So he rubbed her clit until it was swollen with blood and she was begging for release, but she was denied. He rubbed until tears streamed down her cheek as she came without permission. Again he slapped her and continued to rub, “Please I will do anything just allow me to experience the feeling yet again.” she begged. He again put his cock to her lips and this time she took it in. She sucked on it as if it were a natural impulse. She tasted his cum as it began to fill him and imagined what it would feel like as it exploded in her. He was hard, long and wide, she envisioned it passing through her labia and thrusting deep inside. She craved that experience, wanted it more than anything imaginable. She let the cock leave her mouth and begged “Take me please; spill the blood of this virgin.”

He laid her on her back and spread her legs. Again he put his mouth to her and licked until her clit was swollen. He raised his head and looked down on her. She was laying there with eyes closed anticipating his cock. “First I will have you and then I will take you”, he said and then bit into her fleshy clit. The sensation took her by surprise as drank her virgin blood, but as with everything else she found herself desiring the pleasure and the pain. When he knew that she had become one with him, he drove his cock deep inside of her and took her to an even higher place.

“Fuck me Master, please fuck me” she begged and he did. “Please let me cum” she cried and he did. When the time came to leave her, he reminded her that she would be returned to her sisters the following night and that she was to say nothing of what had happened or she would suffer eternity never knowing a man again. “I will obey you and keep my word” The next night the landlady bathed her and sensed that she was no longer pure. She was put back into her gossamer gown and taken back to the cemetery. She stood in the darkness with Vlad as the clock struck twelve and then kissed him. “I am yours, please come back for me.” He nodded and they stepped out of the darkness and greeted the waiting sisters.

Amanda was surrounded by her sisters, though she said nothing to them; they sensed a change in her. Vlad called Biddy forward and took her by the hand. She put her head down and followed him into the darkness. As with Amanda, he willed her to sleep and placed her in his car and returned home. The landlady waited at the door for him and helped him unload his new prize. They took her to the basement, stripped her of her gown and put her in cuffs. Vlad woke her and placed his hands on her; she too felt panic set in. For three days she and her sisters had talked about Amanda’s fate and pondered the wisdom of their decision to obey this messenger from the other side, but they had vowed to do so and knew that their futures rested with him. As Vlad’s hands explored her body she closed her eyes and prayed that she might be strong during her ordeal. Biddy was the name she was called by, but Obedience was the name she had been given at birth. Unfortunately she had not lived up to her name, which had led to her mothers arrest and torment. For over 300 years she had lived with the knowledge that her mother had died due to her imprudence. Now she was awaiting an unknown fate just as her mother had.

“You are here to please me and prove your devotion to your mother. Your mother has sent me to show you the pain she endured as a result of your childish behavior and to show you the pleasure you have been denied. You have vowed to obey me and submit to this test, this is your desire isn’t it?” he asked.

The girl put her head down and said “Yes sir. I was a foolish girl and my mother suffered and died because of it; I would do anything to undo that mistake, but I can not. I will submit to anything you ask of me if it means I am pleasing my mother’s spirit and might lead to my fulfillment as a woman”

Vlad told her of the pain the inquisitor had inflicted on her mother, before the trial. “She like you was stripped and put in manacles. What came next was the cane.” He reached out and the landlady handed him a rod which had been made from maple sapling. He stood behind the girl and began whipping her on the ass. Each strike left a reddened welt until her once smooth ass was a mass of rippled, purple flesh, but the girl did not cry out. She had never known this kind of pain, but knew she deserved it. She closed her eyes and endured all tat he could give until she could not feel it anymore. When he stopped he whispered in her ear, “Good girl, your mother is pleased.” He then rubbed the welts with his hand. At first all she felt was the stinging, but then realized that his hand was rubbing down her cheek and in between her thighs. His finger probed at her cunt and a new fear set in.

“Your maidenhead has been kept in tact for 300 years, yet you desire to lose it; I can feel your desire in your wetness. Between these Puritanical thighs lies the cunt of a slut, doesn’t it?” he demanded, but the girl just remained silent and shook her head. She was lying to him and praying that she could stop thinking, wishing that he would push past the jewel. “You are lying to me! Your cunt is beginning to flow like a river, you want me to take you.” The girl resisted though it seemed he was reading her mind. Vlad tasted the fruit of her loins and once again sensed the virgin blood that was pulsating within. He stepped in front of her and unzipped his pants, freeing his cock. This is what you want; my thick hard cock inside of you isn’t it?” The girl looked and feared he would take his cock and force her to break the vow to her mother. This was the test to see if she could remain pure. Again she said nothing and shook her head.

