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Thursday, May 04, 2006
The Libertine of Libby Part 3


“Libby, Libby Montana, Next Stop Libby!” The conductors voice was matter of fact, and not very welcoming. When Lil, Rita and Lic Mee had donned their bonnets and wraps, they went to exit the train and their past. They stood at the doorway looking out onto the bustling mid-day train platform; there were men getting off and men getting on the train, but not one other woman in sight.

“Let me help you ladies” volunteered not one, but four men when the women were spotted.

Lil looked at the volunteers (whose number was growing) and asked, “Which of you strong men can carry our trunks to a place where we can stay?” There were several who volunteered their cabins, but Lil declined the generous (and obvious) offers in lieu of transportation to the boarding house on the outside of town. It was like a parade that grew in number with every step. When they reached the boarding house, Lil raised her dress and petticoat just high enough to expose her shoe top and ankle and said “Thank you, boys. My friends and I appreciated your help, now let us find rooms and bathe; maybe we’ll see you later” There was a hoot and a holler as the cadre of hopefuls watched the three “Fancy” women disappear behind the boarding house door.

Once inside, they were met with two distinctly different welcomes. The first was generous and warm and came from the proprietor (an aging, short, balding man with a toothy grin) “Welcome ladies, can I get you a room? Will you be staying long?” he asked with an inferred “I hope” ringing in his voice”.

Before Lil could open her mouth, she heard a response from the open door to the landlord’s room, “I’m sure they will want to find their own place as soon as possible”; A matronly woman, short in stature and broad in girth stepped forward. Her hair was coiled in a tight knot on top of her head. Her lips were thin and strained a grin. She wore what many would call “widows weeds” (a black dress with a high collar) and held her hands together offering no gesture of warmth or welcome. The landlord’s smile evaporated as he backed away from the counter in deference to his wife’s approach. “We have one room with one bed, but I can get you cots. The room is $5 a night, a bath $1 and breakfast is on the table at 6AM. I figure you’ll find something more accommodating in town, maybe above the saloon.”

Lil could almost feel the frost in the air, but she signed the register, winked at the landlord, grabbed the key the woman offered and blithely said. “We’ll see”. Rita and Lic Mee struggled with the bags as they followed Lil up the stairs. This wasn’t the first time they had been greeted by a hostel welcome and they took comfort in knowing that if she represented the closest thing to femininity in Libby that their success would be without doubt.

Once their bags were deposited in the room and they had a mirror to work with; they set about reconstructing their makeup. Though these women were prostitutes (Fancy women, hurdy-gurdy girls, whatever), they had pride in themselves and their appearance. They added a bit of rouge and a hint of mascara to bring out their natural beauty. There was nothing garish or cheap about their appearance; they simply highlighted what was there, knowing that the hint of makeup would attract men like fish to a pretty lure. Then they misted themselves with some of Sal’s perfume making them the sweetest smelling flowers in the Rocky Mountains.

They went down the stairs, past the repugnant proprietress and her now drooling husband and out onto the dusty streets of Libby. There were three stops on their agenda; the first was the sheriff’s office to introduce themselves (if Lil learned nothing else from Sal, she learned the sheriff could be your best friend or worst enemy (depending on how he was treated), the second was the land office to find out if there were any available houses, or commercial buildings that could accommodate the bordello they wanted to open. The last stop would be at the restaurant/saloon to buy a real dinner and to let the local boys know that there was something worth spending their time and money on.

When they reached the Sheriff’s office, they found a man seated next to the door. “No one in there ladies. The sheriff is making the rounds of the county and the Under Sheriff is in the saloon” he said without looking up. He was tall, thin and dark; his black hair hung to his shoulders under his broad hat. When he eventually raised his head he revealed a face that could have been chiseled by an artist, hosting gray haunting eyes. Though he appeared to be native, his eyes said otherwise and they focused on the young Chinese girl as he introduced himself. “I am Tommy Two Tongues, the deputy; is there something I can do for you?”

