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Sunday, April 16, 2006
The Libertine of Libby Part 2

The train rocked and the women slept. Lil’s mind drifted and images of her life filled her dreams. She saw the wagon train that carried her family west to Oregon. Her mother was a teacher and every day she was made to read and write. She filled her journal as the wagons moved west. Her step-father was a Civil War Veteran and doctor from Indiana named William Forrest Oliver who had two sons 5 and 7 years older than Lil. Her mother (for whom she was named) was a school teacher named Lillian Best from Illinois. When her parents married in 1883 Lil was just 11, but she was already beginning to develop. Not long after her step father started giving her mother drops to help her sleep and to allow him time with Lil. Her life changed and she was set on the road to whoredom.

Her mother home-schooled her in subjects like philosophy, French and piano as well as reading, writing and arithmetic. Her half brothers attended public school and had a reputation for bullying their classmates. Within two years of the marriage they discovered their father’s secret and told Lil that they would tell her mother, if she did not succumb to their desires. Lil felt she had no choice and allowed herself to be used rather than shame her mother. She learned how to distance her self from the atrocities visited upon her; it was as if she stepped out of her body while each act occurred. She also knew that some things were worse than others so tried to manipulate the visits so that the acts were more tolerable. When she began her periods she learned that she was untouchable, so she hid the blood from butchered chickens to elongate her respite. Her oldest brother moved away when she was 17, and the next when she was 18, but her father’s advances continued until she became pregnant.

The accusations flew and she was aborted, bringing the shame she had hoped to save her mother from. Her mother knew the truth and hated herself for not seeing it; soon after Lil’s abortion, she took a lethal dose of the sleeping drops. She was left alone in the house with her step father and took to locking her door and placing a chair against it. Only 6 months after her mothers death things came to a head. Her step father had drank whiskey all night and decided he wanted the young Lil. He began by knocking and when the door was not opened became angry. He broke into her room, but Lil was ready and struck him on the head with a fireplace poker that she kept by her bedside. The man fell to the ground at her feet. She knew there was no turning back, so grabbed her mother’s jewelry, what money he had on him and what she could get from his safe. She hid her loot in the barn and returned to the house.

The house was at the end of the main street, so the flames were noticed by a patrolman and an alarm sounded for the volunteer fire brigade. She waited in the parlor as smoke filled the house and when she heard voices calling for the doctor and her; she staggered forward and collapsed in the patrolman’s arms. When asked what happened she simply said, “I don’t know; my father was up when I went to bed and I woke up because of the smoke. I tried to find him, but couldn’t see.” The doctor’s death was deemed an accident. Lil knew the two step brothers would be back and decided it was time to disappear.

She took the train from Salem Oregon to Seattle and found a room in a boarding house. She was now 20 and had killed a man and stole his money, surely things couldn’t get worse, or so she thought. There was a tenant at the boardinghouse, a man in his early 30’s. He was handsome, well dressed and had an air of sophistication about him. Lil found herself swept up in his charisma as well as his arms. This was a man she welcomed to her bed. There was nothing remotely familiar in the way that he took her. He was powerful and his every move deliberate, made to excite her; she could neither refuse his desires or request. So when he told her that a business opportunity had presented itself she was enthralled. He told her how much they and the company stood to make, and then that he needed to find one thousand dollars to invest. Lil didn’t hesitate before offering the money she had taken as well as her mother’s jewels. The man protested, but only briefly.

The next day he told her, he had to go to Spokane to finalize the deal. She helped him pack his bag, kissed him good-bye and never saw him again. The landlady demanded the rent, hers and his, but Lil was penniless. The landlady contacted the Chief of Police, who in turn suggested that she could work off her debt at Sal’s. It was thus that she went from murdering tramp to the favorite tramp of all the males in Seattle. Sal had put her with Ravaging Rita, a well rounded whore who knew everything about the business. Rita taught her how to charm the clients, when to feed them liquor and when to make her exit. Lil imagined every cowboy was a potential lover and one with whom she might escape. But for the next 4 years there was no escape. There were only men; young and old, fat and thin.