Vlad grabbed the landlady who had been standing in the shadows watching and pulled her to him. He turned her around so that she was facing Biddy and bent her over so that her face was level with the virgin’s pussy. “If you do not desire a man, then maybe it is a woman you desire. My hostess obeys my every command and I fuck her as a reward and now I will have her taste you while I give her that reward” As if programmed to obey the landlady grabbed the virgin’s hips and began to lick the wetted cunt as Vlad eased his cock into her own. The girl tried to resist any sense of pleasure but it was useless, the stimulation and perverse act she was watching was too much for her. Vlad was slamming his hips into the woman whose tongue and moans were bringing her to the edge. She knew the landlady was going to cum just as she was and wanted to fight it but the sensation was too strong. The land lady first felt the girls warm cum in her mouth and then screamed as Vlad released himself in her. Vlad pulled his cock from the landlady’s pussy and continued to cum on her back, so the virgin could see the milky white seed pouring from his cock. The girl came yet again and her desire was apparent. Vlad ran his fingers through his cum and then forced them into the girl’s mouth. “Taste my pleasure; taste the sweetness of my desire!” he demanded. The girl at first resisted, but his cum was like an opiate and soon she was sucking the fingers each time they brought the fluid to her mouth.

Vlad stepped back and told the landlady to cleanse their guest and then to prepare him his nightly meal. The landlady did as told. She smiled at the girl and said, ”You taste like honey, but you are missing the real pleasure that the Master can give you. Maybe the next time you might receive his gift, but only if you ask. Now I must go attend to his needs.” The landlady left the girl and went to Vlad’s room. “Thank you Sir, I enjoyed that.” Vlad put his mouth to the landlady’s and tasted the girls cum on her lips and then put his mouth to her throat for his nightly meal.

The next night they returned and found the girl waiting for them. “What torments will you have me endure this time?” she asked.

Vlad smiled. “Well since you asked in such a petulant manner, you will be punished as before, after that we will see whether you deserve as much pleasure as you do pain.” Again he took the cane to the girl and again she remained silent. When he finished he again began rubbing her reddened ass, but this time his finger began probing at her anus. It was a strange sensation for her, as her whole opened and let the finger penetrate. “Ah I see that your ass is willing even if your cunt isn’t.” The girl tightened the sphincter as she began to understand what he had in mind. Vlad ordered the landlady to kneel and to again take the virgins cunt with her mouth. She was not only willing to obey, but found that she wanted the girl’s honey-like cum. The girl responded to the woman’s tongue as she had before and began to pour forth the desired fluid. While she was cumming Vlad stepped behind her and ran his fingers through the slit taking what “honey” he could and dragged it up to her anus. He probed it, lubricated it with her cum and as she experienced yet another orgasm, slid his cock into it. Suddenly the girl realized what he was doing and tried to resist, but not for long. She became even more excited as he fucked her ass and the landlady went back to licking. Her orgasms sent her to places she had never been and she saw visions including that of her mother smiling. She felt his cock swell and then pull out as he came on her back. His cum was hot and the knowledge that she had brought it about excited her. Again the landlady was told to bathe her and then attend to him.

The landlady washed her cunt and ass removing the remnants of their pleasure. “You see what I mean, you know what pleasure awaits you if you ask for it” she told the girl and then went to feed her Master.

On the third night she said nothing as they approached. “You are learning”, Vlad said. “This is the final test, we will see if you give as good as you get. My landlady has given your pussy much pleasure, now you will return the gift.” The land lady laid on the floor with her legs spread and bent at the knees. The girl was made to get down on all fours. “Lick the cunt, and eat as you have been eaten.” The girl put her mouth to the landlady’s cunt and began to lick slowly, while Vlad rubbed the virgin’s cunt. The girl could not help but respond as his long fingers parted her lips and teased her clit. He drug the girl’s wetness from her pussy to her anus and probed. She felt his hands grasp her ass as he prepared to penetrate and stopped licking.

“I have felt your cock there and your hot cum on my back while trying to resist the inevitable. Please take that which no other has been allowed to know. I am a virgin in body only, I have wanted your cock and have tried to resist giving in to my own desires. I know this is our last night and that if I resist, I will never know that pleasure I have desired all these years. For God’s sake fuck me; for my sake fuck me.” The girl pleaded.