Lil wasn’t interested in deputies, so she declined his assistance and decided to go straight to the saloon. The three women crossed the street and every man in town noticed them. Several asked them to marry them on the spot and declared their undying love, while one just wanted to hear his name spoken by a woman. They ignored the request smiled and entered the saloon; a place where no respectable woman would go. Once inside, the bartender was the first to approach them. “Welcome ladies to the Lost Paradise, will it be food or drink?”

“We want three steaks rare, a bottle of whisky, five glasses, the owner and the Under Sheriff.” Lil was direct, she knew she had to show strength from the beginning; if she showed any sign of gentility, she would be marked and her efforts useless.

“You’ll only need four glasses then, The Under Sheriff owns the saloon; his name is John Geiger. We call him John Law.” He led the women to a table and brought the whiskey. I’ll tell the boss you’re here. This was either going to be simpler than Lil had hoped or a lot more difficult. A lawman with a saloon wasn’t a stretch Bat Masterson had owned the Lone Star dance hall in Dodge and was elected county sheriff, but a lawman endorsing a brothel was another story.

“Ladies, you wanted to see me?” The voice came as a surprise to Lil; she hadn’t heard the under Sheriff come up behind her. He was a big man and well dressed; unlike any man she had seen on the street in Libby. His voice was deep, but not gruff and she wondered if he was as gentle in his manner as he was talking.

“Sheriff my name is Lil Oliver and these are my girls; Lic Mee and Rita. I want to open a house here and I want to know what I have to do to keep it open.” There was no hesitation in her approach. She believed if she was going to survive in a man’s world, she had better be tough. Sal had been a good teacher and had made her tough in the process.

“Well Lil, I guess I’d have to say the best way to keep it open would be to have a silent partner in a high place. You’ll need to find a suitable place and have protection I imagine, because the men around here can get kind of rowdy and I wouldn’t want to see a lady get hurt.” The Sheriff liked Lil’s directness; he also liked her appearance, she was young and firm and he was curious to see just how far she was willing to go during this negotiation. “You ladies finish your meal; it’s on the house and we’ll continue this conversation tonight. I’d like you to see the Lost Paradise when the sun goes down.” He had bet that Lil wouldn’t hesitate at the offer and he was right.

“Thanks Sheriff, I could use a strong “silent” partner. We’ll come back tonight, right now we need to get to the land office and then to get some rest, it’s been a long day” The Sheriff was standing across from her and she noticed the bulge in his trousers. Lil knew what was going to be required and was thankful the man across from her wasn’t the brute she had expected. John H. Geiger was not a brute unless he was crossed. He had been a horse breeder and when a homesteader killed one of his mares while it grazed on the homesteaders land; he dispatched the villain with a shot to the head. He had been many things before Lil came along, including a corrupt State Senator. It would seem she had found the perfect silent partner.

The land office was small, as was the bookish man behind the counter. “I’m looking for a building; a large house maybe, anything like that available” Lil was impatient, all her life she had been fighting to get ahead and now she could taste it. The clerk looked at her and paged through a ledger.

“There’s a house, but it’s not for sale. The owner is willing to rent it, but not give it up, if you’re interested I can talk to him..” the clerk was not quite through when Lil stopped him.

“Just give me his name and I’ll talk to him, maybe I can persuade him to see things my way.”

“You can try; his name is Geiger. John H. Geiger and he owns a large portion of this valley, but he hasn’t been known to sell anything” Once again Lil’s path led her to the Under Sheriff.

“I know Mr. Geiger, we will discuss it tonight among other things. Come along girls, it would seem we have the need to impress one man, not an entire community” She waved to Rita and Lic Mee and left the office. “Three baths please, we have a date with your Under Sheriff.” Lil announced as they entered the boarding house. The landlord’s wife gave them a constipated smile and nodded as they walked by. The three got to their room and found two cots had been unfolded with sheets and a blanket on them. The three eyed the cots and bed and then all dived on the bed claiming it as their own. Rita announced “I’ll share; I can’t imagine anything more exciting than being sandwiched between two of the finest whores in Libby Montana.” She wrapped her arms around the other two women and pulled them in close; she kissed each woman on the cheek while cupping a breast.