Lil opened her eyes and saw her two companions fast asleep, laying against one another. Two women, who had befriended her and were now her sisters in every way. The train rocked and Rita made herself a bit more comfortable against Lic Mee’s breasts. Rita was not unaccustomed to the feel of a woman’s body; she had shared her bed and body with women willingly. When she was younger, she discovered she had romantic notions. Her father was a fire and brimstone Baptist minister who tried to keep his daughter pure ad without sin. Rita was taught to read, but only to read the family Bible and it was in the Bible that she found Ezekiel and descriptions aroused her. She read “23:19 Yet she became more and more promiscuous as she recalled the days of her youth, when she was a prostitute in Egypt. 20 There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses. 21 So you longed for the lewdness of your youth, when in Egypt your bosom was caressed and your young breasts fondled” and at night she thought about men fondling her breast and fucking her as she had seen horses fuck. She wondered how men so gifted could conceal such large cocks in their trousers as she squeezed he own breasts and nipples. Daddy never mentioned Ezekiel in his sermons, but late at night she could see him mount her mother; her mother’s moans of pleasure only fired her imagination.

One day her father drove the wagon to town and took Rita with him. Rita followed her father to a saloon where he swung open the doors and began to preach redemption to drunken cowboys. He spat out his words, condemning the sinners to hell if they did not repent. He saw one of the women there exposing her breasts to him and laughing, “Come here preacher and I will give you a taste of paradise” she said lifting a breast and pointing a nipple at him. Her father came unhinged and lunged toward the woman shouting with his bible high in the air.

“Harlot, sinner, temptress of mortal man; I will smite you in the name of God”
He was just about on her when a shot rang out. A man sitting at a card table held a smoking gun in his hand. Her father dropped the Bible and looked skyward “Why?” was all he uttered before he fell to the ground, a gunshot in his back.

“Damned preacher ruined the best hand I ever got!” the man said as he walked past Rita exiting the saloon. It was as if time stood still, no one moved and then the barmaid screamed for someone to get the doctor. Rita stumbled forward towards her dead father as if she was in a fog. When she saw him laying in a pool of his own blood, she knelt down.

“Daddy, I want o go home. Daddy get up, please” she pushed at the lifeless corpse and then looked up. The barmaid scooped Rita up and took her to her room. Rita was almost overcome by the woman’s perfume as they entered her room. The barmaid stood Rita up and removed her bloodstained dress and then put her on the bed.

“You poor child; let me get this blood out. Your daddy wouldn’t want you looking like this. She watched the woman move across the room, wearing nothing more than bloomers and a corset; her breast heaving above black lace. “Your mama will come and get you when she finds out what happened, until then you stay here.” The barmaid sat on the bed and rested Rita’s head on her breasts, stroking the girl’s hair. Rita curled up against the woman and put her arms around her. She looked up at the woman and gazed into her eyes. She found no harlot there, her father had been wrong. As the woman held her, Rita reached up and felt the large breast in front of her. “What’s wrong baby, you hungry? Let me feed you.” The barmaid removed he captive breast and offered it to Rita.

Rita was 16 and hadn’t nursed since she was a baby, but something about the woman’s breast and nipple mesmerized her. While her father lay dead downstairs in a pool of his blood, she could only think of passages from Ezekiel “They became prostitutes in Egypt, engaging in prostitution from their youth. In that land their breasts were fondled and their virgin bosoms caressed”, surely this woman was a prostitute so her breast must be made for fondling. Rita took the nipple into her mouth and began sucking on it, the barmaid laid back responding to the stimulation and soon she found herself growing aroused. Maybe it was the absurdity of the situation or the fact that she knew the girl was a virgin not only to sex, but life in general that aroused her; regardless of the reason, she felt her cunt respond. Her free hand slid down into her bloomers so that she could rub her throbbing clit, while Rita watched with one eye. Soon the woman was moving her hips and moaning much as her mother had under her father and Rita’s curiosity grew.