“It was what I had wanted all along, your childish stubbornness was what deprived you. Now eat your hostess as I had commanded and I will give you that pleasure you have never known.” The girl again began to lick the landlady’s cunt and the landlady gave up her own cum. At the same time Vlad laid on his back so that the Virgin’s cunt was just above his mouth. Her cum dripped from her pussy as she anticipated what was about to happen, but before she could feel his cock, he had one other thing to do.
He raised his mouth to her pussy and licked the nectar from between her lips, then put his mouth to her clit and began sucking like a calf at an udder. When the girl’s excitement had caused her clit to swell, he bit into it, spilling the virgin’s blood into his mouth. As he sucked the blood from her, she came repeatedly. When he was satiated, he pushed past her thighs and brought her down on his cock. Her petals parted and his seed was sown while she was lifted out of her body. He allowed her to ride his cock while the land lady rode his mouth. He sucked at the landlady’s clit as he had the virgins, and as night drew to an end he poured his seed into the girl.

When all were exhausted he told the land lady to tend to the girl, while he retreated to the darkness of his room. That night they returned to the basement and found Bitty in tears. She was crying because she had broken her vow to her mother and because this was her last night with him. “Stop your weeping, you have done nothing wrong and have given me much pleasure in many ways. When you are reunited with your sisters, you are to say nothing. Even Amanda must not know the outcome of your time with me. She was dressed in her gown and placed in his car. He led her to that place in the darkness where he had stood and watched. The girl looked up at him and asked that he return for her, just as her sister had. He said yes and then led her to her siblings just as the clock struck midnight.

She was greeted by her sisters and again they sensed a change, but only Amanda guessed as to what it was. Amanda and Biddy took Chastity by the hand and led her to Vlad, “Obey him” they whispered in unison. He led her into the night as he had the others and made her sleep as he had the other two. She was spirited away to the inn and left on the basement floor without being restrained. Vlad sensed something different about Chastity. Unlike her sisters, she was more childlike. The landlady watched the girl while Vlad prepared for their session. He brought a chair to the center of the room and placed it under the single light that glowed in the darkness. The girl awoke and rose to her knees.

There was something different about Chastity and he realized it immediately. She stayed on her knees until permitted to stand, and never made eye contact. She prefaced every question and answer with Sir and humbled herself before him; she was in every way submissive. He realized that she had inherited her mother’s humility; after all Netty Goodwife had been a good woman before she was condemned for witchcraft. There was no reason for chains or cuffs, for she obeyed his every command. When he offered his cock; she nursed on it like a baby with an insatiable appetite. When he told her that he wanted to take her in the ass, she dropped to her knees and postured herself for easy entry. Her cunt was the sweetest he had tasted and offered frequently to him, but he saved her for the last day as he had her sisters.

On the night of the third day, he went to the basement as always and found her on her knees sobbing. “Why do you weep?” he asked.

“Because this may be the last time I feel you around me. I never knew the joys you have shown me and may never know the ultimate joy. Please Sir, take me as you would a woman of the night.” He smiled at the unpretentious way in which she had offered herself.

“I will have you, but first I must prepare you.” He took a bench from under the work table and laid a sheet
over it. He took off his clothes and laid on the bench and then summoned her. He had her straddle the bench so that her pussy was directly over his mouth. “you will ride on my mouth until I have drank my fill, and then my cock until it has filled you.” She lowered herself down on his mouth and rigid tongue and began to rock as he drank her wetness in and then her cum. With each climax she rocked harder and came harder. Soon she was squirting her delicate cum down his throat. When he found her clit bulbous with blood he bit into it and she filled him. Her blood was rich, warm and intoxicating and she gave it freely. He took what was safe and then picked her up and lowered her onto his regenerated cock; the virgins blood and wetness allowed him to glide deep down inside of her. She cried out as her hymen gave way and then began moving as if she was on a saddle riding a horse. Her lost virginity freed her and the wanton spirit in her became hungry for his cum. She rode him faster and harder with each climax, when he knew that she was about to cum one last time he released himself in her. His hot cum flooded her and she screamed with pleasure, and then closed her eyes as she floated to a new place.