A knock at the door and the landlady’s voice brought the levity down. “Your baths are ready and if you don’t hurry the water will be cold and it will cost you more”

“Fucking bitch, I wonder if that mouse of a husband has ever cracked that tight ass”, Rita stared at the door and wondered out loud. Lil and Lic Mee turned and laughed while undoing each other’s corsets. When the cinchers hit the floor they grabbed their robes and headed for the door. Rita rushed to catch up, knowing a cold bath would not be a pleasant experience.

As they crossed the hall to the room where the tubs were set up, Rita caught a glimpse of the landlady’s husband peeking around a corner. By the time she entered the bath room the other two women were already enjoying a soak. “How would you like your backs washed?” Rita asked. “I think I can drum up a willing volunteer and we can have some fun at the same time” Lil and Lic Mee just nodded a “whatever” kind of nod as Rita opened the door. Much to her surprise the landlady’s husband almost fell through it as he had been leaning with an ear to the door. “Come on in here, sweetie; before your wife catches you lurking.” The embarrassed little man entered with his head down. “Isn’t he cute, he would peer through a keyhole for a shot at our goods, but having gained entrance to our bath can’t look up. C’mon you can look, your wife won’t know. I’ll bet she hides everything from you, doesn’t she?”

The little man kept his face hidden and just said “Yes”

“Well Hon that’s why girls like us are so popular, because wives like yours exist. Tell you what sweetie, Lil, Lic Mee and I would love to have you wash our backs, do you think you could handle that?” Rita was almost cruel in the way she presented her offer. She stood there with her robe agape within a foot of the trembling man. She knew his needs, as she knew all men’s needs and knew of the great fear he had of his wife’s anger. The man’s head raised a bit and Rita knew he was staring at her uncovered pussy. “C’mon be a dear and bathe our backs, your wife will never know.”

The poor man knew this was as close to any of them (or for that matter any woman) that he would ever get. He raised his head a bit more so that Rita’s breasts were resting in his gaze and said, “I’d consider it an honor to bathe your backs ladies.” As Rita crawled into her now warm tub, she told him to disrobe.

“You need to get out of your clothes sweetie or they might get wet. If they got wet your wife would find out, so just get naked and grab a washcloth” The man was perplexed; his desires and concerns were battling for what actions he would take. He knew Rita was right, that he would get his clothes wet if he kept them on and he knew his wife would kill him or make him wish he were dead if he was caught. He also wanted to touch these beautiful women; to rub their flesh with his hands. As he considered their flesh, his own flesh began to tingle and his cock began to harden. It had not felt this way in years. He didn’t utter a word; instead he began disrobing and hanging his clothes on the hook on the back of the door. Once he was naked, he grabbed a washcloth and approached the tubs. The three women watched as he approached and realized though small in physical stature, he was anything but in his manliness (his cock was at least 9 inches long and was not fully erect). “Your wife doesn’t let you use that does she? Rita asked and knew the answer so did not hesitate to add “She’s probably afraid she couldn’t handle it. Tell you what sweetie, you come over here and stand next to the tub while you wash my back.” The little man approached and dipped the cloth in the water; he took a bar of soap and began to rub Rita’s back. As he rubbed the soap created bubbles which floated around her body until her breast were surrounded in the foam. His mind was drifting when she reached over the edge of the tub and began to fondle his cock.

Her warm wet soapy fingers slid up and down the shaft as it grew in length and thickness. “You have been wasted Sweetie, this is very impressive in deed.” Rita was impressed and she had seen a multitude of cocks in her life. Somewhere in the back of her mind a passage from Ezekiel resurrected itself and she could hear, “For she doted upon their paramours, whose flesh is as the flesh of asses, and whose issue is like the issue of horses” and as she stroked this cock that was almost the size of a mules, she wondered. The poor landlord was in a state of ecstasy, never before had he been touched like this and he knew the likelihood of knowing this experience again was unlikely. Rita took her time with him and then said, “I think you should go wash Lil.”