When the woman came, she cried out and Rita saw her bloomers become wet at the crotch. “Had she pissed on herself?” the naïve girl wondered. Rita lifted her head and said, “I’m sorry, I should have let you take care of your business” The woman smiled and shook her head.

“No sweetie, this wasn’t bad it was very good. I had forgotten how arousing tenderness could be and how soft a woman’s lips were” The barmaid was still rubbing herself under the bloomers as Rita watched. “You see your pussy will be used by a man some day, but he won’t have any idea how to make you happy. He’ll hump you like a dog and like a dog run off when he’s done, leaving you wanting. That’s why we learn to take care of our own business whenever we can. Sometimes we find a woman who’ll share the experience and it can be even better.” Rita felt her heart beating as the woman described, what was entailed. The woman took her hand and said, “Here baby let me show you” Rita’s hand was slid over the barmaids belly until she felt the moistness clinging to her pubic hair. The barmaid laid the girls hand on top of the patch where she discovered the woman’s fleshy protruding clit. The barmaid curled the girl’s index finger over it and into her pussy. “You see honey we’re all the same and we know what makes us feel good; let me show you” As Rita laid there rubbing the barmaid’s clit, the woman slid her hand down Rita’s bloomers. Rita’s youthful stomach was flat and the woman found little hair around her pussy. The barmaid was surprised to find the girl already wet. “Sweetie, I think you’ve been thinking about this she said as she curled her finger into Rita’s open cunt.

Rita’s eyes closed as she was taken further and further into a pleasure she had never known. Her hips rose to greet the invading finger as her clit swelled. The woman pressed against her hymen until it tore releasing a flow of blood. Rita winced at the pain, but was soon overcome by the pleasure. Rita had her first climax while being rubbed by the barmaid; her bloomers had turned crimson at the crotch revealing her lost virginity. This was the scene that was in play when the woman’s door opened and Rita’s sobbing mother walked in.

Her mother looked down on her as Rita scrambled to cover herself up. Her mother screamed and then ran out of the room, down the stairs and past her dead husband, who was being tended to by the undertaker. The townsfolk said her mother never recovered from the events of that day. The poor woman stayed on the family farm and withered away. Rita knew that the pleasure she had found that day had damned her in God’s eyes just like it said in Ezekiel, so she decided that she might as well enjoy herself. The barmaid was glad to take her under her wing and told her they could do better in a more civilized environment. The woman introduced herself as Sally, but told Rita “You can call me, Sal.”

They went to Seattle and Sal sold her body on the street until she was arrested for prostitution. The officer that put the cuffs on her and told her that there was a way that she could avoid jail and Sal was more than willing to listen. He told her that he had seen her with a young girl and that he wanted to meet the younger whore. Sal had been keeping Rita for herself and taking care of her, but she knew that jail would do neither of them any good. She agreed, but told him that the girl would need to be prepared. The officer escorted Sal to her door and told her he’d wait. Sal climbed the stairs to their room and walked in on Rita as she was cleaning. “Looks like you got an admirer sweetie, and he wants you now!” Sal was blunt and without feeling when she said it. Rita was confused. Sal continued, “You know how I make my living and I told you some day you’d know a man, well that day is here. He’s a constable and he wants you, if you don’t give him what he wants he’s going to have us both in jail. Now I’m going to tell you what to do and expect. He’s going to come up here and tell you how pretty you are and how he fancy’s you and he’ll probably want to touch you and kiss you, but most of all what he wants is in your knickers. If you let him have his way it’ll be over soon and we can get him out of here; so be a good girl and get ready, you can even wear some of my toilet water” Sal left Rita alone in the room and went to get the constable.