On the forth night he went to her, to prepare her for her return. She knelt at his feet and begged him to keep her. “I will serve you as none of my sisters can Sir, you may take my blood as you desire and my life if that will make you happy.” But her pleas were only greeted with a smile. He told her that she would be back and reminded her that she could not tell her sisters of what had occurred; not even those who had made the journey before her.

When she was brought back to the cemetery, her sisters rushed to her, but she kept her head down as a sign of obedience. As she stood silent, Amanda and Biddy, delivered Divinity to him. “Obey him and he will deliver us” they said. Divinity followed him into the darkness and was delivered to the inn as the others had. His landlady had retired to her room; she was jealous of his new toys and didn’t want to watch him favor them with his body. Divinity was taken to the basement and tied as if she was on a crucifix. When she woke, she muttered a prayer asking for the wisdom to know what was right and for the strength to follow through with what needed to be done. She had inherited her mother’s piety.

“Your mother prayed those same words many times over, while she sat in the Salem jail. She also spoke them when the inquisitor was torturing her and trying to get her to name the names of others who consorted with the devil or practiced witchcraft. Your mother has sent me to you now, to deliver you from the pact you made with her over 300 years ago. Your deliverance will involve testing your resolve to overcome “personal feelings” for the good of all your sisters. That is what you will need strength and wisdom for” he told her. He had guessed that Netty prayed while imprisoned and assumed it would be for the strength to withstand any torture to protect her daughters. He also knew that the bond between the sisters was absolute, and that they would always think of their siblings before thinking of themselves. He made a very plausible case for her cooperation.

“My mother prayed to God Almighty for her strength and to know what was right. She did not pray to Satan as she was accused of doing. God had her sacrifice herself for our well-being and if he wants me to do the same I will. I know there will be a sign when the time comes.”

“Your sisters gave you a message, before you stepped into the darkness with me, wasn’t it “Obey him and he will deliver us? Who do you think the “Him” was in that statement? GOD? No, I am the messenger and I am the “Him” they suggested you obey, but I will earn your devotion if that is what it takes.” he told her.
“Your mother experienced the inquisitor’s wrath as he interrogated her and she refused to give him answers that might lead to your arrest. She suffered because her daughters acted like foolish children and used their gift to harm another child; now your foolish stubbornness may cause your sisters to suffer. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” another fine old saying. I think it is time for you to be tested and be made to see the error of your ways!” He went to a barrel and withdrew a cane rod used for propping up tomatoes. He stood well behind divinity and brought the cane down across her ass; the skin rose under the cane leaving a mark. This went on for a full five min, and in that time he left over 20 lashes. The pain had been very intense in the beginning, but just over 2 minutes into the beating she no longer let it affect her; her mind envisioned her mother under the same circumstances. He left her standing on weakened knees and went upstairs for his nourishment and to satiate that greater primal hunger.

The landlady was pleased when he entered the room. “What’s wrong Master, is this one being difficult?” He didn’t answer, but instead tore open her teddy, found a thick fresh vein in her breast and began to feed on it. The feeling was intense and she began to get wet as she held his head against the heaving tit. While feeding he reached down and hooked his finger inside of her pussy and pulled up putting pressure on her already sensitive clit. She squirmed and he raised her up hire until she was suspended on the digit. Her flow continued as she rocked and wet the hand that held her. She was nearing and orgasm when he finish at the breast and threw her down on the bed. Within seconds he was on her, fucking her and as she came, he pushed himself down harder. When he came it was not in her pussy, but he instead pulled her head back and crammed his cock into her mouth just as it exploded. She could not breathe and she could not gag as his cock was half of the way down her throat. She could feel his flow as it ran down her throat for what seemed like forever. When he was done he pulled her head back and withdrew his cock. She gasped for air as the taste of his semen manifested itself in her mouth. It was intoxicating like a fine wine and she savored it.

“If I had been her mother, she would have been trained by your hand and would not have been so foolish.” As the landlady’s words left her lips, he knew that she was right. Divinity would do exactly what her mother told her to do. He knew all he really had to do is look into her eyes and will her to lay back and offer up her virginity, but to do that would mean she was not surrendering it of her own free will and thus taint the purity of the gift.