“Yes Mam” he chirped as he made his way to Lil’s bath. Lil had not been paying attention to Rita’s conversation with the landlord so was a bit startled when he approached her. He looked down at her body and became even more excited (if that was possible). “May I wash your back Mam” he said as his cock reached well over the edge of the tub.

“I see you brought your own towel rack as well” she responded, making the landlord a bit more self conscious. “You may wash my back and I will hang onto this, so I won’t be injured by it” she said as she grasped his pulsating penis in her hand. “Rita, you sure can spot a prize bull” she called out as the other two women watched the landlord wash her back while he mindlessly humped her hand. It was a wonder he had held on to his cum as long as he had, because he was swollen beyond belief. Lil just held it enough to allow the lathered tool to freely pass between her fingers. When it appeared that his humping was increasing in speed she knew he might soon explode, which she did not want. Instead she called over to Lic Mee. “Little Mee, it’s your turn to be washed and to tip our benefactor” She released the landlord’s cock and sent him to the young Asian beauty.

“Lil, you have left me with a primed pistol, I wouldn’t want it to go off by accident.” Lic Mee said seizing his cock at its base like a human cock ring. Her hold was almost painful as the semen and blood was trapped in the swollen cock. He reached down and bathed the girls back and as he did felt her pull his cock into her open mouth. His strokes up and down her back were random; his mind was not on the task at hand, but rather what Lic Mee was doing with her tongue. She cradled his massive cock on her tongue and let it glide between her lips. She was no longer clamping off the flow of blood so there was no pain only pleasure. She knew he was seconds away from total bliss and he knew it too.

Just as he was about to cum he heard the voice of a Harpy as it called his name “Sylvester, you lay about where are you?” The man tried to withdraw his cock from Lic Mee’s lips, but she wouldn’t let go. Her touch was too much and he put forth his “issue” much like that of a horse. It came in such volume that even the skilled Lic Mee couldn’t keep up. She gagged and as his cock flew from her mouth, his cum washed down on her face. The other two women watch this and began to laugh.

“Lic Mee, you need to swallow faster” Rita mused, as Lic Mee washed the creamy substance from her face.

“Your wife doesn’t know what she’s got stud, but we do Sylvester.” Lil added

Once Lic Mee had washed her face, she took the cloth and washed off the man’s shriveling cock. “Now you go dry that thing off, then you better get dressed and get out of here” she said. His mind was in a million different places, but he heard her words and knew she was right. He dressed and went to the door opening it just a crack.

When he saw that the hall was clear he turned and smiled, “Any time you need me ladies just ask and I will be there.” He dashed through the door to the backstairs. He seemed to be taller and lighter on his feet than he had been when he entered. The three women finished their baths and dried each other off. Just as they were exiting the room; the landlady appeared. “Have you seen that little weasel of a husband of mine?” she demanded.

Lil looked at her and said, “We’ve been enjoying a good soak, how could we have seen him? However he does have a certain attraction so I can understand why you might get concerned when he is out of your sight” The three women disappeared into their room leaving the befuddled landlady in the hall.

“OK girls that was fun, but we have a business meeting to attend. Put on your best and prepare for the worse, because this Sheriff will be our toughest client and before the night is through I want him softened up” Lil was intent on winning any game of wits the Sheriff might play; after all he was just another man, but Lil didn’t know what kind of a man and had no idea of the events that had played out in Seattle since they left.

Posted at 09:26 pm by BondageMaster

You Know who
May 10, 2006   04:02 PM PDT Libbey truly that fun? You never told me. I would fit right in now wouldn't i? Bad You...*grinz
May 5, 2006   09:10 AM PDT
great series, Nic... looking forward to the next part.

May 4, 2006   11:58 PM PDT
Bravo, Nic! The wild west...what I wouldn't give for a trip out there.

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