Rita’s head was swimming as if she were caught up in some kind of nightmare. She had always imagined meeting a boy and some day getting married, but all that changed the day her father was killed. She had watched her mother go mad and everyone in town thought she had become a tramp. She had no choice, but to leave with Sal. Yes, she did know how Sal kept a roof over their head and food on the table. She had to leave the room every time Sal brought a new acquaintance up to the room, but she didn’t know “HOW” she did what she did. The dumbfounded girl walked to the dresser and looked in the mirror. At 17, her own breast were now ample and her hips more rounded. She took the bottle of toilet water and sprayed it on her cleavage just as she had seen Sal do so many times in the past; she pinched her cheeks to give them color and removed her dress. She walked to the bed and sat down still trying to get a grasp on what was about to occur, but there was no time before the door opened and Sal and the officer entered. Sal looked at the constable and said, “She ain’t like me, she hasn’t been with a man before, so you better go easy on her and no rough stuff or policeman or not I’ll get you”. Sal looked at Rita and tried to smile, “You do what he says now and it’ll be OK”. Sal turned and exited the room.

The officer took off his helmet, his jacket and his belt. He dropped his suspenders off of his shoulders and walked over to the bed. Rita was mute and paralyzed with fear. The man lifted her downcast head and said, “It’s true isn’t it, you haven’t ever been with a man? Why I thought a pretty girl like you would have had lots of boy friends by now and at least one lover.” Rita told him how she had lost her father and that Sal had taken her in, but that she had never known any man. The officer undid the buttons on his trousers and dropped them to the floor then he sat on the bed next to Rita. “Take off my boots and hang my trousers over the chair” He told her and she got up and did as told. “Now come here and let me unwrap my prize”

Rita walked to the bed and stood there as the man pulled her bloomers down. She still had on her high topped shoes and stockings as well as an undershirt. The constable had her step out of the bloomers and face his direction; with her legs spread he examined her almost virgin pussy. He raised a hand and ran a finger between its lips. Unlike Sal’s finger his was large and rough. It brushed her clit and she felt herself become stimulated. She realized that she was someplace between panic and excitement as he pushed the finger in a little deeper. She parted her legs a bit further as the finer went into her pussy, “Why haven’t you got a cherry for me if you are a virgin?” He asked. Rita told him that Sal had been the only one to penetrate her, so that she could show her some things. The idea of the two women together aroused the officer and he started fingering the girl in earnest. Rita responded to his touch. It was rough and unlike her female lover, but the forcefulness was exciting and the feeling that she was under his control made her wet with anticipation. The man removed her blouse and laid back on the bed and then pulled her down. He pulled his long-johns down and exposed his erect cock. “This is what you do to me and now you got to do something with it” he told her. “Why don’t you try sucking on it”

Rita had never sucked on anything larger than a nipple and had no idea what to do with the enormous cock. She put the head of it in her mouth and began to suck as if it were a teat. The man put his hand around the back of her head and shoved her down on it until she gagged. He bobbed her head up and down with at an increasing rate and she just let him. He had grown even larger in her mouth and her heart was pounding when he grabbed her hair and pulled her off of it. He made her lay on her stomach as he got on top of her and pushed her legs apart with his own. Her pussy widened and he drove his cock deep down inside of it. The poor girl had never felt anything like this and she screamed. “Quiet bitch, or you might get the neighbors upset” he demanded as he threw a hand over her mouth. She tried to move but he held her in place as his thrust became faster and more intense. Rita’s arousal was complete, she felt helpless and she felt desire; she no longer tried to escape, but instead began pushing her ass up to meet his descending cock. She felt a tightness in her stomach and then felt herself cum, it was amazing. She hoped it would never stop, but just as she pushed up she felt him empty himself in her. He had no sooner cum than he got up and went to the basin. He poured some water, washed himself off and then got dressed. He hadn’t spoken a word to that point. Her cunt was wet with their cum and she didn’t know what to do so she laid there. He turned to the door and then looked back at her, “You’ve got potential girl, I’ll be back” Those words said he bolted out the door.