“Brilliant, tomorrow you shall go to Salem and procure an authentic puritan outfit; I will transform you into her mother and you will have her obey me. Tonight we have a plan, tomorrow when you return I will have the script.” When the land lady came back the following evening he was up and waiting for her. He drew an antique volume from the trunk of the Jaguar and opened it to a book marked page. At the top the title read “1692 The Trial of Netty Goodwife”, below it was a very unflattering etching of the girls’ mother. Another book had a more pleasant drawing, which probably was more accurate. He also had a written description that included the fact that in her last days she walked with a limp due to the countless beatings she had received to make her confess. Vlad wrote a very simple script; he would take a flogger to the girl and whip her ass until she was about to pass out. The basement would have but one dim light, and when the time was right the landlady/mother image would walk up close enough to the girl that she might just see what appears to be her mother and say “I sent him to see you through this so that I might rest more peacefully, Why do you resist, foolish girl?” Then you are to return to the shadows

He entered the basement at the stroke of twelve with the house keeper hiding behind him. She stood in her restraints with her head lowered. “After you left me, my mother came to me in a vision, she told me that she had sent you to help us through this and said I was foolish to resist” Teppes stood back and looked at her. Had the witch actually appeared or had the poor thing hallucinated as a result of the beating she had received? The landlady was even more surprised and pleased for now she could rid herself of the antique garments.
“So Divinity, is your mother’s wish going to put an end to this, or shall you be punished for disobeying her wishes as well?” Teppes asked.

And Divinity responded, “I can not and will not disappoint my mother, I will serve you”

“You felt the sting of the rod as it was used for pain and punishment, now I would have you experience the pleasure you have been deprived of these many years. I will leave you bound so that when you feel the rapture, you will not harm yourself”

“I understand” she whispered with down cast eyes,

The land lady stayed in the shadows and watched him as he disrobed. He was beautiful in so many ways and she wanted to be the one that he was about to pleasure. She watched as he rubbed the girls ass and pierced her labia with his finger, she had experienced the same touch and watching him now only excited her. She decided that she wanted to be a part of this little scene too, so as the girls eyes began to close due to the things she was feeling; the landlady dimmed the light to a mere flicker. The room became engulfed in shadows and the landlady stepped forward.

“Divinity my dear child, I have been dead these many years and have not had the pleasure of touch since you and your sisters left my side. My messenger’s beauty has aroused me and I desire that he have me in spirit as I was once had in life” The landlady rushed pass the bewildered girl and pressed herself against Vlad, who was about to penetrate the girls ass. As Divinity hung in the rope crucifix, the landlady lifted her skirt revealing her wet pussy. Vlad was furious, this woman had over stepped her boundaries. He turned and grabbed her; the smile she wore evaporated. He ordered her to the ground and to her stomach and then mounted her in an almost vicious, animalistic manner. He fucked her in a way he hadn’t before and as she came he bit into her neck and drained her of all life. The darkness hid her body as he returned to Divinity.

“Your mother was right; she needed my touch in order that her spirit could be freed. She is once again at rest now and has left you with me.” Vlad explained to the poor confused girl. The disruption had spoiled the seduction and he had to begin anew. He came up to the girl from behind, and caressed her ass, then began to rub it and bring his hand down between her legs once again searching for her wetness. He drew it up to also moisten her anus and when the time was right pressed his thumb against it. There was no resistance as the thumb slid into one orifice and his forefinger into another. He then brought his free arm around her waist and held it so that his hand could put pressure on her mons while his fingers rubbed her clit. She immediately responded by bending and created a rhythm that soon had her on the brink of her first orgasm. He continued to rub and felt the warm flow as her cum ran down his finger. She moaned with delight and he intensified the rubbing. His thumb slid effortlessly in and out of her ass and as she reached her next orgasm he removed his thumb and pushed his cock into the readied hole. There was only a second of surprise, but when she felt the size of him she began to hump his cock until she came a third and forth time. With his now freed hands he cupped her breasts and then began to squeeze her nipples. Her moans became screams as this went on until close to sunrise. He left her bound and asleep on the ground then gathered up the lifeless corpse of the landlady, who had become the haggard woman she was prior to his arrival. He took her to the abandoned well (now a wishing well), dropped her in and made a wish.

When he got up the next night he cursed the landlady for her disobedience, she had been a good source of blood between virgins and a very willing lover. She had also cared for the girls and prepared them for him; now he would have to do the menial things but not for very long. Tonight he would have Divinity’s virgin blood and then her virginity, on the next night he would take Eve. When he went to Divinity, she smelled of their tryst. He brought water and soap and bathed her, then dried her and wrapped her in a bath sheet. He sat down and she knelt at his side. “You are doing very well. Tonight will be the night of your passage and then I will take you to your sisters. When I have finished with Eve I will return and deliver you into a new life. Would you like that Divinity?” He looked down at the girl and she up at him and nodded.

“All I want is to please you and learn from you.” The girl said while she stood up. She stood facing him with her pussy at his eye level. She was moist and pressed it towards his face. Her scent aroused him and he was hungry (not having the landlady). “Take me Sir, I want you to have me” She pushed her cunt into his mouth and his appetites took over. He brought his fingers into the already wet pussy and started to rub while his tongue gathered the fruit of his labors. Her clit began to swell as he sucked on it. She came but he wouldn’t stop the intensity was almost painful and then he pierced it and took the virgin’s sacred nectar. He drank from her until she began to swoon and then he laid her down on the sheet and drove his cock into her. Her eyes closed and she saw the past, hers and his and the bright light that would be the future. He kept at here climax after climax and she screamed “My god, My God, You are My God”

“Yes My child I am your God and when I return to the five of you it will be to give you Communion.” He left her asleep on the floor, exhausted from the pleasure she had felt. He brought a fresh pale of water and soap so that she might bathe when she woke and left the gossamer gown. When he returned the next night she was prepared. At the stroke of midnight, under the light of the full moon; he returned her to her sisters. They gathered around her and knew there had been a change in her. Amanda, Biddy, Chastity and Divinity took Eve by the hand and gave her to him saying “Obey him and he will deliver you”. She was the last to be born on that night and by far the most innocent. He led the girl back and raised her head so that he might look into her eyes. There was recognition of her innocence and then he made her sleep.

When they arrived at the inn he carried her into the basement. She was the most beautiful of the five, her skin was pale and her body light and the innocence in her face was almost childlike. As he looked down on her, he didn’t see a three hundred year old witch that looked 23. What he saw was a young girl, inexperienced in life and with out flaws or guilt. When she woke she looked up at him and he felt a thousand questions streaming from her eyes and a fear of what was to come. ther’s purity.

Her mother had been pure and good and had done no evil; Eve had inherited her mo>
He didn’t bind her, there was no need; instead he cradled her in his arms and tried to dispel the fear. Like the others, he wanted her to give herself to him willingly. He knew that pain would not bring this about; it had to come through adoration. When he read the stories and history of Salem and Netty Goodwife, he remembered that her husband had died when the girls were three. Netty had raised them alone in a Puritan society that was rigid and offered no help. Because they were fatherless, they were picked on, which eventually led to the sister’s use of witchcraft to punish a classmate and the eventual trial and execution of their mother. Eve had not hardened herself as the others had, she had not known the love of a man, but more importantly, she had not known the nurturing love of a father. Vlad would be that loving father.

As he held her, he admired her perfect body; it was as if she had been sculpted by an artist. Every curve and line was perfect and without blemish. Her eyes were soft and caring and conveyed messages without a word being said. She searched his face as he searched hers and then smiled. “You will not be harmed Eve. I will give you what no man has given you, not even your father.” He helped her to her feet and removed the gossamer gown. She stood before him without a hint of shame or modesty, because she knew no reason to feel either. As he tried to rethink the taking of Eve, she moved about the basement. There was a pantry in the corner where the landlady had kept can goods and other bulk items she had purchased to feed guest. Next to the pantry was a large barrel; Eve reached down inside the barrel and pulled out an apple. She rubbed it with her hands and then took a bite; it was crisp, sweet and its juice ran down the corner of her mouth. She approached Vlad and offered him a bite. “How appropriate”, he thought, “Eve offering the snake a bite of the apple.” He saw the glistening juice at the edge of her mouth and reached out to remove it with his finger and as he did, she took the outstretched finger into her mouth to suck the juice from it.

He let her suck on the finger and imagined that same soft mouth sucking on his cock. It was as if she had read his mind, be cause she knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants and removed his semi-hardened cock and put it to her mouth and began sucking in a slow and methodical way. She felt him grow in her mouth and continued as he began to move his hips, pushing the swollen cock in and out. She took his cock down her throat and gave hive pleasure like none of her sisters had. It had not been his intent to do this, just a thought, but Eve knew and wanted it. When he could no longer stay off the inevitable climax, he put his hands to the back of her head and came down her throat. It seemed as if that climax lasted forever as his cock continued to release his cum down her throat. It had been the landlady who last satisfied him in this way and now the wretched woman was dead.