Rita reached under the bed for the chamber pot. She squatted over it and released the content of her bladder, hoping it would cleanse her cunt. When done she went to the basin and began to wash. The rough rag rubbed against her still sensitive clit and she felt the arousal come back. She closed her eyes and imagined the man’s fingers exploring her pussy. She took a hairbrush from the top of the dresser and pushed the polished ivory handle deep inside of her. She pushed it in and pulled it out until she shook uncontrollably and came. She put the brush back just as Sal, walked in. “Did it hurt?” she asked. Rita told her at first, but then it felt good and that she had even cum. “Well enjoy the moment, because it ain’t always that way. He said he was going to come back and fuck you whenever he wanted and in return would turn a blind eye to my business. He also said he might have other coppers stop by to, just to keep us busy.” So it was, that Rita went from preacher’s daughter to common whore. The constable and Sal became friends and he set her up in a house of her own. They had an arrangement and she became the greatest Madame in Seattle, while he became the Chief of Police.

The train jolted and the women shifted position. Now Lic Mee was resting on Rita, her black long hair had fallen down the side of her face. Lil had forgotten how beautiful the Chinese girl was. Lil was being tutored by Rita and had become quite skilled with her body. On Saturdays, Sal would take them shopping during the day and often traveled down to the wharf to buy fish. There were a couple of fish mongers who would give them the catch of the day for a peek under their petticoats, which was better than having to touch or be touched by the stinking old seamen. It was on one such outing that they saw a sailor with a young Chinese girl. He was yelling at her and shaking her violently, then he brought his hand back and slapped her so hard across the face that she fell to the ground. The women rushed over and while Rita and Lil helped the girl to her feet, Sal stepped in to confront the sailor.

“What’s the problem captain, did she bite your cock?” Sal was pissed and ready to fight, but the seaman seemed to know it was fruitless.

The sailor stepped back. “No she’s a stowaway, she came on board with men loading the galley in Shanghais and then hid in the dry goods compartment. The captain is furious with me because I let her on board; I told him I’d get rid on her here, but every time I try she follows me back . The bitch knows we don’t want her on board, but she won’t quit following me”. The girl held onto Lil’s dress while Sal dickered with the sailor. She offered him a free blowjob for the girl, but he didn’t bite. Then she offered him a blowjob by one of her girls and $30. He agreed; first taking the money and then taking Rita’s hand and leading her to an alley doorway. Rita finished him of in no time and they took Lic Mee back to the house.

She was a small girl when Sal took her in and spoke no English. Sal gave her chores to do and the girl tried to please her, but Sal was often not pleased and beat the poor girl. There were times when the Chief of Police would come over and Sal, Lic Mee and he would disappear into Sal’s room. Hours would go by before they came out and Lic Mee’s eyes would be puffy and red; sometimes her clothes would be torn, but she never said a word to anyone for fear it would get back to Sal.

When Lic Mee turned 16, Sal had her bathing the gentlemen that came into the parlor. She wore see through silk robes and as she washed them, she stroked their cocks to prepare them for Rita or Lil. On several occasions she was forced to do more and told Sal who usually just collected more money from the men. Lic Mee wasn’t an official whore so was forced to sleep in the kitchen. Lil did what she could for the girl including teaching her how to say “No”. Once after Lic Mee had been raped by a drunk, Lil found her hiding in the kitchen. She told Sal and then took the girl upstairs to one of the rooms having a bath. Lil stripped her and placed her in the tub. Her body was bruised, some were from the rape that night but some that were old. Lil asked where they had come from and Lic Mee just responded “Miss Sal for not being good to the police chief”. Lil was furious, but knew there was nothing to be done. Like Lil, Lic Mee had lost her innocence to a man she could do nothing about. Lil and Lic Mee became sisters that night and she knew when she made her escape that she would not leave Lic Mee behind.

The train sounded its horn and the conductor went down the corridor announcing its arrival at the Libby station. The women straightened out their clothing and fixed their hair. They had reached their destination a thriving mining town in Montana’s Rocky Mountains. They needed to get rooms and once settled to find a place to work. Between the miners gold and what came out of Sal’s safe they had about $10000, which was considerable sum in 1908.

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Sunny Delight
April 25, 2006   11:25 PM PDT
I have read part 2, started backwards I suppose. very well written, and stimulating. and i too cannot wait for the next chapter.
April 17, 2006   10:33 AM PDT
I read both one and two, nice stories can't wait to find out what happens next!