When she was done with him she looked up and smiled. “Thank you sir I liked that.”

“But, child how did you know how to do that?” It was a question that burned in his mind, how could one so innocent be so proficient at cock sucking? She shrugged her shoulders and stood.

“I guess it was because I always wanted to do it. I read about it, once I even saw a movie about it called “Deep Throat”, but I was never allowed because of the vow we made to our mother. I even practiced with bananas, but Sir I must say that your cock and cum was much sweeter than any banana I ever swallowed.” He looked at her and smiled. She had three hundred years to wait for a man, how appropriate that she spent it practicing what to do incase the opportunity arose.

“What else did you learn while waiting for me?” he asked (not knowing what to expect given this revelation).

“I have studied the Kama Sutra for centuries, but without a partner have no way of knowing what pleasure those positions would give. I have studied the Tantric ways of love making, massage, and breathing. It is as if for centuries I have been preparing myself for you Sir.” Now Vlad knew that she was at once innocent and eager. He had no reason to create a lie, when the truth was her own desire was the key to her treasures. He told her that they would do everything she had learned and more, but that he would have her orally first. She laid on her back on the bench that he had used to take Chastity with her legs to the floor and her pussy at the edge. It was as if she was putting herself on a plate for him to feast on and feast he did. He knelt at the end of the bench and elevated her legs over his shoulders. Her lips spread exposing the soft, wet and very pink treasures that they protected. Her cunt smell of rose petals and he began. She did know the Kama Sutra and began rotating her hips as he licked. The he felt her pussy open and then tighten as his tongue went deeper. Her moans were soft and when the time came for her to climax he took both her cum and her blood. They tasted of spice and herbs and acted like an aphrodisiac as they filled his mouth.

“Now Sir, now will you take me and free me from this vow, this curse. His head swam from the infusion of blood and her cum, but he was aroused and hungry to have her. He had her stand and then kneel at the bench as if she were praying. He knelt behind her and lifted his cock to her tight little pussy which was still dripping with cum and blood. He took the head of the cock and ran it between her lips and then pushed it in. She cried out as it ripped the blossom that was her virginity and tightened around his cock. She responded to his every move and cried out for more. She wanted to experience everything that she had read about for centuries and he was a willing teacher. They fucked and made love until the cock began to crow. He had lost all tract of time and sunrise was approaching. He pulled out of her still throbbing pussy and told her to sleep; he would return at the setting of the sun to continue her education.

When the sun had set, he returned to the basement with water soap and a fresh bath sheet. He bathed the traces of cum and blood from her legs and cunt and told her that he needed to taste her flow once again. She laid on the bench and spread her legs once again. “Take what you want, it is all yours to have.” He missed the landlady’s nightly feedings and was hungry. He sucked as his tongue snaked in her pussy. She came and he continued until she came again. She was weakened from the blood loss and he was intoxicated with its taste. He laid her on the ground and noticed a tear at the corner of her eye.

“Why are you crying” he asked

“I am crying because I am alive for the first time in 300 years; because you have made me whole and made my fantasies a reality. I know tomorrow you will take me back to my mother’s grave and reunite me with my sisters and then return to the other side. I don’t want to be without you.”

“Tomorrow, we will be reunited with your sisters and I will complete your transition; after that we will see. Let’s see what happens tomorrow, as for now I am yours.” He rolled over, faced her and smiled, “We have many positions to explore between now and tomorrow.” He rolled her over and pushed her ass against him, “Let’s try this Tantric position.” He said and then raised a leg over her hip as he entered her. The again played until it was nearly dawn and he retired to his bed. On the forth night he return with her to the cemetery.

The sisters greeted Eve who seemed more alive than they had ever perceived her to be. “You have all done well and given me proof of your commitment to your mother. Only I have known you in this way and you have given me what no other man might have. Now you have, but one more thing to do before this night ends. You must choose to go with me or grow old and die”

“What do you mean?” demanded Amanda. “You freed us from the curse so that we could live as women do.”

“You will live as women do, and you will age and grow tired and die. Your mother’s vow kept you young and unspoiled, but when your virginity was lost the clock began ticking once again. If you take the communion I would give you, then we will be united for eternity in all ways and you will experience this pleasure as you once desired.” There really was no hesitation in their decision. They would take his communion and live. The sisters were given directions to the inn that they had been spirited away to and joined him the next night in the basement. Their white gossamer gowns were now red and as they entered the basement they removed them.

They stood before him and he took blood from the neck of each. “Now my loves you must drink from me.” The women surrounded him and each bit into him, Amanda and Biddy shared the right arm at wrist and radial vein, Chastity and Divinity shared the left arm in the same location and sweet Eve sucked at his jugular. They drank and felt the affects of the vampire’s blood as it began to course through their bodies. Having satisfied their lust they now had a new thirst to satisfy and it made them oblivious to his struggling. It was only when the last drop of Vlad Teppes’ blood had left his body that they realized what they had done. At first they cried and lamented his passing, but soon realized that he had chosen his own fate. Only Eve continued to morn as her four sisters removed his body and tossed it down the wishing well; where it came to rest on his landlady's rotting corpse.

That night the sisters stayed in the basement and as they settled in Eve cried in the corner. It was only when she discovered that he had taken all of them that she stopped. It seems that the vow that they had made to Vlad had been honored and they did not talk with each other about their encounter with him. It was only when Eve told them that he had made her pussy wet with desire that the truth came out.

They decided to reopen the Inn and call it “The Five Pointed Star” a hit with the young Goths; his Jaguar was registered in the Inn’s name and the license changed to “WE BITE”. The Wellesley girls that had taken his course decided to stay in Mexico where the men were spicier.

Posted at 11:15 am by BondageMaster

July 13, 2006   06:48 PM PDT
I cried to hear of his passing... How cruel to promise them an eternity with him, when he knew he would die and leave them alone forever... Though I wonder... Will they possibly move to a town in Sunny Mexico where they will discover a family named Santos...?
April 17, 2006   10:37 AM PDT
fabulous! but i'm going to miss Vlad! maybe he will be back?
Sunny Delight
March 11, 2006   12:26 AM PST
I think you covered so many of a woman's desires in one post. You are an amazing storyteller.
February 4, 2006   12:51 AM PST
Bravo - Excellent!

I hope the well is deep enough so the sun doesn't reach him. Would love to see him to some time travel to the ancient civilizations.

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He is everything to me, as I am everything to him. His touch awakens me and his thoughts free me. Only in serving him do I find complete freedom and joy. His punishments are harsh, but I accept them thankfully, knowing that he has my best interests always foremost in his mind. If he desires my body for pleasure, I shall joyfully give it to him, and take pleasure myself from knowing that I have brought him happiness. However, the pleasure of the flesh is but one facet of any relationship. The love, the trust and sharing, the words spoken and felt, those are all parts of this relationship.

My body is his, and if he says I am beautiful, then I am. No matter what I look like to others, I am beautiful in his eyes, and because of that I hold my head high... .. for who can tell me that my Master is wrong in seeing the beauty in me? If he says I am his princess, then I am that...regal and graceful. And if I see laughter at me in the eyes of others, I do not recognize it, for who are they to call my Master wrong?

If he says I am his toy, his slut, his tramp, then I am wanton and dirty as he wants me to be, and if others do not see this, then it is they who are blind, not my Master. My mind is his, to expand, to explore, to know as only he can. I have no secrets from him...for secrets are a thing that would keep me from being more perfectly his. Secrets would put a wall up between my Master and myself...and I do not want walls.

His lessons are not always ones I would seek on my own, but they are lessons he has decided I need, and so I learn from him. My soul is his, as bare to his touch as ever my skin could be when I kneel naked at his feet. Never a moment goes by when I do not feel his presence, be he miles away or standing over me.

I spend my days knowing that the energy and thought he puts into our relationship is as much for my benefit as for his, and look forward to each lovingly crafted scene that we do together.

His part is much harder than mine, and I know this and am grateful that he cares enough about me to spend his time and energy so freely on me. I have the easier job: to feel, to experience, to let myself go and abandon everything to him. I am his pleasure and his responsibility, and he takes both seriously. I am a submissive woman. I am proud to call myself that. My submission is a gift that I do not give lightly, and can only be given to one who can appreciate that gift and return it tenfold.

Only to he who has that strength will I give myself fully, because I am strong and proud.

I am a submissive woman.

Seeking Spanking

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"For women the best aphrodisiacs are words,
The G-spot is in the ears"~Isabel Allende

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