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"For women the best aphrodisiacs are words,
The G-spot is in the ears"~Isabel Allende

Things I Had To Hide
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Long Stories


Shaking the Family Tree Chapter I
Shaking the Family Tree Chapter II
Shaking the Family Tree Chapter III
Shaking the Family Tree Chapter IV
Shaking the Family Tree Chapter V
Shaking the Family Tree -The Music Lover

Conjuring Adonis I
Conjuring Adonis II
Conjuring Adonis III
Conjuring Adonis IV

Dream Lover I
Dream Lover II
Dream Lover III

Vlad's Lesson Plan
Vlad's Next Semester
Vlad's Final Lesson
Vlad's Beginning
Vlad's Resurrection Part 1
Vlad's Resurrection Part II

The Libertine of Libby Part 1
The Libertine of Libby Part 2
The Libertine of Libby Part 3
The Libertine of Libby Part 4
The Tawdry Tale of Tommy Two Tongues Part 1
The Tawdry Tale of Tommy Two Tongues Part 2
The Tawdry Tale of Tommy Two Tongues Part 3
The Libertine of Libby Part 5
The Libertine of Libby Part 6
The Libertine of Libby Part 7
The Libertine of Libby Part 8
The Libertine of Libby Part 9
The Libertine of Libby Part 10 (Last Chapter)

j's Seduction
j's Objectification
Recreating j
Educating j

The Photo Shoot Part 1
The Photo Shoot Part 2

Electra's Story Part 1
Electra's Story Part 2

Sunday's Child Part 1

Short Stories
(For those seeking immediate gratification)

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The Book
De Sade, the Orgy and the Trial
I Cum In Peace
Biting My Way Into The New Year
Her Master's Test
Off White, Six Defective Doms and One Pathetic Troll
Going Postal
The New Year's Party

Nocturnal Events
Nocturnal Emissions
Love's Garden
Patty On A Leash/Re-written
To Confess or Not To confess
Binding of Kay
Raising Bella Donna
One Last Good-bye
Spare the Rod, Spoil the Sub
Stella In The Stacks
Red Rain
Breakfast With A Twist
Mon Couer's Papillon (My Heart's Butterfly)
When Daddy's Girl is Bad
The Sitter, The Voyeur and Graduation Day
Please Don't Hurt Me
Cumalot or Knights In Tarnished Armor
Her Halloween Date
His Voice
Life's Little Ironies
The Gift
My Slut ester
Playing With Toyosi
The Slave Auction
#9 - A Detective Story

Ramblings and Observations
(For those who want a piece of My mind)

Puppy Love
Cunniliguis As A Religious Rite
Players, Pretenders and Abusers
Edgeplay and the Knife
My Youth
BDSM Website Security
On Missing Play
Beads a Semi-Fictional Account
Playing With Toyosi or How To Torture A Scammer
Hospital Stories

Photo Interpretations
(As I See It)
La Image'
La Image' II
The Shower
My Toy
Daddy's Girl
Chocolate and Roses
Special Delivery
Waiting II
Edge Play
This Flesh
Not Watching
Tango 2
Inside of You
Mentally bound
His Flower
Her Grief

Poetry of a sort
(very little rhymes)

Faded Words on Yellowing Paper
I Was
submissive position

Ladies of the Night

Bedtime Stories
My Love Fable
Pond of Sorrow and Tears
The Journey

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Extreme Body Modification
(Warning some of these photos may offend, even people with twisted minds)


(They May Spank You For Viewing)

Married Man's Fucktoy
Now Tease Me
Incubus Dreams
Peep Show Stories
Annie's Spanking Good Blog
Vue du dedans
Dee Reawakening
Polyfetishist Directory
The Abyss
Mostly Appropriate
Shadow Of A Soul
Liz Vicious Fan Site
La Libertine's Salon
T of Reknin Day
Siren's Song
The Ties That Bind
Mistress Matisse's Journal
3xL : Lust, Love & Latex
Sensual Liberation Army
News For Perverts
The Spanking Blog
Art Of Love
Spanking Art
Pillow Book

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